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Lancaster County Heroes Edition Of World War n





P2c loll" T. A uhrey

Pot, Ceorte A IIteline


PIc, Charles E. A "tire

PIc. Mor/i", M. A.do""

Ptc. M.rlin M. Adam." five, husband ot Mrl. Mary

6!8 N. Quo.n sc, r---'--" died March 19. 1945 in Gorm.ny Of wound .. recelv· ed In action the

preceding He entered servlee Jul,. and retrain-

mp IIlc·

Ala., Ind


W II n t

with an

unit on

1945. He

was employed ,at the Alr DelX>L

553 From County Gave: Their Lives To Bring Victory




-B- .

FlO Harry Andrews

Pvt. I/o,,,,, F. Brendle

sn. Sionley H. BICker

John T. Aubre1, fireman leeond Pvc. Geor,e Angeline, 100 01 Mr.

el .... USNR. twenty-three. Ind MrJ. Jobn Anleline, Drumore

ed millin, when RI. Il't Italian de-

his shIp w.. de. scent, WI killed

Itroyfd by I 1Y. In action vdth the

"hoon In the Pa· ft~l~ ,:rl?!:e.~

1:14,' .. ~~C~t 1:~ bel'. 1943 Kls

given up for parenu WCTe not>

10It." tbe N.vy lIied 01 bl> doatlt 'f

Department no- I few hour. '\!

titled hi wile, after another sen,

~fr •. SUlin ROil Frank, ltott Cor

Aubrey. L.n~as· New Cumber-

ter H2. He en- land to begio hi.

tered the service army lralntn&

MaYI 6. 19£.4, Pvl. Anleline en-

trained It Camp lered the nrvlee

Pe.ry. VI.. and in Ihe loll 01 1942

GUUpOf't, Mill., and went on com- He worked

bat duty ill S.pte~er. 19«. larm.

Becker, twenty. .on of Mr. Ind

More Than 1,100 ear Purple Hearts Result of 41- Year Conflict; Many 17,000 Who Went to War from caster County Decorated for

Pul. J IJlI G. A "'siaal

Four years ago today, Dee. 7, 1941, Japane e planes dropped their deadly loads of bombs on the great Pearl Harbor naval base, badly crippling the we tern bastion to the approaches of the United States and precipitating the greatest conflict in which this nation participated,

In commemoration of the fourth anniversary of of infamy' which finds the azi war machine and l~aJJBI!le"e hordes crushed, this Heroes Edition is published to both the living and dead of World War

'Pie. CharI .. E. Andre, t",.Ot'l'· PIc. J.y G. Ang.t.dt. twenty. 'three, U. S. Arml~. W8I killed In ae- seven, 0. S, Marine Corps, bu ...

ticn in France bind ot Ru h S

D-clay. June Angltad'i. Man.

19,". HUlband helm, was killed France on

Ltlllan Hell In action m the 23, 194r4, th~

dee and I 0 Pa-c1lic area, pre. r Depart.

Mr. and wmabl1 00 501- noUlied bls

John pan. Son ot Mr. wite, Catherine

E. and Mrs. K. J Zoo k l\Jbrliht.

AnIlJtadt. At. o· Quarryville. He

belm, he entered entered the ser-

the service Apnl vice July 8, 1943.

23. 19-13 .nd went tralned at F Q r

overseas In Jan· EUIUS, v«,

8t Fort uary. 1944. A vet. For t Devens,

Ga., and eran or the IS' Mass.. and went

MeKan. null on thfl Mlr~ over.seaa with an

before .I 0 1 n shaUs. he 'Nil re- armored, d_ i v 1·

~y_~r_'~f j1l M.I}' s- J.8.~. IU )II.' ~M l!/i~ 1/1 JI1I1. 1m 1:!~ 11''' In July, 19«. He. '11'" I

tormerl, .mployed by the Cham. lonnerly ompoloy .. d by Bock Broth. uate 01 the East Done,31

pion Blower and Forge Co. ers, Mannetm. High School

It the olland.

Sit. Julius F. AblfYllcth:y I LI, ThOI~JI R. Allk,' "

Sil Juttus Franklin Abernethy, tw~nty·tour, WOlS reported killed in Ictlon In Franct on June 22. 19U,

~c~Orcdl~gitov W~T~ 1J.~gJlll'

from the War Department by hi. wife, Mrs. Marguerite M_ Ahern.tIly. 349 N Wut End Ave. He entered the servtee on Jan 6. 1942. and i'ecel\l4>d his basic trainIng at Camp \\11eel~ er. Ga. A. gra,d· Ult. of Franklin and. Marthall College. dau

1941, he ~i8iJ employed by the .,trong Cork Company as a man prIor to his enusrmem,


. Ottt17,34P' men w. " i>d wh·e.'lmolh~lj' .~~

heart. 10 y.. II donfle J 'In,(ol ,- 'ot th.. rmy, avy,

Marine rps and Co t l.ua ,553, "lIave their last full

. r-

SII. JOllie. J. A"I.-alllp

They are burled II! the sno I of Atlu, on the coral ,atolls o( the PaclHc, In Alrlca, In It Iy, In Belgium. In France, In Luxembourg, In Hol! d, In China and through the Irony which Dnly war can produce, In Germany and Japan.

Over 1,100 other, who left rms and the city where lhoy were 'born, played and married, have Ielt the searing pain of hot steel from rifle. machine gun, mortar and howllzer rip their ftesh and spill their blo<)d on allen land s.

Even IhoUllh the war Itas b en officially ended the fate of nearly a score I. hidden. They are still listed as missing In action, swallowed up somewhere In the bosom 01 a still troubled world.

Durfng the conflict 171 Lancaster city' and county men were held prisoners or war. UnHlnchlngly Ihey endured privation and hardship" Ten died In prison camps while the remainder were lIberaled by Allied arml ••.

The total number of names of L!!ncut." CQun'ty men who appeared on official Army and Navy casualty lists 10 dale I, 2,198. Eliminating dupllr.Uons, luch as change o( .tatul from missing to dead or prisoner o( war and the names 01 men wounded more than once, the net number ot casualtIes ;Iand. at 1,813.




He wa,,'''_'':''' t

stationed In Au-

stralia, Dutch "New Guinea and Phllippin... A graduate 01 Lancalter High School, he wu formerly employed at the Lancas~ tee Prell.

Pvt. Ross Benner


A. Lancaster county men (lW'U'ched or! 10 war, 10 did the women. Hundreds ot sweethearts, wives and even mothers ot the county's heroes lerved as !!urses, In Ihe W MC, WAVES. SPARS, and Marines bolh In this countrll and abroad. Among Ihe estimated 500 women who were In lhe armed forces from Lancaster enun ty, only Iwo casual,lles were reported. One was an Army nurse, wounded In the Invasion ot France, the other a WAC who died or natural caul .. at a southern camp.

The collecllon ot malerlal for thLt Heroes Edillon began back in 1941, the day the Untted States declared war on Japan and. Germany. Day by day tie Informa.tion contatned herein was gathered, correlated, and checked and kept up to date.

The Information was obtained Irom official government sources and from the relative. Of the men. In several Instances special aid was given directly by the War and Navy Department~.

An even grealer job than gathering the (actual Inlormatlon was obtaining pictures 01 men and women who died or were killed In service. lhe m.lsslng. and the prisoners ot war, By leiter, telegram and automobile, r.laUv.s 01 Ihe men, 10m. residing In other .tates, Were contacted. As a result, In all but a tew Instances the p cturer were obtained. A search I. still being made to obtain the missing picture. In order thai the record will be complete.

Pharrnacts! Ma'ie ThIrd Class 011.

Air ver F. Baker, twenty. U. S. Navy.

Ion of Mr. Ind Mr.. S,muel E. Baker, W b 1 t e Roclt, Kir_ RI. was killed In lion ill the P.,

arel, pre .. lumlbly on Salpan, Hb parenti were notified of his de.th In July. 1944. Baker tered from count,. lamlly until 1943. He enlisted In 1941 and was urnill' I' .e MarIne medical corpsman when WII killed.

,------------------------,15gl. Glum W. Alexander

Sgt. Glenn W. A~xi!!nder,

twenty-two. U. S. Arm)", husband 01 Janel Kreider

:~:~:rnd~6. L:.~; ;;=----,;

killed In ac:tlon In Italy. Jan. 16. 194-4. Son at Mr. and Mrs. John W. Atexander. SOl Ruby St., ne joined the army In June, 1942 Attn tral.nlng II'l Florida and at Ca mp Ed\\Tardi. Man., he went In No- 1943. H.

expert marksman.

PIe. Paul E. B.atty. three. U. S. Army . Pequea RI. .1 Mr. and Mri J ra Sea tty. Ccnestoga RI, was killed In France July 13. 1944. the W • r Depart· mem Dotllied his wile. Geraldine Butt". An infln. tryman. he entered the service July 15. 1942. H. .rdved In Eng· ilo<l In Aprtl, Ig43 .nd partlelpated the b ....

tie 01 He wu LaMlllter

Two casualties were .reported among the more than 500 women from Lancaster county who served in the armed forces in World War II. Cpl. Evelyn P. Gress, \V AC, 736 Fourth St., died of meningitis at the McDill Field Hospital, Tampa, Fla., on Nov. 27, 1945, while Lt. Helen E. Herr, Army Nurse Corps, of Kirkwood, wall wounded in August, 1944 in the European Theatre of Operation.

Cpl. Cress, daughter of Mrs. Lillian Gre \ Itman, enliste in the Woman's Army Auxiliary Corps shortly after it wall organized. When it became the Woman's Army Corps. she was

Cpt. Gr... 'honorably discharged.

In April, 1945, she re-enlisted, Cpl. Gress was a graduate of the Stevens High School.

Lt. Herr was injured when a ship ferrying wounded soldiers from France to England was torpedoed in the English channel. She was decorated with the Purple Heart. She is a graduate of Oxford High Schoo) and the Lancaster General Hospital School of Nursing, She enlisted in the .(\,rmy Nurse Corps in

l\fay, 1943. •

Names of Two Women Listed In Lancaster War II Casualties

Corrections Should Be Noted At Once For the Final Record

- President Truman i!D • victory address to the people, Sept. I, 1945

Every means available was used to prevent inaccuracies in the Heroes Edition and the copy was rechecked against official government easualty Iiste. However, if any names have been omitted,' or if any mistakes appear, relatives are asked to write the correction and mail it to the Heroes Edition Editor, Lancaster Newspapers, Box 899, Lancaster, Pa,

The rAnks of some of the men mentioned in this edition may have changed, or perhaps families have removed from addresses listed. These are samples of the changes that should be reported. It is also of great importance that the names af all casualties and the names of all men who were decorated for heroism be reported, Relatives of the men listed must be depended upon to make these reports. They are the final au thority and their cooperation is vitally needed in order that no Hero will be missed.

It is important that corrections which are to-be made be mailed promptly. The material contained in this Heroes Edition will later be published in book form.

At the same time, readers are asked to preserve this Heroes Edition as but few extra copies will be available due to the shortage of newsprint.

Lt. Herr

"We 1hmk' qf those whom death in this war has hurt, taking f,'om then: husbands, sons, brothers and sisters w!hom they loved .. No victory ca» brillg back the faces they loved to see. Only the knotoledge that the victory,

~ which these saoriiices have made possible, will be wisely used, can give them Q,ny comfort, /.t is Ollr responsibility -ours. the living-to see to it that this victory shall be a monument to the dead who died to win it,"




TIS Poul W, Brosty Pvt:R, J. Borchardt

Technic.l Sgt. PAul W. Brosey, Pvt. Robert J. Barthudl,

twenty. U. S. Army Air Forces, tr-tbree. U. S. Army,

IOn of Mrs, Stell. I in, captain or

~op~!~Je§i.~22wl;! the Gund •• t the

.1110<1 April 8. ~:~. ~.~ r k~l~

l~ ever Ger· in action July 14.

min),. Radio op- m. In France.

