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St. Paul Lutheran School Mrs.


Kindergarten News
Connected in Christ
1 Corinthians 12:12

May 20, 2011 – our last issue!

Just a few things . . .

Tuesday & Hawaii Day with First

Our week at school!

Graders! Check the
brochure for more

Thursday We will be doing a lot of

As we completed our last ‘normal’ week of school, we have enjoyed working
packing up and cleaning!
very hard on language concepts, writing, reviewing our math facts and so
Please send a green bag or
much more! We just had a wonderful week!
canvas bag that your child
can pack stuff inside! As the year comes to a close, I want to remind you how important it is to
keep reading with your child and keep a summer journal! First grade is a
Friday Our last day of the very big change from Kindergarten and the transition is much smoother
Kindergarten year! Closing when concepts have been practiced a bit over the summer! The children will
Chapel and Kindergarten be putting together a little summer packet, that will include June and July
graduation at 9:00. Please homework calendars! J
plan to stay for the picnic –
it will be a wonderful way Please let me know if you have any questions about next week – I am still
to end the year! having a hard time believing this Kindergarten year is almost complete!

Bring a lunch from home next week!

Patricia’s Lunchbox will not be serving next week! The Kindergarteners
will have a Hawaiian lunch provided on Wednesday.