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Remedial Law Review When not open court? Sec.

2 Rule 135

Sec. 7 Rule 135 trial in open court

1. Can court conduct pretrial or hearing

on motion on the chamber of the
What is Remedial Law? judge? In penitentiary?
Sources of Remedial Law? Testimony or evidence?
Rules of Court Applies to what kinds of Witness in hospital a material witness?
actions? Can his testimony be received in the
Quasi Judicial? Administrative? No
unless adopts Rules of Court Process and writ issued in Phils.?
Where enforceable?
Constitutional provision Article 8 re.
rules of procedure How about RTC?

2. 4.
Quasi Judicial agency has no obligation What is jurisdiction?
to follow rules of Court
Power to hear cases and render valid
Own Rules valid until disapproved by and binding judgment
Classifications? Person subject matter
How Rules of Court construed? issue
Uniform in all Courts? All courts in the Subject Matter- by law
same grade
SC- which law? Consti
Limitation of the SC to promulgate
rules? Can Congress pass a law increasing
original jurisdiction of SC?
What is the rule on prospective and
retroactive Rules of Court? Appellate? Yes, but with consent of SC

Ex. Shortening of period to appeal? Error in Jurisdcition vs. Error in

Pending case? Exercise of Judgment

Retroactive application same in civil Example- lack of jurisdiction

and criminal cases?
What is remedy if there is a void
judgment based on lack of
Court declare defendant in default
What are the inherent powers of even filed on time, defendant said he
courts? Rule 135 filed it on time , defendant said he
filed on time because he filed it by
Who will receive evidence? Where?
registered mail- date of mailing
= error in procedure. The court did not
lose jurisdiction. Jurisdiction once
acquired is never lost.

Is judgment valid? Can judgment

become final? Remedy? appeal