·"'2r,·.r Ind • ''In· Husband of Mr ••

ner on a bomber, j)orll Bardur-dl.

ne entered the 102 Bea vee St..

lervlce Nov 24, he ... rvrQ In the

1942 H. reeelved army I rom 1838

bls \\'incs at Har. to HMO and en-

Unlen, Tu., and tered the see-

urtved 0 v e t- ond time on Nov.

SUI In February, 19, liM3. He IT--

10«. He \\tat I. rived oversell In

tI~::~:Y'~l':~hOOl. ~:~i ~O{~ra~~:

June U" 1944.

TSt HOllier C. Berkebil«

Teehnlela.. Fifth drad. c. Berkebile, twenty-.ix, sen Mr and Mrs Gideon H Berke· bile. 13 IV Ch.,~ nut st.. attlthed to rbe Fourth .4.r· meree Dlvllion WII killed In Ger mlny. Mirth 19 19·15 He entered the I e r v Ice Mlrtb 30. 19U Ind trained at Fort Knox. Ky. remaining there for I w 0 yea r. as an msteuetee. He wen! oversu, on Chl'lst.mAI Prior to emertng the ""II employed It the Cork Co.

-BF/O Elvin V. Brook,



"Grant us the wisdom find the vision to comprehend the. greatness of mail's spirit that suffers alld endures so highly for a goal beyond his briei span. Grant us honor for our dead who-died in the faith, honor for our


S·S Robert A. Christ


Lt. E. W. Duckworth

livi;lg who wOIJk and strive for the faith, redemption and security for all captive lands and people."

- Franklin D. Roosevelt in a prayer written on the occasion 1'r of the Allied invasion of orrnandy, June 6, 19-14.





lent Coy.

he WII

until May. when he was overfeu. went to

with hi. June. ~SH. sraduate of Columbia Hlah gaged in DuSil'leSS president ot the Co.

Pvt. Mal/rice Ben»

Pvt. MaUrice Berm, iwenty-seven. son of Mr. and Mrs. Albel't Benn, 121 Laurel sr.. was killed in action In France, Sept. 20. 19H. He entered the ser ... vlee in Septem· ber, 1943. received hil basic training al Camp Vin 0 0 r t! n, MISS, and a rrived overseas in June. 1844. Berore entering the servtce he WII emplcyed • a, the Sanitary Market~ Frederiek Strut.

Pic. Paul E. De'Verter, Jr.

pte. Paul E. neverter. Jr .. nineteen. Ion of Mr. and Mrt. Paul E-

D • Ve r t fI! r, ""!'II!~_""'" Columbia. ",II

klU.d Aprll 10, 1945 In the PhilipSInn. He Wit In-


at Camp Polk. La., and Fort Ord, CaUL.. and arrived 0 v e r .. lUI late in 1943~ He saw service In the Admiralty Islanda, and on Leyte and Luzon Iollnd. In the ..... _. .. _-'""""" Phlllppln ...

Cpl. Gerald Bnmol!

Cpt G.rald Bo",oll. t .... nly·on e, Ion 01 Mr •. Mary B.",oll. 418 Con-

Leroy Ballman

Pfc. .e. J Bauman. twenty. Ion Pvt. Harry Bickhart, Jr., of Mr. Ind Mrs. Isaac Bauman. tour. hUlband ot A"'rs.

Martindale. WII Bickhart. 639 Le·

ktued I!, aeUo_" on high Ave .. w a

was 5 over at- Dec. 4~ 1944 in kll1ed In BelllulJ'l

lion pan. An aerial G e r man r. Jan.-12. 194~. -PYI'

Sept 19. gunner on a 8.29. accordtng to word Bickhart enter

entered the S~t. Bickel enter- reeeived by l's ed the service Irl

tn September, td the service In t parents trom the June, 1944 ano

1948. and "",IS at,.. October. 1943. He War Depart- trained at Camp

tached to In In trained at MIami. ment. He entered Blandfnl. Fla. H~

tantry unit H~ Fla.; Amarillo, the servtee in wen.t ovefUls In

volunteered tor Tex .• and Lincoln. 1943. trained at December 1944

the p~rltroopi Neb .. prior to 10- vuloul C '- m P I Son ot Mr.

Ind arrived over. Jng ovrneas in throughout the Mrs. Harry

SUI in Pebru- January. 19-15 United S 1 • tel. hart. M t

ary. 1944 Befor. Prior to eoterlOl and had been River .. Md ..

enlerloe the aer- 'he service he was serving 0 v e r- wa, tormJrly

VIC~e he ",II em employed by the leal wlth an In- ployed by

_ployed .t the Lancaster 8 ric .k I Westln,house Eleetrtc and Manu- fantr,. unn for over a yur. Glenn Marlin

yard.. facturine Co., Pituburih.

PIc. Geors« W. Bell PIc. lruin IV. Barto, Jr. SIS Elwood E. Bowman Put. Donald S. Blessinr Pic. Merlin E. Bigler

Pfc. George W Bell. thlrty·Lhru, pre. Irvin W Barto, Jr." twen- StaY Sit. Elwood E. Bowman, Pvt. Donald . Bleuint. twenty •. Ptt. MerUn E. Bigler. USMC.

U S Army. was killed In eeucn ty-ene. WIS killed in action in lwenty-ei,ht. wu klUed In only Ion of .Mr. and Mrs. Philip nineteen, a member of the Fourth

in France in Germany. Feb. 9 mlny. Feb 10. S. BleSI In" Lan- M~rlne DlviJion.

July. 184'1. hi. HI45. One of sev- 1945. He was me culef R4. Wn was killed on lwo

wrte. whe resldea en brothers In hUlblndi of Mrs, Jim_, March 4.

In Columbia, "'u the armed (arc- Ruth Morrllon killed In Bel,lum. 1945. Son of Mr

notifIed by the- es. he prevloully I Bowman. .39 E. Jan. 7. 1845 He and Mrs. Fred W

War 0 e P I r 1- had been Ii.ttd Marlon St. Servo was attached to Bigler. Colum·

ment. An In!an- as millin, Son in, wltb an Inti· ·he 17thi Airborne bll RI, he en-

tryman, he enter. at Mr. and Mu. aircraft unit, he Division. He en- ._. Ieeed lhe Invite

ed the nrviee Irvin W. Barlo.. entered the ser- tered the service Ma,. 31. 1944 and

Sept 6. 1943 and Manheim. he ee- vice Sept. 13. In April. 1843. received h I I

went OVl'rnu 11"1 tered the service 1940 and friintd trained at CamD training at Parris

