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Rapid Star Air Line Reservation System


Submitted to :- T.N.Rao College of Information Technology Rajkot

Submitted By : - Kathrotiya Vishal R.

Upadhyay Shraddha V.

Project Coordinator :- Hemshweta Kotecha

Rapid Star Air Line Reservation System


It gives me great pleasure in submitting this project entitled “Airline

Reservation System” developed at T.N.Rao Institute of Information Technology,
We avail this opportunity to express my heartfelt gratitude to a number of
people who extend their full support and co-operation in developing this project
and also imparting knowledge to me in various other domain of software
We would like to take this opportunity to thank my Institute, T.N.Rao
Institute of Information Technology, Rajkot. for giving us this tremendous
opportunity to work in This Project.
We sincerely thank Miss. Hem Shweta for project and providing all the
necessary resources to develop a project for Airline Reservation System.
We heartily thank the Miss. Ekta Jagwani, who was always there to guide
us through the development of the project. He is one of the major sources behind
the success of the project. We immensely appreciate the tips he has constantly
given us during the project. It was an enormous pleasure to work with her.

Kathrotiya Vishal R.

Upadhyay Shraddha V.

Rapid Star Air Line Reservation System


• Overview Of The System……………………………………….4

• Tools And Platform……………………………………………..9
• System Planning………………………………………………..12
• Data Dictionary………………………………………………...18
• Requirement Analysis………………………………………….22
• Use Case Diagram……………………………………………...24
• E R Diagram……………………………………………………26
• Activity Diagram……………………………………………….28
• Data Flow Diagram…………………………………………….70
• Implementation…………………………………………………34
• Input/Output…………………………………………………….37
• Bibliography……..……………………………………………...46

Rapid Star Air Line Reservation System

Rapid Star Air Line Reservation System

Basic Flow Of the System

• The system shall maintain record of all Flights. All flights are managed
from this system.

• Any person who visits this site gives the source and destination of the
flight. Also provide date and type of seat he want. Then this system shows
the schedule of the flight if available as from given information.

• If the person wants to book the ticket then he has to login into the
system. Anyone can see the schedule but booking can be done only from
authorized user. After successful login user select the flight then system
shows fare for that flight. User gives his details of credit card for the

• After ticket is confirmed user can print it. If he wants to change the details
then he can login again and change.


The total system can be divided in sub-systems as follows:

A. Customer Management System

B. Aero planes and Flight Management System
C. Schedule Display System
D. Ticket Booking System
E. Reporting System

Rapid Star Air Line Reservation System

System Features

Customer Management System


Every person who wants to book a flight must be registered.

When the customer clicks on Register Button the form is processed and
information would be saved.


The information submitted for processing shall be validated and necessary

friendly messages should be displayed for correct information entry. The
Customer Id shall be unique.

Aero plane and Flight Management System


Every airway company shall have different aero planes in stock. Details of
these aero planes is maintained by the system such as Make, capacity of
seats of each class and allocated (true or false). Every aero plane has a
unique id.

Every flight has a unique number. An aero plane shall be allocated to a

flight. Only those aero planes that are available at destination from where a
new flight shall be originated, available for allocation of the new flight.
Details of every flight like origin, destination, arrival and departure date and
time, fare and aero plane id shall be maintained by the system. Updating
and Deletion of the record should be allowed by the system. This system
should be windows application.

Rapid Star Air Line Reservation System

Schedule Display System


Anyone who wants to see the schedule just gives the information of the
flight like origin, destination, and date .The system automatically shows
available flights for that schedule.

When user gives the details it should display available matching flights.
There may be more than one flight or not a single one.

If flight record not found then display the message on schedule form.

Ticket Booking System


Only registered customers can book a ticket for a flight. The flight details
such as originating airport city and destination airport city, round trip or not
is taken in along with date of flight and class. System displays the available
flights along with the airfare. He selects the flight, which he wants to book.
After giving the credit card details ticket confirmation is done. User can print
his ticket online.

After selection of the flight, credit card information block is displayed

(Number, Bank, Expire date etc).

After validation of credit card information confirmation of ticket is displayed

and user can print it.

Rapid Star Air Line Reservation System

Advantages of Proposed System

System gives a user-friendly and consistent interface for the maintenance of System

 System helps reduce and monitor the cycle time required for add the pattern,
deciding the schedule.

 System saving the lot of manpower, time and papers.

 System provides the daily schedule work report and on that bases user can do his

 System facilitates with necessary prints of documents that are required during
and after completion of scheduling the work.

Provides stringent data security, since RDBMS has taken as back-end database in
comparison with manual system.

 Due to web-based nature, the system will accessible from any where in the site.
Hence client end deployment efforts can be saved.

 Generic platform and application development tools help to reduce the

maintenance and problem solving time.

