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Appeasement- giving in to a competitors demands in order to keep the


Timeline – “The Facts”

1935, Hitler is discovered to have rebuilt the German army. This is clearly in
violation of the Versailles Treaty signed after World War I. The Allied
forces do nothing.

1936, Hitler takes control of the Rhineland and begins to rebuild the industry
there. Traditionally, the allies know this area of industry is used for
producing military goods. This is also in violation of the Versailles Treaty.
The Allied forces do nothing.

1936, Hitler and Benito Mussolini form treaty to create the Axis Powers.

1938, Hitler sends troops into Austria to “reunify the German people.”
Historically, Germany and Austria have very close ties. Therefore, many
Austrians gather to welcome the Nazi forces. Britain and France protest
Hitler’s expansion but do nothing.

1938 (Months later)

Hitler demands the Sudetenland from Czechoslovakia. The Sudetenland is a
heavy industrial region with many fortifications in the event of conflict.

Neville Chamberlain (British) and Edouard Daladier (French) meet with

Hitler. Both countries are unprepared for war and still are haunted by the
horrors of World War I. They agree to hand the “Sudetenland” to Hitler.

Neville Chamberlain returns to England. People gather to congratulate him

on his political victory. Neville Chamberlain tells the world that he believes
he has achieved “peace in our time.”

March 1939- Hitler invades Poland which signals the beginning of the
Second World War.