the Iprm, of 1944 urly In 11)44 at Camp Oavl.. Macka-n. N C., l!land.S. C .• and

'. was form .. r., trained at Fon N C Prior to en- and Camp For· Camp Penning-

employed by the I Knox, Ky .. In d terln, the service I ren, Tenn .. errtv- ton, CaUL He ar-

~~~Itroni Cork I;~t:vt~:r f:e~j:l;~ :: t~·:~::;~l?t ~~~ p °tv:r:l~ e i:, ~~~~ I~~a t~~ ~~:

19«. lotk, fO. IMt. vereber, 1944.

parents. He enter. ed tbe service in 1941 and received hll tr.tninr at C • m p Shel· b),. Mus. Pfe Carter. a me-mber 01 the Be hel AME Chureb. lett ____ I Cor oversrU duty


"To such. a task we dedicate OU1' lives. our fortunes. everything that we are and everything that we have. with the pride of those who know that the day has come when A merica is privileged to spelld her blood and her might for the prillciples that gave her birth and happi· ness and the peace wllich she has treasured. God help. ing her, she can do 110 other,"





Pic. Jay DJltr Cpl. lruin R. Earhart

OfP~cU;:YD~~~rFI~~fn~tY:h~e, ;~~ th;f~~ .I~:inol ~1r.E!~~lr~rJ ..... ~~!r~

;::re:1n b)'J l\~ Earhart, Eliza .' r"

Shoop, Fal· mouth. "'u kill. ed jn Germany, May 3. 194~ At· tached 10 a tlnk destroyer battalion. he WII inducted in February. 1943 and went overlu I in November of th., yelr. A ,r.dullt ot 'be Bainbridge Hlah school. he was employed' on the Shoop tarm prior

the service.




F. Croff Groll.

L. Or

Pvt. John Fer" .. on, Jr.

- Woodrow Wilson in an address to Congress asking for a declaration of war, April 2, 1917.



-1'- ,

TIS Wil/iam M. Fuhrman, Jr. I Earl P. Flick

Technical erge.nl William M. SI.ft SIt. Earl F. Flick, I"",'Y·

tuhrman, Jr. twenty-two, U. S one, reported minin, over Ger. PIc. lonley J. FIOjld

Army Air Forces. many Sfpt. 13.. Ptc. Sllnlty J. Floyd, twenty.

husband of Thera 19.w was killed In 1\1'0, U S Army, was killed

L. FuhrmlnJ and action on 5 e p t. Normandy. July

Ion of Mr. and 24 01 Ihlt year, 9. 194.4. the War

Mr.s. W. M. Fuhr- the war Depart- Department m-

man, Marietta. ment notified his rermee hi. par-

crew chief of the wife. Mr •. Jean ents, Mr and

Fortress ... "Miss Flick. 0' Colum- Nfl. Roy Floyd,

A g n e 1', was bfa. Tail Junner 214 Stevens 5L

killed in the Eu- on a 8.24 bomb- who have lou;

rcpean area Nov. ee, he had corn- other Ions and

13. 1943. He en- pleted 22 mls- in the

tered the service lionl and held armed lorcel. An

in Augult, 1942. the Air Medal I n I I n fryman.

and went ever- L!~~ cl~~·~rl.O~~ PIt. Floyd par-

I~ 943.rptr~; entered the ser- teet In tile

the Air Medal with two Oak vtee Jan. 23. 1943 and went is i C) n 01

dusters and had two Nul ~!as In May. 1944. He was _~ce'h He fn.

to hiS credit. I merl~' C'mployed by Shirk's . erec t e lery ee

tor Express. .nnd OCt;~~er be~~2 overseas

Pvt. Cimrles IV. Fleming Lt. lIurr~ p, FOP'ry ~ro~~~;~n~ec:~~s c~~ployed

Pvt. Charles W. Fleming. nus- Lt. Harry P. Forry, iwenrv-one.t

band at Mrs. Anna Mary Flemin,. of the Army Air I II F Put. EllwooJ Gromlinl

Columbia, wa I millin, Jn action P c. . ,."ry ej-e

kiUed In action In July 14, 1942 re~i~~d ~~n;~ ~:~~h S;~ow~o:kiif;a U.p~~· A~~~~O:onG~r~~'~n~wit~

[~~~'.oJnl:i M~: ?'~~Il th:e ~~~~ in action in Edward Grom-

and Mn. Curti. lumf:d dead", Franu. April ~. lin C. Rheems.

Flemln.sr. York. the War Depart- 1945. Coneltoga was killed In ae-

~:rvl~~teDe:~. trl~ ~e~nt hl:h~~ol~~!;: Lodge IBPOEW ~t:~e JI~. i::'~Ci

1943. trained al Mr! Benjamin was Intcr-med by paratrooper, he

Fort McClellan, Hambright. ot his aunt Mrs entered the ser-

Ala.. and Fort Florin. A gr-adu-, Naomi Morgan. v lee Feb. ]9. I

Mude, Md .. and ate 01 the Her- Knoxville. Tenn. 1942. and 1rllned

w to n 1 !olver.e.. shty Industrial Pte. Foye resided at Camp Wheel.

with In intantry Seheel he enltsi. in Llncuter lor ee, G a. : Fort

unit In Au,ull. ed as an aviation six y.ean prior to Benning, Ga .• and

1944. He was lor- cadet In April, '!"Itfring the eer-' Alliance, Neb.,

merl), employed 19~1. Prior to en- vice. April 13. betore , 0 1 n ,

by the Canteen Co., York. "ring the service he was employ- 1941. He arrived 0 v e r I e I S In

ed by tht Lancaster Newspapers. oyersell In 1043 I November, 19-13 ..... _ ......... __


TIS Robert 1/. Cilll" Cpl. Joseph Greiner, Jr.

CpL Joseph Greiner. Jr., twent,_ three. Ion 01 Mr. and Mu. J. G. Greiner. I 2 1 5 Elm Ave., ",f,U

killed In

many. Nov. 1944. He wa radio man In 1n!lI1llrJ and bad


Bainbrldie. was killed In action In Lux e mbourg Jan. 21. la4~, H. previously h a d bee n reported milling in action He entered th, service in July, 1942 While attend· J n I Q.ickinlon CoUeee and tr-ained It levera) campI In the U nit e d Statu prior '0 going overaeas on June 29,

Sit. Clair B. Esbenshnde Pic. J. H. Espellshnde

Sgt. Clair B. Esbenshade. rwen- Pte. John H. Espenlhade, twenty-

ty·llve, one or five sonl of Mr. six. U. S. Army. sao 01 Mr. and

and Mrl. Park F Mrl. John B

E I ben pen.hade,

Bird - In abethtown,

RI. killed In wl,h I~e Army in Italy. graduate ot Elizabeunown H I g h School and Elizabethtown College, he entered the service May 13. 1942, and partlClpated- in the lnvulon 01 North

went oversell In ACrica. He W I I

June, 19>114. He ,. employed by the

\\'81 a graduate of the Upper Lea- Grtm and Cuh Insurance Aa:ency~ cock To ..... nship Hjeh school, clus Elizabethtown.

dl~~ I

Pic. A rthur F. Edw{frds - F -

ptc, Arlhur F, Edwards, eon of Pic Robert A ESPI'IIslrade IPlc. B. B. Firestone

Mn. Robert W. Edwards, t15 La-" .

layette St., re- Pie. Robert A. Espenshade. Pte. Benjamin B.

ported missing in twenty-one, V. . Army, son of Mr t\\·enty.tour, U. S.

France, July 10. and Mrs. Daniel Mr. and Mr •.

1044, was de- Espens h • d e, Martin Fir e-

ctared dead by Elizabetht 0 w n stone, Denver RI,

the War Depart- R3. dled June 18. WII killed In

In Decem- 1944 ot wounds Frlnte- July 17,

ot that year. r e e e i v e d 1i44. A mem-

A graduate of the three daya rarlltr her at the Engln-

McCalJ'key High In France. He al- eer Corpi he en-

Sch_opl, clan of so had bee n tered the service

1031), he 'Io'as em- wounded AUI. 3, on Ott. 20, ID4.1,

ployeod by the 19-13 In the Inva- tralned It vui·

York Safe and lion ot Sicily. ous camps. and

Lock Co., prior lo entered the w.. lent ever-

entedn, the sec- vice Jan. 20. SUI Ln Decem-

vice in October. and let! lor eer, 19-13 Hu

1!H2. He went seilS duty in lilt letter to his

oversell In April, 1944. 1943. He ' earent. wu wrtt-

lached to an ten July 7, 1941.

eers vn.t. WII k:l1~d In Ita:y In October, 19H. the War Depa rtment notltied hi. wife, 1\1 r s. Dorothy Gunde-r. 01 New Holland. He tered the May IS. trained at Wheeler. and Camp Tex .. Ind

overseas In .ry. 1943. served willt Gon.'-------I Patton's Third Army in Sicily and

to U r \\"13 transferred to the Fitth A.rm.y at the- in Italy.

Ave., w .. kiUe<1 in action OCt. 3, 19« In Holland. Son ot Mr. and Mu. John M. D,.lnger, 610 N. ,

• Pine St., he entered the service July 1. 1943 and was attached to the Seventh Dlvl.ion IS a member 01 t~e 48th Armored Inlan. uy Battalion. He'"

went averse ... in July,

~it~al~' ac;lronll~

France on D· Day, June 6, 1944, ICC 0 r ding to W 0 r d recelved by his parents from the War DeDt. He had prevloully bee n reported

milling. PIc.

Elleman enter. ed the service in JulI. 1943, and hid been everIell for lome time death. A ,raduate 01

High School. he WII Mllleuville 51alO Tuch." when called tor tervJc,e.

twenty. Hoover

LL Ollrloa F. ElllolI, ot Army AJr Force-I, who resided Mr. and Mrl. Jo· .. ph E. Woltlol. 706 Rice Ave., and had been millin, in aetlon etnee May 17, 11M3. WIS oUiefaIb' d.clared dud by the War partment, in lUll. 1944, twenty·tour old outcer,

s,.rr 511. twenty, son of Mr.

ler G. Eva nl, ce-

JlfIi'irIljiiiilii:3 ~ur::~!~' Yo':n I I ; •

bomber. WII kUI· ed over Germany, Feb. 10.

1944. First reo

ported mining on that date. hi. casually stltUI \\"u changed In October. 1945. to killed. He entered the servtee Jan. 20. 1942, reeetved hil ""in,s It Lowry Field. Colo.. and went oversell "ember. 1943.

er, Col u m·I.~~"!I

bla. WII killed on Luzon,

1945. the Divlalon. tered tbe in F e ary, 1942. It Camp er, Ga.. • n Cam p Shelby Mill. He serv,d in HawaJl and N t w Guinta

t~oP~~:~~els. 10 .~---c

two. U. S Marine

Mrl, Clarence

Hoover. Lititz.

radioman I n d

runner on a Ma· rine bomber, WII kill. d In the South Pac:tlie in April. 19«. H. enlisted in June, 1942, and letl tor overJeas <klty In January. 19«. A aradYlte 01 tht Lltrtz Hlah School, be Wit employed by th e Wilbur Sueh.ard

Co., Litit~.

-cSit. DOHold W. Groll

set. Oanlld W. Gl.fi. Ion of Mr. d Mn. Le"'T Gro!!, 337 W.

ttmon St.. died

In. 1~. 1945 Inl--~:--'I .1,1 u m \\Iound. Ill. dl)" A tachtd

-GStt. Joseph Go/balill

Si\. Jo.tplt GllbalJy. five" vice-president of the .hlm PrlnUn, ce., an Infantry· man who law service in Alrica. SIc:lty, France I n d Germ.ny since he went overuu In November. ]942. died oj wound. In • German prison hospital. Nov. 6. 1944, hi. .I,ter, I Phlladtlphlan, was notltied. He previoully had been reported millin, in Gum.n,. on Sep1. 1944. He r .. ,Jded .t the YMCA yena prior to enterin,



<II pray that OUI' Heavenl» Father may assuage the anguish of your bereavement aud leave you only the cherished memory of the loved and lost, and the solemn pride _that must be YOUI'S to have laid so costly a sacrifice upon the altar of [reedom:"



braham Lincoln in a letter to Mrs. Bixley, Boston • whese live sons were reported killed in battle.




Cpl. J(}hfl N. GIlIIDH

cei John N. nine. Ion of Mu. , 4 2 Columbll Ave., w .. killed n aeUon In Franee. May e 11146. W.U·kD<>wn JjuketblU plIY' er. he entered the Jervice in Dtc.mb~r, 1942 and ",'Int overJea. in Deeember, 1944. H. ut ed In Atrici. li:,n,l •• d aM France Pttor to enterJn. \he urvice be WII employed by

Cork Co.

Pili, L#$ler;. B, Gerle«

-' Pvt. Leiter p. Gerfen, five. U. S. Army .• ,on of Mr.

N r t. Andrew o.rtm. 322 N. Pin. St., IUa.bed te ,. Wintry unit, WII killed in a.U.., In Itlly, Nov. 23, 1143 Ho entlred thl see. v, ee MIY 14, 1942. and ucelvtd bl. tr • .lnln, It vatotiS eamPl In the U ted Stlt ••. HII W\1t WI. sent overal .. in Aprl1, 2 .. 3. Beto-re enterin. the nrvlce e wit ~ employed by Appel and Weber Jewetry Co.

Pie, W.b.'er CC/lltJnIl

Capt. Robert C. Hell, tr.. ty·two. Jon of Mr. and Mn.

art C. He... 162 .--...,...,..= .. W I 1 Ion Drive,

~e.nt to Franee. l1e entered the G:;ma~~~led Apria seevtee :In Mitch, t~, and re- 19. 19.~. An in.

hb bulc tnlmnl at Camp 'antr" officer, he Selote enterln, the eee- hid previouJI)'

I employe-d It the Ham~ bun w 0 U n d- .

Company. ~~~t:dd :i~~ d~c~ I

SUver Stir With an Oak Lear clUIrer and \ h e

rre. ~eorle W~ Goodhart. Jr .• :~°8!t ~~f ~~

twrntY-lix. U. S. Army, Ion ofl\fr ter, Capt, Hell

and Mea. Geor,e w a I I ttendin,

W ': Goodbart. 530 Ohio Unlverlity when he wat

nKrd 5., w a I ed to leti VI! service,

kJlltd in eeuen w lth an infantry ""it Mlrch 29. 1943 In No,tII, ss. rica. He ""'II pra· vioulty wounded Nov. 8, 1942, hi. t 110' • n t y •• ixtb bit l b d • y en-

I nlverllr)" I n d returned re duty Morel> 19, 1943 He entlred \ h, I= ...... :::~'-servtce Jun. 15,

1912 and arrlvtd overul .. In the the. invuion

faU of that ytlt. PdOr to enter!n. GUlm. He enthe servtee be bad been employed lered the aervlce I.t the Slaymaker Leek Co. Mareb 23. 19013 and

Lt. Pau! R. Hnrni.h L. (J. ,.) Plul Robert Harnteh.

Pic. Rolph Cohn. Jr. ~::~'"twR;~~·~.'et, .on of Mr.

Ptc. Rllph Gobn. Jr.. tWl!nty~ Harn!'h. La n-

el.ht, U', S, Army, was killed June cllter R3, 110'81 Teehnlclan Fourth Orade Sylvu-

leo 1 944. in killed When the ter E. Herchelroth, twenty-one,

Inc e. Hus- naval vessel on ion of Mr. and

band ot MlI Hel whtt-h he WII ra- Mra. Johp S. Hee-

tft Gohn, 341 S dar oUicer, was chelroth. Marl-

Ann SL. and Ion deatroyed by a etta. was killed

of Mr. and Mr. typboon in the Dec. 17, 1944 in

II I I p h Gohn. Pacllic. Dec. 18, aolalum. He eee-

M.neUI, he en- 1944. He enlisted vioully bId been

tfred W service in the Navy In J reported millin,.

-\1><11 ~8, 194~ .nd 'JanuaF7, len, .. H. WIJ inducted

trained It Camp Jwhlle. I junior at Jan. 20, J04! and

Wheeler. C. . Franklin a q d trained It Camp

Camp Davia. N Mirabal! Col. Gruber and For

C. C.mp John le,e. He w.. . Sill. Oklo At·

lon, "1., Ino called to active dutl M.arch 1. tached lo In ar-

Imp Ol.x, :N J 1943. foUowlna: hla iraduation It tillery oblfrva-

e held hb eem- IF &: M and wu commlulontd .t tion battalion. he

.n)", mlrk.mID.htj) record I n d Northweltern Unt,veralty Mldablp. w~t ov,neal in lilt ov.ne .. In February. 19431 men', School. Chica,.. September, 1914. •


on Jan

1845. according intormltion the War 0 .. p.rtment.",. ........ received by h1a

Imother, Mr •. Gertrud. S, J;I.· enberler, 648 E. Marktt St .. Mitl·

1:~\~re:Y~e H~~'~!

vice In 1942 and went oveneaa 111 Novombor. 1943 He WII reduat. 01 the IddletOWII HJ,h School.



Lt. C "aries H. Loercher First Lt. Charles H. Lcercber. twenty-five, son of Mr. and Mrs. w i 11 i am C


Ensign Paul T. Marple


ty-seven, was killed

Holland, Oct. 5, 1944, his wife, Mrs. Irene Kow-

missing in alski, 465 Roc".

in France land St., was no ..

'July 20;'" 1944. ",'as tifi ed by the Wa r .

re,ported killed JI'> Department Pvt

. action, according Kowalski, who

to a telegram re- served an enlist-

ceived ,by hIS ment in the

mother August 12 Army, re-entered

1rom the War March 16, 1944,

Dept. The" two and trained at

telegrams were se rvtce in Fort Hoyle, Md

received a day tember. 1942 a He went 0 v e r-

apart. He entered was a.sslgned seas with an in-

the service Feb. the M e die a 1 fan try division in

9, 1942, a n.d A graduate 1944. Before entering

trained at Fort-Knox. ley., and . School, he was formerly ce he was employed by

lent to England shortly a':'"'·d.m"lov~'d at the Armstrong Cork Herb Prymyer Produce Co. Christmas, 1943. His last letter was written July 16.

"It is my earnest ,hope and indeed the hope of all mankind that from this solemn occasion a better world shall -emerge out of the blood and carnage of the past -a world founded upon faith and understanding - a . world dedicated to the dignity of man and the fulfillment of his most cherished wish - for [reedonl, tolerance and justice."

