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Court of Common Pleas of Philadelphia County ‘Trial Division MAY 2011 000870 Civil Cover Sheet ‘fg Manter 1105013180 “Jou DoE 172 ‘ARCHOTOCESE OF PHILADELPHIA ‘SiON. POTTSTOWN PIKE SUITE 210 Tin N. Time STREET EXTON PR 19341 PAILADBLEHIA Ba 19202 OEM DOE 1728 [ANTHONY BEVILACQUA 00M. POTTSTOWN PIKE SUTTE 210 222'W. Toe STREET EXTON PA 19341 PATLADELPHIA PA 19103 ‘JUSTIN REGAL 222'N. 19TH STREET PRTLADELPHIA PA 19103, 2 e BA compli Di rettion acon Ci Natio of Appt Gi Wei orsummon Transfer From Other Friston 1 ivan Ol Mass Tor 1D comce 1D seriemere D sso ores huey Bi savings Action Bi stcor Cour Appt Minors Ba viretmsner0m0 1 Nena i resiies Gi suamtocy Angle 1B woosuriat tie 20 ~ PERSONAL INJURY ~ OTHER "RELATED PENDING CASES (UST GABE CAPTION AND DOGHET MBER) LED Worse sce ecT TS eROPROTHY eee MAY 09 2011 S. GARRETT ‘TO THE PROTHONOTARY: Kindly enter my appearance on behalf of Paintf/Pettioner/Appellant: JOHN DOE 172, JOHN DOR 172A Papers may be served at the address set forth below. DANTEL F. MONAIAN 300 N. POTTSTOWN PIKE STB. 210 FOREN FaNER EXTON PA 19342 (610) 363-3888, (610) 594-9556 28557 DMonahan@JDLIM. com DANTEL MONAHAN Monday, May 09, 2011, 09:23 am FINAL COPY (Approve by the Prothonotary Gerk) COMPLETE LIST OF DEFENDANTS: 1. ROBERT BRENNAN 23 C. ONENS LANDING COURT PERRYVILLE MD 21903, 2. WILLIAM LYNN 222 N. 17TH STREET PHILADELPHIA PA 19103 3. JUSTIN RIGALI 222 N. 17TH STREET PEILADELPHTA PA 19103 4. ANTHONY BEVILACQUA 222 N. 17TH STREET PHILADELPHIA PA 19103 5. ARCHDIOCESE OF PHILADELPHIA 222 N, 17TH STREET PHILADELPHIA PA 19103 DANIEL F. MONAHAN ATTORNEY AT LAW Attorney ILD, No. 28557 300 North Pottstown Pike, Suite 210 Exton, PA 19341 610-363-3888 MARCIA, HAMILTON ATTORNEY AT LAW Attorney LD. No, 54820 36 Timber Knoll Drive Washington Crossing, PA 18977 215-353-8984 hamilton02@aol.com Attorneys for Plaintiff John Doe 172A on behalf of John Doe 172 cfo Monahan Law Practice, P.C. 300 North Pottstown Pike, Suite 210 Exton, PA 19341 Plaintiff, v. ARCHDIOCESE OF PHILADELPHIA 222.N, 17" Street Philadelphia, PA. 19103 and CARDINAL ANTHONY BEVILACQUA 222.N, 17" Street, Philadelphia, PA. 19103 and CARDINAL JUSTIN RIGALI 222.N. 17" Street Philadelphia, PA 19103 and MSGR. WILLIAM LYNN 222.N. 17" Street Philadelphia, PA. 19103 and COURT OF COMMON PLEAS PHILADELPHIA COUNTY, PENNSYLVANIA CIVIL ACTION JURY TRIAL DEMANDED TERM, 2011 NO. Case ID: 110500870