Rapid Star Air Line Reservation System


ASP is used as Front-End Tool. ASP is a general user Interface

Programming Language. Programming in ASP is much simple and

understandable compared to other programming languages.

C# is being used as code behind language .

• MS-SQL :-

MS-SQL is used as Back-End Tool.

• Microsoft Word :-

Word is used for basic purpose of writing Help Files because it offers great

new ways to polish the formatting in document.


• Windows XP & Windows Vista :-

Windows XP and Windows Vista more convenient and easier to use. All the

tools mentioned above works better under Windows compared to other


Features of the system

Rapid Star Air Line Reservation System

• Airport administrator person is administrator of the website.

• Data Clerk can access the website but there is some restriction.

• Entire System is Based On Three Tier Architecture concept.

• System is capable enough to handle secure data.

AJAX Functionality Used In Project

• Brings State name into the State Dropdown List, whenever user selects the

particular Country name from the Country Dropdown List. Also, same apply with

City name into the City Dropdown List, whenever user selects the particular State

name from the State Dropdown List.

Three Tier Architecture

Entire Airline Reservation System project has strictly followed the three tier
architecture. The system works on three layers named GUI (Graphical User Interface)
Layer, BAL (Business Access Layer) and DAL (Data Access Layer). The three tier
architecture is used when an effective distributed client/server design is needed that
provides (when compared to the two tier) increased performance, flexibility,
maintainability, reusability, and scalability, while hiding the complexity of distributed
processing from the user.
User interprets with the GUI Layer. User has no Direct Contact with the DAL. In
between comes the Core BAL which handles the main Business Logic. BAL gets the
different queries from the GUI and pass it to the DAL. DAL only communicates with
the BAL. Thus entire functionalities is divided in to different layers.
This Layered Architecture ensures better security features and easy development

Web Services:-

Rapid Star Air Line Reservation System

• Used in distributed Internet environments.

• A Web Service is a URL-addressable software resource that performs some function
(or functions).
• Web Services communicate using standard protocol known as SOAP (Simple Object
Access Protocol).
• A Web Service is located by its listing in a UDDI (Universal Discovery, Description
and Integration) directory
• A Web Service has its interface described by WSDL (Web Service Description
• In our project we use for retrieving the List of all winning and all candidate of
particular constituency.

Rapid Star Air Line Reservation System

Rapid Star Air Line Reservation System

Feasibility Study

Types of feasibility

There are five types of feasibility as mentioned below:

1. Technical Feasibility
2. Time Schedule feasibility
3. Operational feasibility
4. Implementation feasibility
5. Economic Feasibility

1. Technical Feasibility
Technical feasibility corresponds to determination of whether it is technically feasible
to develop the software.
Parameters Considered:
 Here those tools are considered, which will be required for developing the project.
 The tools, which are available, and tools, which will be required, are taken into
 We have to work on SQL server 2005 as Back End, C# as Front End and ASP.NET
as a Web Server. The Institute is already having licensed versions of SQL server
2005 which are used by other applications and other to are free sources which are
 As far as knowledge is concerned we had done C, C++, SQL server 2005, ASP.Net,
C#, MSMQ, Web Parts and Web services during my course curriculum. Moreover
various technical books, e-books etc. are also available for ASP.NET and SQL server
Considering all above points and aspects it is observed that the cost incurred in
developing this project from a technical perspective would not be too high. Thus it is
feasible for company as well as for me to develop this system.

Rapid Star Air Line Reservation System

2. Time Feasibility
Time feasibility corresponds to whether sufficient time is available to complete the
Parameters considered:
 Schedule of the project.
 Time by which the project has to be completed.
 Reporting period
Considering all the above factors it was decided that the allotted time that is 3 months
was sufficient to complete the project.

3.Operational Feasibility
Operational feasibility corresponds to whether users are aware of interface environment
and sufficient resources are available or not.
Parameters considered:
 People with a basic knowledge of computers would be able to use our system very
effectively and easily, as the system would have an intuitive GUI. The officers have a
basic operating knowledge of computers, so understanding the working of the system
and using it would be easy from the decision maker’s point of view.
 All the relevant necessary resources for implementing and operating this system are
already present in office.
Considering the above factor it was observed that the cost would be incurred in
developing this project from an operational standpoint would be low. Thus it would be
operational feasible for the company.

4. Implementation Feasibility
Implementation Feasibility is about basic infrastructure required to develop the
Factors considered:
 All the minimum infrastructure facility required like PC, books, technical manuals
are provided.
 Proper guidance is provided.
 All necessary data and files are provided.
Considering all above points it is feasible to develop system.

Rapid Star Air Line Reservation System

5. Economic Feasibility

Economic Feasibility is about total cost incurred for the system.