- General of the Army Douglas MacArth~r at the Japanese signing of surrender terms in Toyko Bay, Sept. 2, 1945.


June 16. 194'" tn, War De par! ment notified hi

wife, wM:Sl'(tD~r:

, Lititz.

had been re ported missing in action for a year A bombardier. he was on his 34th



-LPic. Stephen J. Lopane


Lucy Ann Walton Johnson. of Leola. was killed in action In Italy on Sepl. 24. 1943. He entered the service on May 14. .L942, and was sent overseas in March,' 1943. He was' attached to an mfantry di vi- ,..alon of the Fifth ':':

Army. Pvt. John- t son formerly was' employed at I h e Stehli Sillo Mill.

Pfc. Ralph E. Kunkle, S. Army. was killed France on D-.

Day. june 6. 1944 ...

the War Department informed his parents. Mr. and Mrs. Elmer R. Kunkle. Bird· in-Hand Rl. He entered the service May 15. 1942. was assigned 10 an armored division and arrived in England in November. 1943. He was th e Ilrs! Upper Leacock s e rvice man to be killed.

Sgt. Elwyn C. Kramer

Sgt. ElwY'fl C. Kramer, twenty- Lt. Melvin

seven. attached to a reconnais- three. husband of sance unit of the Wash.

26th Di vision.

was t 3 t a II) wounded in Bel gium Sept. 9. 1944. Husband 0:

Frances G. Kra mer. Cbr-lstta na , and son (}1 MI. and Mrs. Ellis E Kramer, Kinzers he enlisted in March, 1941. He trained at Camp H 0 0 d. 'I'ex :

Camp Livingston ..

La., and Camp Corabelle, Fla. He wen! overseas

in October. 1943. He formerly was

employed by the Pennsylvania

Railroad Co.


Willard C. Ki phorn'

~:t ~~itH~;l.ri~'

Nov. 6. 1942 he wa. later declared dead. A lradu~e of the Lancaster Hllh School, clan of 1935. and .1 ,he

ed on Luzon h· land, May 4 194~ Hf" cr eviou 11 had. b •• n woundf'o 10 com bat on Ihat " land and "'frol "I ed ~dth Iht Purplt' nearl Ht' .nlf~fod Ihf .er·

"It" Junto 12

• .. ~c and went

.lver.p.u In No v=mber. 19-13 Hf formerly \\'11 enlI.ged In rarmina




PIc. A"rctn M.M,.

pte. Alron Mohler. tw@ntY-Il lJ. S. Army. died Jun. 24. 1944 wounM reeeived June 22, 1044 In Franee. Hu,· band 01 Belt1 & c hoe n be tler Mohler, In d ,.the,. of • three·

f.uo,~etr,b Sb:~

on Rae. whcm he had never iten, ijl!! entered lhe ouvt •• Nov 27. 194Z. An Inton',.,.· man, he trained at Camp Blandtnl. Fl... and Camp Phillips, Ku .. arriving

leal in Mlrch. 1944.


Sgt. Ephraim R. Pool e, 'Y'UU"UI,"n,,,,,n. U. S.~ Army Air Force. missing in action since July 14, 1943 on 8 bomber on convoy duly in

Coral Sea, VI a. s declared dead by the War Department in a leiter to his fa ther, Joseph Poole,

Columbia. on

Is e ptember 12,

1944. Sgt. Poole enlisted in the

! ~:dF r~~~iv~~ l~i:

. ining at Shep-

Field, Tex. and Columbia,

whose veteran \'Var I, the service in cember, 1'943. was formerly ployed by the American S ilk Mill and StehU's Silk Mill.

Lt. Robert C. Machen ~ 'Fil'st Lt. Robert

twenty-rune. U. killed in France in the openmg hours at the lnvasion, June 6, 1944 "

Husband of Jane S ... Machen, 929 N. Queen St .• he was a par a trooper, He entered the servtpe April, 16, ~2 and .arr ived

jlltEngland in Au, st, 1943. A aduate ot the Manheim Townshjp High School and Perm Sta te Forestry School. he was formedy employed .by Rail'way Express.

Technical Sgt. Norman S twenty-seven, husband of Mary Neff, 759 W. Vine si., and son of Mr. and Mrs. Frank B

N~ff, 762 HLgh

St., was fatall~ injured in a ,"ve· ' hlcle' ace I' dent at Mar· sef lles, I'rance. Feb, 11, 1945 He entered the service June 20. 1941 and went overseas in October' 1943. Prior to en tering the service he operated NeIl's

'Charles M. Pickel

Pvt. Harold Myers ~p.vt .. Harold Myers, twenty, U, ,~Marme Corps. son of Mrs. Eliza)leth Myers, Eph-

rata R2. a veter- .,~.., ~n of the Tarawa ~ -t'

id campaign,. se. was killed in actior)lin the Pacific i:rt March, 1941. (lne. of a fa roily ot 11 children, p.vt: ~yers entered the service In 1942. He held medals for proficiency in bayonet, rifle and machine sun use.

Richa.rd J twenty-eight U. S, killed in action Feb. 19 In lt aly , tour days oerore his twenty-sixth birthday A son of Mr and Mrs Harry SNeider myer. Lititz. ne was todccted In February. 1942, He was a Rradu te of the L.itit2. ~

High s-o n 0 0 1, class. of 19_33,' and was employed at

~~r~ C~rt:9strong



"As we celebrate this victory in Europe let us reo mind ourselves that our common problems of the immediate and distant future can be best solved in the same conception 0/ cooperation a1ld de v 0 ti 0 1J to the cause 0/ human lreedom as have made this Extieditionm'Y Force such. a mighty engine 0/ destruction. Let us have no pal'! ill the profitless quarrels in which other men will inevitably engage as to what country and what service won the European W ar"

til . .

- General of the Army Dwight D. Ei •• nhower

in his V·E nay m •••• g e May 8, 1945.


Lt. Franlt:O~/e-:Jr. JPVI. Dona-;;B~Qui"n

Lt. Frink Peoples. Jr .. U. S. Pvt. Dould B. QuLnn, lwent,·

Army Air Forcel, navi,ltor OD I fll,ht. U. S Army. husband oC

Liberator bomb- Kathryn Qui"n

ee. WII killed on and lOr! 01 Mr

• bombln, mil. and Mr. Edwlra

lion over Aunrla. QU1.nn. 34t S

July 16, 19+4 me Prlnee St., WII

War Departmenl. killed JllIy 19. In

nollbed hi. wrfe, the outhwflt p,.

Mary E Brinser ~ ellie. He enteree

Peoples. of Eliza.· the service Nov

betjucwn. He re- 123. 1842 and 19.111

ulvtd his win,. Itationtd alCamp

and commlilion Wheeler. Ga . and ...

It Hondo. "rex , Shenlnco. pe.,

AUI. 3. 1843 and" before luvlng

hid been over tnt. country. HI:'

leU for I I x attended the Ed·

month, He w a I wud HII)(I JUniOI

decorllM wllh the AJr Medii Ina High Schooi and 90'11 employed LD an Oak Leaf cluster lor aebteve- the .hlpbuildlng department at dle ment while participating in 30 mil~ Lancllter Iron Work •.




. Richard L. Shimp

-R- I -R-

Pvt. Ckartes 11'. Reu/er PIc. Luo}1 Reichard

Pvt. Charlu W Reuler. twenty- Pte. Leroy Reichard.

Cpl. G.or~. H. Price SIc James JI. Rutter ~~~ia~n I';{::.'t'ir,:,an •• on of Mri. four. all:I~~e~ 10 Ihe 7Dth

Cpl Geor,e H. Price. twenty-six, Se-.mln First Cta .. Jamu V M. r let t I, decoriled with the: Silver Star for Rutter. twenty-one. only child ot died In HoUand

bravery b)' Gen. Mr. and Mrs Nov. 1. 1944, lWO

Patton, was kill- Geor,e Rutter. daYI atter belnt

ed In action In Bow man 1_ wounded. He en

Germany in Sep- ville. altach~ to tered the servlee

tember, IP44_ Son the U. 5 5 Oec D, 1942 and

at Mr .• "d Mrs_ Spence. WII kill. went overseas

Gear,. Prlee Co ed Dec. 18. 19.... three month. lat-

lumble, he e~ltr: when the ship er He trained II

ed the service In WII 1011 in the Camp Wheeler.

February. 1942. PacUic during a Ca. and Camp

and trlined at typhoon. He was Reynoldl. PI. A

Indiantown Gap Inducted into thr veteran of the

Ind Camp Wh.el. service in 19-14 Nor t h Aldca,

er. Ga. Attached and received hiS haly and Sicily been oveuell

10 an afmortd dl- tralnln, it Baln- campaix-ns. he more than two 1'e'1l'1. serving

vlalon !be went bridle. Md. and I ~'U lent to Holland rrom England Icetand. Ireland and England

ovefJeU In Feb- had been on cem- In October. 1944. !-ttl WAS formerly reee arrlvln, In France. He

ruuy, 1044. He formerly was em- bat duty tor six months He tor- employed al the Columbia Malle- tormerly employed by the played. at the Columbia Malleable merty was employed by the 80U- able Cutin,. Co. bia MalleAble Cuting. Co

Cutin,. Corp. man Hat Factor)'. Adamstown.




Able Seaman U. S. M.rchanl WII lo.t at In Jul,y 8. 1942 .. 'hen hIJ shtp, the S. S. Benjamin Brew.ler WII lorpe· doed and sunk In tb. Gulf 01 Mu· Ito. A vettran ot the Army, Pal· mer entered the Merchant Marine .hOr1ly a tie r Pearl Harbor. He WII the fiut Lencub'lan to be po. tburnoully • w. r d e d the Mariner'J Mfodat. It wa. pruented to hi. Ion. Robert, seven, MaT 23, J~.

Pvt, Ilarty C. Rot/won _

Rohrer, Jr., Pvt. Harry C. Rathvcn. thlrtr. th;::' David M. Rineer.

Mr. and Mn seven. Ion or 1.1ra, Ka·thryn R,\lh. •

'Von. 14 S. Fr3:lJtlin St., and hu.· band at Mr •. Esther Rith"on. 31 S. Lime St .. ",a~ killed in Fra nCfI on Nov. 24. l'9H Attached to • fl. 1 d arUllery unil ot the Third Army. he entered 'he servtee May 17. 1943: trainee at Camp Meeo). wu.: Fort RUe),. Kin.. And ForI Bra, •• N C .. ar- '"' riving oversea. In July. rormerl,. w.. employed by

Armltronl Cork Co.

PIc. Richard R. Rights

man. 641 Third St.. A. tiahter pia ne pilot stationed on Saipan. wa s killed In the Pae. area Jan. ~,

l~S. He had

more than 30

strafing and Iklp~ bombing missions his credit. Lt

SI Edward H. Siamatr,III

Second Lt. Warren J, Sheneman. Staff Sgt. Edward H. Stam~~

and Mrs ILl, twenty-seven, U. S. Army ~

II Forces. husband r ot Muriel Staman, and son er Mr. and Mrl. Ed ..... ard H. Staman, Columbia R2, Flri.ng Fort rei S gunner, was killed in aelion over occupied Europe on Nov. 2D. 1943. He

entered the Air Forces In AutUlt, 1942. and. arrived In Ensland with the Elghth Army Air Force In July, 1943.

ment re1.Uvu tered the

in 1943 Assigned to In int.lntr)' unit. he trained at several cal'r'lp8 and arrived over-

I SUI in June. 1944.

SI Paul J. Sirickier

Staft Sgt. Paul J. Strlckler, n~~ teen, U. S. Army Air Forces. ra~ operator and gunner on I bomber, ~'U killed over Germany I Much 22. 19+1 Son 01 Mr. and Mu. Paul R Strickler, Mount Jo'y. he entered the service Dee I, 19.2, and .ett (or oversell duty on Feb 12, 19f·t He WII tcrmerly erpployed at 0 l m s t e ed Fl. I d. MIddle· lawAi.


•• l~._~ ~



"Our debt to the heroic men attd the valiant' women



in the service of our cOlmtry can "ever be repaid. They

-w- I -w-

I PIc. Harold Witlller Pvt. Leroy Woll

I Pte. Harold wnmer. twenty·t ..... o, Pvt. Leror Walt, twentr-twc, .on

0: Eliubethtown, died March 13, of Mr. and Mrs. Leroy ,R. WoU.

1945 at the Brownstown.

have earned our undying gratitude. America will never

"[orget their sacrifices.

Because of these sacrifices. the

dawn 0/ justice and freedom throughollt the world slou»

ly casts its gleam across the horizon."

- President Truman', address to Congress, April 16, 1945.

Pal. J. E. Sahm, Jr.

Pvc Jay E. Sahm. Jr ..• Ight""n. Pvt H.nry F. Snydor. thlrty·ny e,

V S. Marine Corps. Ion of Mr. and Wh reportNt kllltd in .etlon In MrJ. J • Y E .......... ."..,."..,..... France on Au,.

Salim, Ephrata. 2. 1944. accordmg

was kllled in the to word received

.Hlult on Tara· by his wife. Mrs.

w. in the P.cilic Thelma Georn

lie enllstec1, in the Snyder, 409 S.

)41:'inea on Au· Arch St. Pvt.

rult 12. 1942. Snyder WII In.

when be "":as HV· dueled Nov. 11.

eateee yeaTS old. 1943. • n d re-

and received hh eelved tralnln,

trainln, .t PUria It Fort MeClel·

IIllnd. S. C .. Ind Ian. Ala. .nd

New River. N. C. For t Gear,e

He arrived ever- Meade. Md. be-

.... In the Pad!· Jere arrivinl In

te artl In tM Engllr'1d 1n June,

IPrln, of 1943. 19«. He WII tormerl,

by the Armstroo, Cork Comp.nr.

Put, He"r)' F. Sn.l,der

Pharmacist Mate Amo. R. Shrem, Navy, was killed in action in th e Pacific area. aceordin, to word receJy,ed It'! July. 190M by hi. parents, Mr. and M r I, Am 0 s 8hrom, Millwl),. He WIS Indueted Iii S e pte mber, 1M2 and bad bee n overseas since May. UM3. A _rdual! of the Ro'hsville Hlgb

Pal. Vineelll J. Shinkos,ky

mer!y 01 Columbl ••

Italy. Feb. 22. 1945. He entered the service in September. 1942. and hid been avenu. tor 22 month.. At· taehed to In infantry unit. he trained at Camp W h •• I • r. Ga.; Clmp Mon· roe and Camp SU''''n. N. C. H. formerly wii em· ployed at the ~flriett' Holdln, ...........

Ind Reconstgn- -

men: Depot,

Jone. Steed. ParIldise. and Ion ot the Rev. and Mn. G@'orl~ H St ee d. Norfolk. Va .• was killed In France. Feb, 8, IRiS. LI. S, ee d. a gradul te ot Franklin and

larshRIl College. c;::lau ot 1941, entered the service in June.

and was .... t.lened at

bUI. 0 He had been since November. 1944.

Strubel. nineteen. Ion

!of r s. William

Strubel, L a n-

caster R6. Will killed in action in Franee Jan. 21. 19.~ He entered the service Nov, 12. 1943 and received hi. traming at Camp Car. uo."'c- .......

Jon. Cele. He lefl tor overseas servrce ·in Ncvernber, 1944. with an e n g I n e e r s

u n l's,rub~fC~~:: ............ - ..

'A'II employed per Box Co.

~--~--------------------~---------- ----------,--~--~~~------~~----------~----~-~---





"World peace must be the fulfillment of the promise



Jo .. plt R .: Gassmall


for which men have fought and .died in this war. It must

be the justification of all the sacrifices that have bee1i

made-of all the dreadful misery that this world has


- Flran'klin D. Roosevelt in his fourth inaugural address, Jan. 20, 1945.




-BSgl. Park, J. Bnir, Jr.

S,t. Parke J. 811r. Jr .. nJnet.en.

U. S. Army Air Foreu, ,on at Mr.

lind Mn. Parke J. 801r. Gap. WII killed in an pllne crash I French. Marrocco. No •. 22. 11M3. An

lonl7 son" he enlI.ted Nov 23. tt-t2, and recelved his trainfn, at

I Harlingen and Amarillo. T e x He 9.111 a

uate of ,UIlli Academ7,

the ton) VI., class of 1941.

-cLI. Che.'u L. Cook

Pvt. Russ,1I A. McKaill Pvt. Ru .. .u A. McKllIn. tb1r1y, t we, u. s. Army, hUlbUld' ot Mr ••

i:~'::t J:;~K!!:i .!"2!!'.lr.

killed Marcil 17. 1944 In In automobile accident

nm SllIlI! ~!I:

,,'.rd., MUI. H. entered the aervice JulJo 31, 1943 Ind WI.I attadled to an antl·.l:cr.tt Irtmory unit, and qUI1lfjed U In expert ,unne.r. He formul:1 WII employed It dlo

tw',"~'-OI'·.r~~ntSin ~~:~!.

Stall S,t. Ed 'Ird Welsh. twenty·nine, aervln, \\1t11 thl 26th Dl-

villon, '10'11 Idlleo 10 rrance, Nov 23. 11144 Hu.bano of Mn. Glad),. E. Welab. Celumbia. he entered the servtee ill F.bruln, 1941 AlIl,ned 10 th. in fin try. hIP trllned at VArI' OUI CI inpl Ind arrived oversea. on AUIUlt 23, 18« H.e previou. 11 served an en IfllmeDt in tblf ,um7 ••• In, dlachar,ed In 1~7 a. "'I, tormerl,. employed by the Columbia Millubl. ClltIh •• Co.

LI'. Geor" R. Wendler •

Lt. Georle R. Wtndler. twentyone, U. S. Army Air Forces. was ldUed in action Sept. If. li43 In the AllaUc lUI. Hu.blfid ot Anna Moore 217 E. St.. and Ion Mr. and Mrs. Harold Wendler, 222 E. Marlon St .• b. enllst.d In the Royal Alr ForCI In Septem-

II. r, 11M!. H. Arch St.. and

tranderred to the aen of lin. Bar

