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A Public Lecture by Dr Zakir Naik
My name is Ramu Krishna. I am a physiotherapy student. My question is - What is
the aim of Allah to create Adam and Eve and this total universe? - What He will
get from this?
And my second question is - everything is created by someone, so even God must h
ave been created by someone.
What is the meaning of Allah?
Dr Zakir Naik:
The brother asked three questions. The first question - why did God create Adam
and Eve and what was His reason to create whole this world and humankind?
Allah Subhaana wa Ta'aala created Adam and Eve, may peace be upon them both, so
that the humankind could come. They were the great great grandparents. Allah say
s in Surah Hujuraat, Chapter No.49, Verse No.13 - Arabic - "Yaa ayyuhan-naasu, i
nnaa Qalaqnaa-kum min zakarinw-wa unsaa wa Ja'alnaa-kum shu'uuba'unw-wa qabaa'il
a li-ta'aarafu; inna akrama-kum 'indallaahi atqaa-kum; inallaaha 'Aleemun Qabeer
," "O humankind, We have created you from a single pair of male and female and h
ave divided you into nations and tribes, so that you may recognize each other, n
ot that you may despise each other; and the most honoured in the sight of Almigh
ty God is the person who has 'taqwa'." The criteria to judge any human being - i
t is not wealth - it's not colour - it's not cast - it's not race. It is 'taqwá -
it is God-consciousness - it is righteousness - it is pity. So Adam and Eve, pea
ce be upon them both - they were our great great grandparents - of yours also an
d of mine also - all humankind. Therefore I call you a brother. We are brothers
in humanity. Allah says "Yaa ayyuhan-naas," "O humankind." And Allah says in Sur
ah Israa, Chapter No.17, Verse No.70 - Arabic - "Wa la-qad Karram-naa banee Aada
ma," "Almighty God has honoured all the children of Adam," - whether you are bor
n in India, USA, UK - or in Hindu family, or a Muslim family, or a Christian fam
ily. Allah says - He has honoured all the 'banee Aadam'. If you are a human bein
g - Allah has honoured you - whether your name is Zakir, Abdullah, Ramu, Shankar
. If you are born as human being - Allah has honoured you. Now coming to the que
stion - why has Almighty God created the human beings? Allah has created the hum
an beings because - Allah says - this is one of His best creations. All the othe
r creations of Allah Subhaana wa Ta'aala - they obey Him. Where as the angels -
whatever Almighty God says - the angels - obey Him directly. They have no free w
ill. The human being is a creation of Allah Subhaana wa Ta'aala which has a free
will. We can either obey Him or disobey Him. So Allah created such a creation.
We are one of His best creations and the best of forms but we have a choice of e
ither obeying God or disobeying God. If you obey God - we will go to 'jannah' -
we go 'swarg' - we go to Heaven. If you disobey - we will go to hell - we will g
o to 'narkh'. So this is a test for the hereafter. Allah says in Surah Mulk, Cha
pter No.67, Verse No.2 - Arabic - "Al-lazi Qalaqal-Mauta wa Hayaata," "It is All
ah Who has created death and life to test which of you is good in deeds." So thi
s life is a test for the hereafter. So Allah has created the human beings - and
Allah says in Surah Zaariyaat, Chapter No.51, Verse No.56 - Arabic - "Wa maa Qal
aqtul-jinna wal-insa illaa li-ya'buduun," that We have created the jinn and the
men not but to worship Him. So we - supposed to worship - obey the commandment o
f Allah Subhaana wa Ta'aala. So this is a different creation of Allah Subhaana w
a Ta'aala which has a free will of even going against Allah Subhaana wa Ta'aala
or obeying Him. All the other things - the stars, the trees, the mountains - the
Qur'an says - they do 'sajdah' to Allah Subhaana wa Ta'aala - they prostrate to
Him - they obey Him. We have a free will. Now when Allah has given a free will
- with the free will - if you obey Him - we become higher than the angels. With
the free will - if we disobey Him - we become the partners of the Devil. So He h
as created us for the test - for the hereafter.....
(The answer of the first question ends here. For more details, refer to the lect
ure of Dr Zakir Naik entitled 'Purpose of Creation' or 'Purpose of Life' or 'Wha
t is the Purpose of Our Life?')