Parameters considered:
 The software resource requirement of the proposed system is ASP.NET and
SQL server 2005

Rapid Star Air Line Reservation System

Process Model
Analyzing the system, it was found that the most suitable model for this system is the
Waterfall Model.


 It suggests the systematic, sequential approach to software development that begins at

the system level and progresses through analysis, design, coding, testing and support.

 Since all the basic requirements and strategy for the system have been explicitly
defined by the users prior to development, hence the requirements are freezed and
approved that will not change during the development process.

Process Approach (Waterfall Model):

 Software is always a part of a larger system; work begins by establishing

requirements for all system elements and then allocating some subsets of these
requirements to software.

 This system view is essential when software must interact with other elements such
as hardware, people and databases. Software engineering encompasses requirement
gathering at the strategic business level and at the business area level.

 The requirement gathering process is intensified and focused specifically on software.

To understand the nature of the programs to be built the software engineer must
understand the information domain for the software as well as required function,
behavior, performance and interface. Requirement for the system are documented and
reviewed with the user.

 Software design is actually a multi step process that focuses on 4 distinct attributes of
a program:

1. Data structure
2. Software Architecture
3. Interface
4. Representation and Procedural Details

 The design must be translated into machine-readable form. The code

generation step performs this task. If design is performed in a detailed manner code
generation can be accomplished mechanically.

Rapid Star Air Line Reservation System

 Once code has been generated program-testing (integration testing)

phase begins. The testing process focuses on the logical internals of the software,
ensuring that all statements have been tested and on the functional externals i.e.
conducting test to uncover errors and ensure that defined input will produce actual
results that agree with required results.

 Software will undoubtedly undergo change after it is delivered to

user, change will whenever error will be detected, because the software must be
adapted to accommodate changes in the external environment, or because the user
requires functional or performance enhancement. Software support reapplies each of
the preceding phases to an existing program rather than a new one.

Rapid Star Air Line Reservation System

Rapid Star Air Line Reservation System

The various tables designed are provided below.

Table 1 : User_master

Field Data Type Constraint Description
User ID varchar(15) Primary Key User ID
Fname varchar(15) Not Null Name of the User
Sname varchar(15) Not Null Surname of the User
Gender char(10) Not Null User SEX
Date of birth Datetime Not Null Born of the Date user
Address varchar(150) Not Null Address of user
State varchar(20) Not Null Mame of state
City varchar(20) Not Null Name Of City
Pincode varchar(8) Not Null Pincode of City

Table 2 : User_Login Table

Field Data Type Constraint Description
User_id varchar(15) Primary Key User id
Password varchar(10) Not Null Password
Que varchar(50) Not Null User Question
Ans varchar(150) Not Null User Answer

Table 3 : Aeroplane_master Table

Field Data Type Constraint Description
Aeroid Int Primary Key Aeroplane ID
Aerowname varchar(20) Null Aeroplane Name
Capacity Int Null Capacity
Flightid char(10) F.K., NOT NULL Flightid

Table 4 : Flight Table


Rapid Star Air Line Reservation System

Field Data Type Constraint Description

Flightid Varchar(10) Primary Key Flight ID
Flightname Varchar(20) Not Null Flight Name
From_city Varchar(20) Not Null Origin City
To city Varchar(20) Not Null Destination city
From dt Datetime Not Null Origin Date
To dt Datetime Not Null Destination Date
Days Char(10) Checked No of Days in Week
Dep_time Numeric(4, 0) Checked Depature time
Arr_time Numeric(4, 0) Checked Arrival time

Table 5 : Ticket Booking Table

Field Data Type Constraint Description
Ticketid Numeric(6, 0) Primary Key Customer Ticket No
Userid Char(15) Not Null Customer Id
Flightid Char(10) Not Null Flight Id
Bookingdt Datetime Not Null Customer Booking Date
Flightdt Datetime Not Null Flight ID
Seatno Int Not Null Seat No on flight
Returnseatno Int Not Null Return Seat No
Triptype Varchar(20) Not Null Round/single
Fromcity Varchar(50) Not Null Originate City Name
Tocity Varchar(50) Not Null Destination City Name
Amount Numeric(8, 2) Not Null Total Amount
Paytype Varchar(50) Not Null Pament type
Creditcardno Char(20) Not Null Credit Card No
Noofseat Int Not Null No of seat Booking
Clstype Varchar(15) Not Null Class type
ExpireDate Datetime Not Null Expire Date of credit card

Table 6 : Seat Management Table

Field Data Type Constraint Description
Aeroid Int Not null Aero plane Id
Classtype Varchar(20) Checked Total Seat of Class
No_of_seat Int Not null No of seat in Class
Amount int Not null Prices of the Class

Rapid Star Air Line Reservation System

Table 7 : FeedBack_master

Field Data Type Constraint Description
Name Varchar(20) Not null Name of the User
Emailid Varchar(50) Not null E – Mail of the User
Subject Varchar(50) Not null Subject of feedback
Phno Varchar(50) Checked Contact No.
City Varchar(30) Checked City
Comment Varchar(300) Not null Comments

Rapid Star Air Line Reservation System

Fact Gathering Techniques

To understand the working of the existing system following fact gathering techniques were


The Training provided by Mr.Hemsweta Kotecha was conducted. They described the
whole environment of the system they are currently working manually. Also they
describe their requirements for a system to be developed.