~~~::lllnnd l!tte~ I bar. 0 t,el. Mli

to the AM. He WII commlu.1onedl l~rsvUle. IN" in January. 1943 Ind went overseu killed April 3 ihotU), afterwards. :.r:~ in .e:~ro~~ry

I was millin, In action. Holder 01

. , . 1he Combat In·

PIc. H. M. Whltes,de, Jr. Ian ryman b.d,e.

Pte. Hlrv~y M. Whltulde. Jr .• he entered th, twe.nty·two, In intantryman at- urvlee Dee. 30

taebtd to . 1943 Ind wenl

Third Army oversell In Au· •

Itllled In " gust, .ID44. H.

In Bel,tum attached 10 the

3. ID~. Mr. and





"It is rather [o« us to be here dedicated to the great task remaining before us; that from these honored dead we take increased devotion to that cause fOI' which they gave the last full measure of devotion"

Put. A. W. Rnu .. r, Jr.

- Abraha.m Lincoln, address a'l Gettysburg, Nov. 19, 1863.

Pvt. A. W. Rluaer, Jr .. twenty· one, U. S. Army, Ion of Mr Irwt M.. Alblrt W

a I U J e r, dIed :------''":

Au,. 1. 1943. .t Ho\ S p r I nl', Ark., I vlcum 01 Infantlll plrII,· '1' He .,111 the husband 01 Hett1 E Alper. Line .. · tel' Pvt Rluae.r ""IS I cr.dulte of the Mc:Cuke, Hllh School and

In employe the Keystone :=====:.: prell lnd Co., before he entered the servlee, Octo 1, 1942.








Richa,d P. Hell

TS, Waite, F. Schlot!

Technician Fifth Gude pre. Rlthlrd P. Hen. twent,. F. Schlott. twenty-one. died

and Mn 1945 In Hel-

the War II D,,,arlmlnl

- Q - .o~gtofl~. S':.::lfl1.rrs.

SI,uUlr. Lititz.

Capt. Jame« J. Qllinlt ~~nd:f D:~.n.~~

Capt. Jolmel J. Quinn, thirty. U ~:~lv:~cld.C!tt.~~

S. Army Air Corp., husband or army ordnance

Mr •. R,:,th Quinn, .tation .t SL

Columbia, W J J Lcuis France

killed Ju17 8, 1043 Yt'her~ he w a ;

in In airplane stationed repair-

c-rllb in Enaland. in, arms. He

Dr. Qulnn enter- was Ont 01 four

ed the AAF on brothers in the

MI)' 10. 1942 as a armed force •.

W,bl lur,"on. K. S,L Siauner 'en'

r e e e i v e d tired the servtee

bla medical d.. July 5. 1942 ond

Iree from J ettee- went ever.u. in

10D Medic.l Col. Prior to entering

1 • , " PhII.del. wu employed b,.

e~'in::r~e::i';~ Cork Co.

SL Joseph', HOIpHal. Before entering the service h. WII associated with Dr. Job n L. Allee.

twenty-one, Ivan Wou.



Cpl. C. R. Rickenbach

Cpt Calvin Ray Rickenbach, nineteen. Ion ot hir. and Mrs. Cbarl.. Rlcken· .,..~~"""_ .. b a e h. E p h· rita. was killed Nov. 29. 1944, In th. er .. b of a bomber traln1nC bear Nottingham, N. H. CpJ. Rick· enbach, who was s s a t t e n e d It Grenier Fi.ld. N. R.. had returned to the field Nov. IS, 1&« ener

• pendlnc a fur- 10uCh with his family. He e.ntered the service In April. 1943.




Hurlty W. Testerman

AIS Charle. Za,tman

Pvt. Hurley W. 'resterman, twen. ty·el,tn. hllirband ot Norma Tester. man. Bo .... -mans-

vnte. dltd 18. 19~4 al Walter Reed pital, w. 100, O. C., from pneumonia. He entered the armed forces Feb. 5. 194-4 and received his training at Camp Crott, S. C. He served for three months In the European Theater of Oper· ali I and wu wounded in eeuee .

Sit. J. A. Riezinze" Jr.

S,t. Josepb A, Rlexlncu. sr .. lWenly·thro.. U. S. Army. diod Slpt 17. 1943 at M u r tree. bora. Tenn .• in II truck accident. Son or M,r. and Mrs. Joleph A. Rlexina:' er. 638 S. Plum St.. he enlisted o«. 11, 1941) K. was I member ot Memorial Prel' byterlan Church Ind before' entering the service was empiC)yed a I the Central Paper Box Co.

Technical Sg(. Don,1eI K. ,art. t .... .eotr-tbree, U. S. Arm Air Forces, was IClUod xev. 11. J942. when In

Army paratroop innspo,t plloe

crUhtd n e I r

Union. S. C. 'The plane \\'11 on I training night tram Mo· bile. AI a., to Pope Fi.ld. N. C. Slrt Swelaart. son of Mr. and Mr •.

Clayton S wei.

I I r I. 749 N. Franklin St., ~Ias

I ~or~e~~~~r en~fste~eln ~::



Pvt. Robut S. Usner

TIS Donold K. Sweigart


Pvt. Robert S. U.ner, C S. Army. son of Mr.

WilUam Usnu.

Nantron. 738. Lafayette St.,

of M r I. died Nov 10.

1943. a, the Wal· tee ReHi flo.pl· tal, He enltrtd the' servlce Jul,Y 17. 1943 and .... ,II lioned at tht Philadelphia In. duction SlIllon before his Illness A Iradult' of the McCasklY K'ih School. class of 194:2. he w .. employed at the Armltron& Cork Co., before hi. 1 ducttcn.



Lt. Luke Sauder

MIS Kenneth K. TreJwoy


Pvt. IitDl'), B. Aldlnlu. .we, U. 5 Army. Ion of Mr.

Mrs. Plul Aldin·

ier, Elizabeth· ...

town RD, died tn

1942 trom

natural causet

at Wen dover ~Ifiif!~!m~!'.

Field, Chicopee

Falls. Mu", Th, youth entered the service on Dec 28. 1941. and was stationed at severa 1 milh.r1 cimpi before Ir~ rlvlnl at weedeField.


Technician Fourth Grade An. PCC. Paul M. Raihl. twenty-ene, 50n o( J~nt a: :f~. ::d rA~" Walter Rallil. RI. died of natur-

al caule, on

Llyl. In the Phil·

ippine Islands.

Jan. 13. 1945.

Pvt. Ra Ihl en-

:~red J~~; le~\I~c: (No Photo

tralnod at var- A uailable) lou. campI throughout the

United Sta tes.

He arrived ever-

leu In the .um·

mer at 1944:.

Prior to entering

the teryice he was employed and later ~::J~~. ~owery. StTu-burl


P/~. PRill M. RniM




"I know the strain, the mild, the misery, the utter weat'lness of the soldier in the field. Alld I know his courage, his stamina, and his faifh in his comrades, his cOlmtry and himself. We are ·depelldillg 011 each and euerv one of you."

- President Truman in an addre •• (0 the armed forces, pril 17. 194".


Rl,hl - Stall 5,1.

Shrold. 512 Poplar 51.. th. Pacific area,



I LeU-PIr Morvin J. Aukoml' La prr Cn ••• I) n, der

Letl-Plc. Ceorge .\. Lorah. 32 Jr. 621 Hebrank 51.. ropofled Rockl"d S:. reported ml .. ln« S. Lime S1., reported ml."ln, In mi.hlng in Cprmln),: rrlurnfd to Grrm8n); returned to mllil

8elclum; relurn.d 10 mllhory een- mllilary central. leonlrOI.

Irol. IIlgbl-Plc. Aubroy WI .. man. Rlght-Sla!1 Sil. Paul

RI,bl-Plc. Coor,e McCann. 725 ~:~~;tll~e~~r.:.\edIOm::'l:rl!r~ ~:~: ~:~~.:~~~ R~~I~~~';;ledIO

,""'Ir.t St, reported mllSln, In Bel· trol. - control.

,lum; returned 10 mllilary conlrol. r---~--------------------.,I

Scmuet H. E .nder, Lelt -Ptc. Warton R. nd. Ad· L..:~ rated trom a Ger- amstown, liberated trom I Getman

man prisoner of war camp. prisoner ot war clmp.

Rilhl-St.U It. WIlUam F. AI· Rllht-Pvt. Clara.e W. Cockley, bright. Jr .. 521 Howard Ave .. Ilb- Ephrala R2, liberaled from a Ger. rrlted from a German prlloner oJ min prisoner of war tamp.

Jr .. 226 Lan ... ltr Ave., In the PaeWe area,

lUaht - CPr. Ch.rle. L. bltl. 519 W. Cheltnut St., in tho Pacific area.

L 11- laU SIt. S. E. Franlchau .. Lel'-LI. C. Sianley Albrlghl. Co- or. New Helland, Jiberaled from a

Ilumbia JU, liberlted trom I Gtt· 'Prl.oner o( war elm,.

man prliIJoller ot war camp.

Lell-Pvl LJlldls Brackbill Kin. RI,hl-Technlcal SIt. Fred A.

z~r. IIberal~d Irom a Germ~n' prJ.. RIRhl"-Pvt. Robert M. Shirker. Snavely. Lltllz, liberated Irom &

oner ot war- cam. ILlnCOln. liberated from a German Germlln prisoner ot war C!lm~

P I prisoner of war camp.

Rllht-S,1. Ed •• rd C. Wilmer.

Slr .. bur~ RI. liberated t[Om • ~

Jnplnese prtscner ot war

Rlcht - T.chnl.a I SrI. A L. Burkhart. Bowmansville, In, In the Pacllic are ••

Ltfl-Lt. Harold V. Willin., Quarryville, liberated from. German prteoner or war camp.

Right-Technical Sgl. Richard 2:.

Kendig. Millersville. lib_to led from a Bulgarl an prisoner ot war camp. I


Len-prc. ChArI.. M. Forry.

Florin. liberated Cram I Japan!.!

,t. Carl F. Ober. EI aabethtown R1, mlu1ns over AUltria.

Rilht - Le-on W. Weaver, UN.

Ephrata, miSSing in Java S e I naval enla,ement.

Lell-S81. Elwoexl Royer. Man· Len - Slatr ~1. Arlir.glon IV.I Lell-S~t. Jac~ 8. VO!!rr'ldn.1 helm, reported nilulng in Pruhp- Newkirk 6.'\8 East End Ave. re- 231 Juniata si.. reported ml53lng I plne,' returned to military controllPorltd mtw!!ing in Frilnee, returnEd'in North African area ; returned to

• 10 military control. military eeneet.

Rlehl- eeend LI. Sa01·,,1 R. . .• , Lell-Stall 5_1. .

Kendil. AAF. 423 Reynolds Ave" RighI-Cpt. Rob", c. BO .•• ...! Rlghl-Cpt. Riche d D. R a: hman. Lincoln. mluln, In s cucn r,eport!d mining over IIBly: reo 440 N, Prince t.. reponed nlIHI'\!:; Paradise, reported mlulng In Austria: returned to military

turned to military conlrol. in Italy; returned to military eon- rrance; returned to military COn",ltrol.

Irol. Irol.

Ri~hl-PI<. William B.

Columbil, milling In Germany; turned to miUlu1 control.

Right-PI e. Frederick Usn er. 738

Lallyetle SI.. liberated Irom JapRnele prisoner of war ca.mp.




"We depelltI upo» yOtt. who have knoum toar in all its horror. to keep this nauo» aware that ouly through cooperation among all nations can allY nation remain wholly secure"

- President 'Truman in an. address to the armed forces. Sept. 1, 1945.

Right-Second Lt. Robert B. Rllht-Plc. John C. 11:-0''''1 Zook. 512 Howard Ave., liberated Mount Joy. llberated from a Ger-I from a German priJoner of war man prll<lner of war camp.


Lett-SIt. John M. Shelrlch, Co- Lett-Technleat Sf!. Don.1Il

lumbia. released from a German Dukeman. Narvon R2. lIberated prisoner ot war camp through • trom .. German priloper .c W'P'

prisoner elCchan,e. C'lmp.


Left-Ph: George N Buzzendcr e. Columbia. liberated

priscner ot war camp.

fU,ht-Pvt Roy A. Armold. Rliht-Capf Jacob

Mayto w n. hber a ted trom I Oer- Denver. liber ated trom I

min pr+scner 01 war camp. prISoner 01 war camp.

Left-P,·t. Walter W. N e f f.

Pequea Rt. h ber ated from a Gtr.! Left - Sgt. Thomas R. Lefever.

man prtscner of war camp. 448 W. Orange St.. llber a ted

RIght-Tt'chnician Fifth Grade a German prisoner of war c a rnp.

Christian M Snavely. Jr .• Lititz. Right-e-Pvt. Nicholas G Krause.

11 ~rate-d trom a, German prl.lolltrl34 5, Lime- 1.. lIberated from of war c- -np. I a.,m." pd.onor of war camp.

Left-P~t. Geor,t' Leisey. Bart· Left-Pic. Thomas J. H a h n. Lt"tl-Lt. Donald Pieper, 341 Colville Rl, liberated Irom I German Bar eville RI. llber ated from a lpge Ave .• liberated from I Ger-

prisoner 01 war c,mp. Ger-man prisoner of war camp. man prtsoner of war camp.

C. Kiln, Right-Pte. Raymond C. Haldr.l Right-Pvt. Walter G. Knetaley. a man, 314 Mill St., llber a ted from a Conestoga, hbe r ated from a Ger-

German prtecner 01 war camp. man prisoner 01 war camp.








"The Gelleral. ever desirous 10 cherish a \ Vil'luOIM ambition ill his soldiers, as well as to foster and encourage every species of military merit, directs that when· ever any sil1gttlady meritorious action is perlo1'11led. the author 01 it shall be permitted to taear on his lacings, over his left breast, the ligr£l'e 01 a heart in pm·pTe cloth, edged with llQ1TOW lace 01' bi1~ditlg."



Pvt. Leroy S. Hallaeher, Colum. bla. in Germany.

Pot. Georg. E. Harl. 200 AikIn.

Ave., on Okill1awa.

Sufi sn. Rlohard H. H .... ville pike, 1n Germany.

Sal. John H.... W.,.bIJlII:on I

In Italy,


- Order of Cenerol George \Va hinglon Aug. i, li82. ereating the Purple Heart medal, now the decoration awarded for wounds.


H. Bathurat, Elizabetb~ Pte. Frank J. Cemiut. 138 Lau- 1028 WhnUBnd Ave.. In Plclnc Ave., in It.ly.

In Franee. reI st.. in France. area. Pvt. Robert Gantz. N. Cedar I

Sit. Gilbert 8eamesderter, Ptc. Millard Carle-s, Ephrata, In It. Allen R. Durborow. 222 LIn,. Lititz, on ~.Ipan. . .

In France. the Philippints. coin Ave., in New Guinea. . Ptc. lrwln B. Gar-be-r, Ltnu

. Clarence H. Bear. 100 N. .pte. Harry S. Carpenter, 822 N. .Pvt. Adam J, Dusel, Jr., 620 In p07rOanrd B G b Ll It

si., in ltl\.y. Queen St .. in European lheater.r. IFlrst SL. in Germany. In ;o'rtha~~rlca' ar er, t z

Donald P. Seek, Cctumble, Pvt. Edward F. Carpenter, 254 p\,!. Ralph Duvall, Wl1low street Siaft Sct. J~seph M. G.rber,

N. Pine St., in 8eJgJum. RI" In Italy. AAF" Elizabethtown In Southwe;st

A, Beecher, 334 E. Technical Sgt. Lester E. Carrl· _ Paciiic. . RI. wounded twice. \n Luxembcural

Leyte. .In. 6U E. Chestnut St .. in France. - E - PIc, Melvin Garner. Akron, In and Cermany.

Bealton Jr. 00· Ptc. Joseph S. Clrter. 448 New , _ _ _ _ ""-'_ in North Africa I Fir.st ,Sgt. Russell S. Hart,

I , Oorwltt. St., in Itlb'. Pvt. Richard. Baby, 342 N, """-'Xe , __ . Liana. in IGermany.

soe S. Pvt. Paul E. Carter, 430 North si.. In France, A:ntcSt WI:~·~IE~'eGut, Jr., J30 S. Teehnieian Fifth Grade

St.. In Germany. , . Pvt. Clifford D. Earhart, Man- pe'e. 'Georg,e S. Gehr Ephr'll C. Hartman, Moumvltle, In

Jr., Ret. Pte, Jacob G. Carlon, IColumbla. heim. In Itilly. R3, In France. • many.

in O~rma~3" b Pvt. Paul Earhart, 756 Fremont Robert H. Gelhard. USN. 611 Pte. Herb~rt Hnrman. 327 In Fifth Grade- Robert T.

. Millersville. in G:e~cn s~~:ernat6e;~~r~y~ cne. 551 St .. on twe Jlm8. ~1arjftta Ave .• In SiVO Island nli- Stpc~~l ivt:b~~:~ R. Hartrandt, New Ronand. in Ger-

108 Ho ...... rd Pvt. mcnnrd E Cooper, Eph.. Pvt. Ken.neth E. Ebersole, ElIza- val ~ngal~ment. N LIme SI.. in France. Charles Johnlon 153 E

ra ta. In Luxembourg. betfue w n, In Germany. to~p~o;olrl~ ~e~r!~~Zlfr. Washing· Pte. WIlli, li."r\"ey. Jr., 33 St .. in Germany, ' .

John L. Columbia Pvt. Wilbert M. Coldren. 764 Ptc, Robert D. Eber-sole, Llneu- Pvt. Melvin w. YGentz:ler, 32 Frederick SI., In France. Norman E. Johna.on, 5&9 N.

twice Poplar St., In Germany. ter R3, In Gtrmany. Sh St J B I . Cpl. George A. Heun, Drumore. St in PbilJppinel

G. Bender. Mount ptc. Wilson V. Chamberl. W1110w Pvt. Chlrln L. Ebenole, 683 ;~r·j8 ·c nGerb::umElizabeth North Alrica. Ptc. AI'ron H. JOhnlon,' ss., WU ..

Strut Rl. In the Philippine.. FaIrview Ave .. in Ita1r_. town' on YLuz'on' - StaU Sgt. B. Franklin H. u n, Street RI, in France.

D. BenedIct, Jr .. ~ Pte John P. Chamberlin, 6S6 1-2 It. JlmH Eckert. Columbia, in Pvt Edrw.rd 'Ger.f.int Columbl. Peach Bottom. on Okln........ W. Jehnsttn. liMp',

Spruce St. In Germany. E. Walnut St., 1n Germany. Corsica. In Fr~nce ' 'PIc. Do11ald S. HaU'tnltefn, aytown. on 1 ..... 0 Jima

Firat Lt .. Bayard E. ~rlhaul, a::'~'a;:,hn A Charle., Florin, 10 PIc A)bert D. Eckman, Larn:as· Slatt Sat. Henry H. GerlitIltl, 689 lu~,~iI, ~~!r~;:nYT. Normln J. Jordan, fO Sb~

USMC. Marletta, on Guadah:.nIlL Clair J Chartel USN New ter R2. in Italy. Poplar St. France. SMC 232 \V K' St man St., in France.

Ptc. Rlehard Berkh,~lser.' Man~ Providence RI. In~~uth Pa'eltlc. _Pyt. Herbert \Y. Eckman. Quar· Cpl, John Oerstenlauer, Ephrala, PWICl! On GUddalc~~:1. ., Ptc. Ed'.\·.rd P. Judith. 730 HIlh

helm R3, wounded Iwtee In Ger- Pte. J. Robert ChaNn. Washln,. r,)vlne RI, In PacifiC area. ~ In France. . .. Plc_ Clartnc:e R. Heen. 125 Lin. 51.. on S!nk.

many. ton Boro HI wounded twIce Inl Pvt. Kenneth R. Edg!U, Wub Ptc. Melv1l1 C. Cell, Ephrllta. 1 St I F eo Pyt Raymond Judith, 730 BIID

Cpt. John R. Blee:hler. Llnellt!f France Ind Bellium 'Ilogton Boro, in France. in South'Pacitic. eoCn 1 thn I ranW' H d I k 666 s., In France.

Ri. In france. II'IC' William A. child, Par.dls.. .Cpt. Eugene L. Ehrbart, 8.3 Technloi,n Filth Grade Roy Olb-II' ~. 51·rI0·1I I' • r C s. Pvl Paul V. Jud)'. Balnbrld,l

PIe. Fred W. Blgl!r, Jr., Colum, 1 I I Fifth St., ~D Germany. ble, Mariella, In South w 'elt Pacllic. op ar .. nay. RI, In li·nnte.

I, in G~rmln,y. n 1'~~YGltnn H. Ghrlsl 1181 Maple Pic. Harry G . .EIchler, Florjn, In PIc. Arlhur H. Gibble, Manheim SIN:lt~1 Lin H:!~~J. USN, WIll'WI Pvl Clair E. Jumper, EUzabeth.

'A1:ut~de~I~~,~:~ ~I~~:~~ine, Lititz. AYe., European ar~I" Fr;t~~~' Sgt. Walter K.. Elnle, Co. R3p~( ~el~~:n%' S. Gibble. Man. ~Vel. E~rl E.- Hehnty. Reams. to","O R2. In France.

Ptc La¥o'renc~ Sisking 511 E. PIc. William F. Clrunl. FruitvIlle lumbia on Saipan helm R3 in Fra ce jtown, In Gerrruny. K

. si., in Fra-nce: IPIke, In South PACifiC. N Firat' Lt. Hl'rbe~t S. Elin •. 917 vt« Richard C. GlUel, '131 Frt. n«. Charles D. Heisey. Lanc.,· - -,

L BlUer, 82e S. PVI. Samuel K. CUU, 321 • W. Walnut St. _in South Paclfie. ment St .• In Germany. ;er RI. In France.. . Lt. WIlliam H. Kachel, Jr •• 138

~a~~OUjo~~' j~. Gec~~:;. Jr.. Pvt. William Enck. Akron, In Cpl. Harold Gillu, 731 Fremont Plc_ Arthur E. HeIsey. Elizabeth- E. Chest.nut St.. in Germany.

E. Blac:!k, 805 N. g I ItalY. St .. in France. town RI. In Eur~pean theater. Ptc Richard Kahl. 510 Howard

US~C. 337 1·2 E. Fullon si., on Pvl. Roberl D. Enck. LItitz RI, Pvt. Homer H. Ginder M.nhe-im Ptc. Earl D. Heuey. Mount JOYIAve., ~n Germany.

E. Blank. (hip. In Okp~:W~h.r]u E Creek Colum. 1n Germany. . R3. In France. ' I R2. Y.loun~ed twree, In Cermany. Pyt Rob!!t B. K!lutiman. C0-

bia thre times in North Atrica. Pie ClaIr. ElslAger. Columbll, Harotd Oirvin, USN. Lititz, Phil. PIc. Richard HelSelman. 5281umbla, In It.ly.

W. Bllnkeomytr. Frince lend. Germany. wounded twice In Ne ..... Culnea and Ippinu INorth 51, on Cebu 80 Pte. William ~ .. KluUman. COIl ..

Germany. S t. Houston Crews. 450 N. Mar. Luton, • Pte, Sumner \V Clfvin. Kinzers Thomas .M. Hriller. USN. '4 utoga RI, on ~lnlan.

nllon R. Blanlz. Mount k 1 CSt F I SIt. John Eple-r. Ellubethtown. RI wounded twice In France Hebrlnk S •.. In Paelfie area. I S:.tt SSl. Rlcbard KauUrnan.

France. ep! .• /anct.. A C 860 In the Phllippioes. S Frank B Ci'attac e. M Pvt. Charlel HemUng. S e b e e- Ephrata. in Germany.

William H Bleacher QUit· e. I ames . ross: Sit, Rudolph M Erb, sr.. Ellz· 'J I I ,,-, ay· neck, in France Sgl Wayne R KauUm.n

m L' . N. Manel 51 .. South Pacilic. abethtown. on Mlndan.o. Ito"",n. n t. y. Cpl. J WaIter Hempe rly, 510 W USMC M h' Rl' Ok! !

PI~loH. 81~~i, EliZibetb~ Sit: Thiddeul Martin Clark. Newl Ptc Stanley B Esbe!lshade. Benjamin L. GliCk: seaman sec- Lemon St .. in Cerm.ny. jlvt.' Ke~~e~~mW. k~~k. Bn:i:~

R2 In Ital . Pr-ovidence R1. In France. Bird-in-Hand. In the PhilipPines ond d.u, Kreadyvllle, in South Pvt. Raymond Hempe:rly, Mount· brIdge, In Italy.

