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Singreesi is all about making Sinhala typing easy. It has been made so easy that you can type in
Sinhala just like you are typing an SMS.
For example, if you want to type අම්මා, in Singreesi you would type: ammaa

The Sinhala output is in unicode characters, so you can copy them to your blog, etc

Typing is quite intuitive and once you get the touch of it you can immediately start typing like
lik a
professional Sinhala typist.

What’s new in 1.8?

 Some major bug fixes including letters like හෘ and ක්ෙතෝ

 Minimize to tray feature

Key map

අ ආ ඇ ඈ ඉ ඊ උ ඌ
a aa ae aae i ii, ee u uu, oo
ඍ ඎ එ ඒ ඓ ඔ ඕ ඖ
iru iruu e ei ai o oa au
ක කා කැ කෑ කි කී කු කූ
ka kaa kae kaae ki kii,kee ku kuu,koo
කෘ කෲ ෙක ෙක් ෛක ෙකො ෙකෝ ෙකෞ ක
kru kruu,kroo ke kei kai ko koa kau kra

ක ka ඛ Ka ග ga ඝ Ga ඞ X ඟ nnga

ච cha ca ඡ Cha Ca ජ ja ඣ Ja ඤ knna ඥ gnna

ට ta ඨ Ta ඩ da ඪ Da ණ Na ඬ nnda

ත tha ථ Tha ද dha ධ Dha න na ඳ nndha

http://singreesi.vndv.com 1 Singreesi 1.6

ප pa ඵ Pa බ ba භ Ba ම ma ඹ Ma

ය ya ර ra ල la ව va ළ La

ශ sha ෂ Sha, za ස sa හ ha ◌ං x ෆ fa

Use the capital letters for මහාපාණ


For letters like ක and ත use kra, thra, etc

If you want the letters to be apart, like ත්ර instead of ත, you can separate the
characters by using the \ key.
ත - thra
ත්ර - th\ra

To use ◌H (යංසය),, use capital Y like this:

සතHය - sathaYaya
උෙදHෝගය - udhaYoagaya

Use the mark “|” to toggle between Sinhala and English modes
සිංහල වදන් මැද english වදන් - sixhala vadhan maedha |english| vadhan

By clicking the “Copy Sinhala Text” menu item, the Sinhala Unicode text will be placed in the
clipboard so you can paste it in another application, like a web browser or word processor.

Your feedback about Singreesi will be highly appreciated. If you have any suggestions on how to improve
it please drop me a mail.

For latest updates, visit: http://singreesi.vndv.com

For further information, contact: thameera123@gmail.com

Blog: http://thameeragetheeraya.blogspot.com

http://singreesi.vndv.com 2 Singreesi 1.6