Rapid Star Air Line Reservation System

Document Review

 Print Outs taken as parts of workflow of the existing system are studied.
 Hardcopy of various forms filled are also studied.
 Database Design of existing system is studied.


A hand on experience of the existing system was taken in order to understand the system
flow and the problem that were caused at in runtime environment.

Rapid Star Air Line Reservation System



Make User

Rapid Star Air Line Reservation System



Aero Plane


Rapid Star Air Line Reservation System





Rapid Star Air Line Reservation System

Flight ID

M View 1 1 1
Customer Schedule Flight Has AeroPlane

1 1

First AeroName
for Ticket
1 M
books M

Rapid Star Air Line Reservation System


Rapid Star Air Line Reservation System

Rapid Star Air Line Reservation System



Rapid Star Air Line Reservation System

Rapid Star Air Line Reservation System


Rapid Star Air Line Reservation System


Rapid Star Air Line Reservation System

Rapid Star Air Line Reservation System


Implementation includes all those activities that take place to convert from the old system to
the new. The old system was manual. The new computerized web-based system may be
totally new, replace the manual system.
A proper implementation is essential to provide a reliable system meet the requirement of the
An improver installation may affect succeed of the new computerized web-based system and
improve the efficiency of the entire system.


System implementation is the process of having system personal check out and put new
equipment’s in use, training users install the new application and construct any file or
database needed to use it.
Implementation is the stage in the project where the theoretical design is turned into a
working system. The most critical stage in achieving a new successful system is to
improve the performance of the existing system and to make proposed system effective.
The first step in implementing the system is in getting the approval from system manager.
The data entry, various menus and the most important reports are produced before the
concerned members. It is done in view of the last important reports are produced before
the concerned members. It is done in view of the last minutes changes to the design
formats. When the department’s manager is satisfied, he is asked to give approval to the
new system.

Rapid Star Air Line Reservation System


The implementation of the proposed system included the training of the system
operators. Training the system operator includes not only instructions, how to use the
equipment, but also includes how to diagnose malfunction and what steps to take when
they occur. So proper training should be provided without familiarizing user with simple
system maintenance activities. Since the proposed system developed in GUI, training will
be comparatively easy than system developed in non-GUI.
There are different types of training. We can select off-site training to give depth
knowledge to the system operator. The success of the system depends on the way in
which it is operated and use. Therefore the quality of the train given for the operating
personal affect installation of the successfully implementation of the system. Training
must be given for how to use the system and how to solve problem, if occurred etc. The
operator must also be provided with the knowledge of trouble shooting which involved
the determination of the cause of the problem.


After the system is implemented, a review should be conducted to determine whether

the system is meeting expectations where improvements are needed.
System quality, user confidence, and operating system statistics are accessed through
such techniques as event logging, impact evaluation. And attitude surveys, the review not
only accesses how well the proposed system is designed and implemented but also is a
valuable source of information that can be applied to a critical evaluation of the system.
A system has revealed that the employees to the user friendliness have accepted the
system, reduced number of errors, and increased accuracy and deceased cost of operation.
The system also pays for efficient speed execution of operation compared to then earlier
processing system.

Rapid Star Air Line Reservation System

Rapid Star Air Line Reservation System

Home Page

Display as a Home page.

Rapid Star Air Line Reservation System

Customer registration form

In this Form we insert all the information of customer

Rapid Star Air Line Reservation System

Flight Display Form

This form display the Flight Name, Origin City, Depart Time, Destination City and Arrival
Time and Days.

Rapid Star Air Line Reservation System

Customer Login Form

This form Validate the candidate and if candidate is valid then he can access the another
pages like Receipt Details.

Rapid Star Air Line Reservation System

Ticket Confirmation Form

This form validates the user and books ticket. User can print this ticket.

Rapid Star Air Line Reservation System

Feed Back Form

Give the feed back to Rapid Star Airline.

Rapid Star Air Line Reservation System

Contact US Form

This form is useful for contact detail in this page email and contact No. the details.

Rapid Star Air Line Reservation System

About Us Form
This form is give the brief idea about Rapid Star Airline.

Rapid Star Air Line Reservation System


Books Referred:

1. SQL Server 2005

2. C#
3. ASP.Net

Sites Visited: