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o Encouragement to Fruits, Vegetables, Mushroom, Milk, Flower, Meat, Poultry,

Fish, Grains and Oil Seed based industries.
o Incentives under the Trade Tax Exemption and Deferment Scheme.
o Availability of Government land on easy terms.
o Exemption from 5 per cent capping provision in Trade Tax for 12 categories of
industries with investments above 25 million rupees.
o Assistance from State Equity Fund.
o Resolve to establish a Venture Capital Fund for this sector.
o Development of Infrastructure like cool chain.
o Development of Model Industrial Areas.

o Establishment of a Joint Working Group under the chairmanship of Agricultural

Production Commissioner for solution of problems related to this sector.

o Target to achieve an export volume of Rs. 20,000 crore by the year 2002. To
double the export volume in terms of US dollars.
o Setting up of Export Promotion Bureau in Lucknow. Setting up of Regional Export
Officers in 15 districts of the State.
o Setting up of export parks in Noida, Moradabad, Kanpur and Unnao.
o Exemption in trade tax to all the exporting units on raw material and packaging
o Facility of export freight subsidy.
o New Scheme of market development assistance for small exporting units.
o End of 'Inspector Raj 'and simplification of labour laws.
o Status of public utility to the exporting units.
o Development of infrastructural facilities in export-intensive areas.
o Continuous power supply to export intensive units.
o Facility of green card to the units with an annual export volume of Rs. 20 lakh or