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SUPERSTORE: Analysis Of Planning And Marketing Strategies

Agora, the first ever chain superstore in Bangladesh was set up by Rahimafrooz. Rahimafrooz is one of the respected and reputed business houses in Bangladesh. It has just crossed 50 years of operation. Rahimafrooz has endured turbulences of the last 50 years and has been able to transform itself from a small trading company into a leading diversified business house. Agora emerges as leading chain superstore in Bangladesh, mainly covering Dhaka Metropolitan City area; carries more than 25,000 varieties of product. Agora serves customers from 10 am to 10 pm seven days a week throughout the year. This is, indeed, a milestone, which Agora has achieved with trust, support and dedication of all ´takeholders, past and present, most importantly, its customers. The project's strategic aim is to source in bulk quantities from the producers or manufacturers of products, thereby reducing distribution layers. Traditionally, such practice brings about organization within the industry, and essential commodities, edibles and groceries; account for the significant portion of the food industry which in turn is the largest contributor to the broad retailing industry, establishment of the chain of supermarket would have a significant impact on the entire retailing industry in Bangladesh. Today, Agora has emerged as a respected national company by upholding high ideals and values, solemn integrity & honesty, excellence, service and innovation in all spheres of the company’s activities building on the already established foundation. Agora’s aim is to consistently provide REMARKABLY SATISFYING AND VALUABLE shopping experience through a business that improves the QUALITY of LIFE for customers and team members.


Dhanmondi 2.SUPERSTORE: Analysis Of Planning And Marketing Strategies VALUE STATEMENT • • • • • • • Offering a clean. Encourage products standard and quality products. Total employee:. Improve product packaging and presentation.900--------------------1100 Weekend-------------------1500------------------. ABOUT COMPANY MISSION STATEMENT:Location: Quality For Life. To give customers confidence and establish an environment of trust.1500--------------------2000 10 . 1.Sobhanbagh Total Space:- 8000 Square feet.Moghbazaar 4.1700 Pre-Holiday--------------. healthy and a friendly environment to customers for shopping. Contribute improving living standards. Gulshan 3. Offer better range of quality products.150 Average Footfall:Weekday ------------------. or better prices.7000 Sqft. Floor Space:. Establish rational prices.

SUPERSTORE: Analysis Of Planning And Marketing Strategies NANDAN MEGASHOP Nandan Mega Shop is the newest example of Nandan Group's commitment to provide customers with the most convenient and enjoyable shopping experience ever in Dhaka . They mainly offered high-quality deshi & imported food. 11 . Nandan Mega Shop offers customers a wide range & variety of products to choose from. Excellence in everything we do. As an International standard supermarket. Nandan Mega Shop has a dedicated underground parking lot which can accommodate up to 45 vehicles. fish. paultry and household items. There are over 25. To provide a needed & much demanded convenient shopping solution. Total commitment to customer satisfaction. Thinking ahead and taking new initiatives. Dhaka. Nandan Mega Shop was established by a group of expatriate Bangladeshi entrepreneurs living in the UK and USA. they always care about their customers. One of the biggest problems consumers face at any shopping mall or store in Dhaka is the lack of parking space.000 products/items on display in a shopping area covering over 10. Shoppers can come to numbs browse around in shop at ease and comfort without all the hassles and troubles faced at a traditional bazaar.000 sq ft of floor space. VALUE STATEMENT • • • • Transparency & integrity in all our dealings. Second Dhaka branch of Nandan Mega Shop open in Dhanmondi area of the city end of 2005. fresh produced. They offer a wide selection of delicious food and home supplies in our over 10. Nandan Group has launched this largest purpose built supermarket in the country located in Gulshan.000-square foot store. meat.

BhorerKagoj(Daily). This superstore is located in road# 3\A.SUPERSTORE: Analysis Of Planning And Marketing Strategies ABOUT COMPANY Location:-NW Gulshan-2. New age(Daily). Banglalink. Floor Total employee:- 140 Average Footfall:Weekday -------------------900--------------------1100 Weekend-------------------1300-------------------1500 Pre-Holiday---------------1300--------------------1800 Major Sponsorship Partners:ATN Bangla. Dhaka-1209 & started their 12 .450 Sqft. Farhana Sheikh. Plot #55 . Pepsi. Virgin. Re-Partex Beverage. SHOP N SAVE SHOP N SAVE is a wholly owned by Mrs. Coca-cola. Unilever. Launch: . Hedges & Square toiletries. ACI. Singer. New Zealand Milk & Dairy Benson.10. DHANMONDI.500 Space:. Philips. Dhaka-1212 (J) 4 Kemal Ataturk Avenue Gulshan North Avenue Total Space:-11. Square feet.28 Nov’2002. ProthomAlo(Daily).

Shop n save provides a wide. Floor Space:. Products. profitable growth to the benefit of shareholders and employees. To achieve these goals the Company places significant emphasis on the efficient and effective utilization of their two key resources: • • People. ABOUT COMPANY MISSION STATEMENT:- We Believe in Quality. Total employee:200. throughout their branch. diverse range of products. Total Space:-10. To achieve their organizational goal of becoming the largest superstore in Bangladesh SHOP N SAVE serve their best effort in this field & has already got popularity from their customer.200 Square feet.560 Sqft.9. They mainly focus on day to day business that helps customer to get fresh food & taste the genuine flavor of product. suitable for use and consumption of everyone ranging from infants to adults.2005. With their unique experience of anticipating consumers’ needs and wants manager of SHOP N SAVE believes SHOP N SAVE provide the best and most relevant food and service products to meet everyone’s needs throughout the day. SHOP N SAVE is dedicated to providing the best foods & services to people throughout their day. 13 . generating sustainable. throughout their lives. The Company wants to be recognized as the most successful superstore in Bangladesh. sector.SUPERSTORE: Analysis Of Planning And Marketing Strategies business in this sector was 15th june.They have expand their business in UTTARA 4 no.

But. Owned by famous industrialist Kazi Shahed Ahmed. For this reason customer get fresh & hygiene product. but also provide satisfaction. which make the consumer come again and again. Meena Bazaar has captured a place in the consumers mind because of some of its distinctive features. such as.SUPERSTORE: Analysis Of Planning And Marketing Strategies Average Footfall:Weekday -------------------700--------------------900 Weekend-------------------1000-------------------1100 Pre-Holiday---------------1200--------------------1500 Meena Bazaar Meena Bazaar is one of the best superstore of Bangladesh at the moment. they are committed to start new branches in Malibag. They have high opportunity of growth. They collect some grocery & vegetables items from ruler farmer. Meena Bazaar has a separate departmental store only for the women where they can shop comfortably and without any hesitation. Mirpur. Khulna and Chittagong. it has own distinctive products (honey. tea etc. It has some special strategies from the beginning.). Since they 14 . The reason behind this is that Meena Bazaar has a good capital support. They do this being unique offering a children zone. Meena Bazaar commits to provide customer satisfaction in a way better than competitors do. This is the facility that no other supermarket provide the facility to the housewives to do their shopping being free from the tension of their children. They sell not only goods.000 Square feet. Their current branch is in Dhanmondi of 15.

always.. Dhaka-1000 Total Space:-15. Come and satisfy lenient need. Launch: . We value you.000 Square feet... providing better customer service. they are committed to overcome these by using better technology... Dhanmondi .Road-15.. Get the Best products .SUPERSTORE: Analysis Of Planning And Marketing Strategies started in November 2002 they did not look behind. well trained employees... VALUE STATEMENT • • • • Every day low price.. They have total employee of 157and provide more job opportunities on coming years. ABOUT COMPANY Location:. environment friendly products and social service..Nov’2002 Total employee:157 Average Footfall:Weekday -------------------900--------------------1100 Weekend-------------------1300-------------------1500 Pre-Holiday---------------1300--------------------1800 15 . Though they face some problems..

SUPERSTORE: Analysis Of Planning And Marketing Strategies Major Sponsorship Partners:Channel -i. Uro cola. Jai jai din. Partex Beverage. Square toiletries. AjkerKagoj. Foster & Clark. Virgin. Unilever. Nestle’. New Zealand Milk & Dairy . ACI. Banglalink. RC cola. Coca-cola. 16 . Sunsilk.

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