, Y hln E SlaU 5gt. Harold IV, College, PI. Sylvln G Eshl.man LltIt. PacWc. vIII. In Pranee P I. L wi K II N rl n d

Pvt. Henry Blume.. e. f12 . EII .. bethtewn, In Luxernboueg. Re, I'''r' . Lt. John K. Glover, Ellzaboln. .; >:,"h n' H.I 'h R.I .•.. v •• eu, ew 0 In , In

ftaii l)\. ill fTl'i1co. _ .. -..... . .... -~.-. -. "'. Ii. .... ~Ii.~, , - .•. ..... .~t. t:lf •• u. HifIIOl!'irr ••• ',,"'lli. Itll

PIc. Lfoa1cr A eo... 547 E Fr~~e~e~obtrt L. Combs. HtDUL in Pie. Roy Elhlemln. Lancal1er IQC:~rf::1~ rc~(~:~~t~~/rlffl~m.n ho'ds B1. in France, :;:. H ward L. XIJlfr. Co!um..

010 Iftut S!. In Germln" PI &d d T C d ltI2G N RI ,n Fron... b I I Z3I E f td k S PIe. G ,0 M HendrICk •• "I boo III tn Phllippln ..

Pit. Ed In Bolt. Elu::.M1hlOWD, Prln~t 51 .. :~ Gtrm:~ .. on.. _ ,. Rltl'iIN C. Elbltmln, U4 I:Jpa~it~II:·tM.ltr r trlr I .. Otl~fr • In Fr.lIee PV1. WtlM G. KrUer, LtrIX RJ.

ound til ... Um ... n KoUlnd Pt. Uo;'d H. Co",'" IW I-ah E Ch~'nul I .• 10 HoUlnd _ Ptc. J'ohn E. Co.honluer 121 PVl. Thom.. HoWon. ChMI' I. lillI,

lind t.lce 1ft Gtrman . tSt~- ... - t jU- In ~rm n PIe. ohn O. £.h,lman. Lene .. · ~ etO l,. .. jl) IGtrmlD1_ ,- '~I RI. 1n France. Ptc. lAQA O. KeUtr. .,.,...,.

l'tt. Samoal lOll, II'r7' 51011 DI.", Coo I n P Ie'-' Pf.<. Amo. JL Good, Ntw Hoi. It. CII"n .. R, K.nll. lI.am.· oundld I .. ,.. In "ro"u.

IVlllo liS In Froneo pbro I. In rnJI... .r ao, r G E Illomln. E .. I I.nd. In hilT 10 "'. In Fronc.. Pv. Wilbur O. KeUor, UtiLi RI.

PYI. wlnl .... R. -,tr, 1025 I.lt SIt. RIo Ird H Co,I. 1 £UI/I. In Phlh~'"". PC •. WillIam H Good EUubetli. pt. Waller I H •• ,.,., P.radIM, "''OUodtd In llal7 Ihr" tim ...

!l1' tuball Au .• JI) niU. E Orin,. .. In German,. • PI . Ltro1 L VI 1'1'. Blr,vill I to.'n, Oft I Jim..' 1n Cittman7 PVI. Knl R K.ller. LUlu. 1ft

Gor· PVI. Henry C. BoNl .... "' Roct· Pvt. Ro,n Cra.toNl, Columlll., In 1111,. , , PCc, G r,. W. Goodbort. Jr, _ Pvt, Paul. He.r,. 11'11111"1 • Europ .. n Th .. "r ot 0.., .. 110 ..

prlllOner ot "'It ,"mp. Iud S~. In North AIrt .. , In Fro,I''', C.pl. Dh~d J £ •••• , 300 N !IlO Third St.. In Norlb Alrl... B.ro, In N.r,~ AIrln, Roberl Ken,. Mltlol{l, In Ulb

SI. Ru.nn E. BOrd ... Epblltl. Cpl Cnnvlll. Crolbera, It Irk. Quttn I., '..,nded Ih .. c II",... Cpl. John F Corr •• hl. '20 E PI •. J RUII.n Hon",. H.I GOd Plt,fic,

Siekman. ,., Frlt'iu. . In (i.rm.oy In Au.tl"ta. Bel1tum and Germ .. n . Chutnut S1. In Gttman,. R2. in 1t .. 1,. Ptc Addl on N KtU". LanCl~

• a<rm,~ PVI. G.or,o L. rder. 2211 How· PI." JI"'" W. CIImml",., SU'tI •• G PI •. ~fOfll. BWI £,.rharl. n. I PI. II'ltll~m ao.~nl. ,hral.. Pt., J J.~omo Hor,.nrolbor. lor R4. In Btilium

lird An. in Gumln,. bUr". tn hll,. r.nt ,n t Ilum. _'ound d , ... let, on 1.'0 Jim. Ir.d Jr, U \tCI 5.' N p,ne t, on p\·t Robert M ,Kendi,. US S.

Pte. Frork B Bornholdt U IC. PI. J,hn F QJmm n" Pan. F Oklnl.. , ... Jlml, Q,le.n 51. '" Fran ..

21 .. Ptlnttll A\it. In P.cft.c: Ir~. d t RI. on lAY'c .• - - SIt. Hurl" Cub. C'ohlm ,J. In Lt Elmer 8 H,"mln, E ".be h· PIc. Oarlta J Kffn. 517 E tuJ·

Pte WU'Tfn , So,,·mln. 8.u. RDbt-rt 11.. C"nnlnahJm. US '. P t Willilm K Fahlln .. r. £111 C..,mlnT. Lown. 'n 11.1, lon Sf. 10 8el~lum

8111. in rnntf 1 . .lHlcut,r RO I.., . utb Picil C. P.lersburl In Cum.n • Ptc Robert W CratU. Re.tton. pre Ar' .If F. Htrmlfl. Lint ... · PIc. J ! «'ph t. Ketn. U1 !: Wa,...

Pvt. MarUo H a.o .. 'mln. Denyer PIt: IAmut: L Curran. stl N SII CharIt E Faile %37 N in l..ux.mboUf, ·e'"' RI. n )'td.tftrtne.an Iltl. . n St, nded tb"u :,m~ IJ)

RI. In Europe.n Ihutu P urn St..,. ndt"Cf lWIC" In 0 t- Chtn, t_ in Oermln)' PVI Donald L Grahlm. Min. PIt Aid I H.tr, Holt ... ·ood RI, In . t.I~, Franrf', rd Cr,many

Cpt 0. Vu:lor Bower, * Hind mit)". p\,t Br~no PamllarI: UO Yo' hfim RI, in 8.I.tum. Norlh AtTiCI. Sit Ed 'Ird W. Krent. Jr .• Ell ....

Au. onl '0 Jlml _ Lemon I. In Otrman, , Cpl. Ceor,t' W. Cr.m. Columbll. py" Dona.d Ufrr. GOldor.· aaw'tUo n. in PICIIlc arfl.

P't' John P BoYd'n, Columbia.. _ D _ PIt Cllir Funadu, 4' W ,v.; 1n Franu villf. In lilly, p\., EdWin 0 Kunll'n. 21 S.

In Fr.nu. ,51. In Cum.n.,., Pte t)anald W Gnul. LlUtJ. on L' II d H Ht r 4\1 .. '. :. OIrjJu.~_. t. In &.1,lum _

PI •. Cbarl •• E 80 tn. EII.a· Cpl Harry J Dlb fro ~ B Vet "John 5 f'llInlthl. Jr .. !;pII. Iwo J,"'a I, In 1111,., P,·I. N.lhan K.ndl" Jr. 8ail>-

Delh,g n 1R3. in Patltlc, art'l I • In Btl.lum ratl, In FUM'f P..,t Mlarl Gray. Columbi •• lD 11. D< r. d Hur. COlumb11 brt<tat, :n Itll,=

Pic. Aubffl W SO"lo •• lJSMC. p,.1. Wtlhlm E. D.· nor. Jr , I Jobn fel"'r U N fila w "rl"" Rt. In 1t111 I. Am.r Jo: KlncIJ,. 41 ......

Rl "brld .. e RD, Oft Slipln. Cr~'I.l SL In enman,. Jam!s St .• ~ 'Oklna~i. Ptt. Clifford R GrlyI>H'. Z3 Pv LIQ)d Hen, Columbia. m n\ '. In £u,ropean thutu.

Ptc. Albert R 8o .. lu. Ronk. PVL Charltt L.. J)anntr. ~r ~ Pit. Ch.rlu M. FtUenb.um. Chtltet 51 • 1ft Cuman, F~IJ'!('f p,·t Wlrren Ktndlil. 14) N_ CoD-

Rl. in C,rml""l· _ C rdon\;llIe. In 8fl,lum. Ephratl. In ItI)Y. Robert Cra;yhtll. U N. Manhtlm, L.I. Hf'I,.n Hrrr, AN • JCjrk. tord SI,. in "n~ct _

, I ", Ii.n,.,. H Bord, Allnholm. Cpt J >lin a. Dlvfl, 1'1... H \ S Corl F."olnlor. ,P,,"d! 0 In PIClfic Irer • • 10 Froo.., CpL JICoO B; Klthl. Z3I W. WI1-

_oundfd , .. ice In Brlilum. lar:d In G,.rmany RD. n l1IJ,. Ptt Paul Craybill_ 23 Chtt. PtC'. l..for ,. Htrr~ Of1ti. Oft Lu- nut St., In ~or.h AlraCl.

Cpt Rubtort C, Bo)'~r. 4-40 N It. John W. {)fat Jr. 331 p\.t Lt tff R Ftrn.ler 21 E lll, t. 11'1 Fn"tt I."n p\·t. CfOrlt Kiehl, W ILDcu.t St ,

IIUG"·ICktr. Prince XL. lit Nortb Africa, PI • S!., In France, V.nf I in Cerm."y • . p\.t. OIV d Gra\ltr. 11 Purl 51. Stitt SCI, Oror., 1Ilnht,. Glp, In CirrmlnYh Xlohl. _.

I rnnl" EnSlIn ,",om.. J. Bnd h .. ,t. ,lit. AmoJ J On".r. LaMlster 'Plc t:1 In .--Itlf Iltitl In PI. n .... ranC't " l..uxe'n1bourl, PCe. RIC Ird r -

II .... m~' .. r. Philippine.. ,RI. n ."UflU eltl~ ir •• ' r,.. PVI &I\'in Gretnaw.h. 1M 5t Start ., Cllf' ttr t.. Htllhty. Lincoln St.. In Ftlnu

Jljtrtol, Ronnbnl PVI. AU.n .• 8r.ndt. Mlnhtlm 1'\'1. Charlt'. S Dun, lOS South- Plcf.cbael J FIl~ndro(k. 5 N Julfph. t, In I .. ux.tmbouf' 311 Nt JI.)Ulnd AVf., In O"r· ~Yt. J Jo~nl~' F. K.UbJ', QuIrI'1~

t mi. O"rlll:u, ft.J. In Fune. fI-' Au. hI Itlly. _ Wlttr t In AJlllle Irt' _ ,I n.rrl Crt' nbtql:rr, I~ ITIln~ V1 t. n t I u.m.

ramp. . PVI. Clrnn C. Bnntman. 'TU Ptt J"r~er,ek J Dtlfl,) 717 l! Re;wrt""L. Fln,ft. U. N. tl8 W abtubto.n. In Frane, •• ~yt Din G 1fu.hey. 2·4-4 W ptlc. ~,ch.r~n~' 'iWlan, .,. M,

• FOllrth St. "''''''hdt'd t Ie. In ,!almJl " 'oundfd 'wi t. 1n r.rmun -t., In P."lt.C rn, PIC', Prf'.lun N Green~r. USMC. K\nl I.. In ILl!)' _ umft S· IJ It.. Kf 121.£

I FranC'if ~nntt .nd (itr",.n, - P-'r Cllir C Fi .. estonf Wetl1 N Quttn I.. on alpin, Pte R rhlrd t: H r bey. 14' t. It .mu Ga. •

Cpl, Charlel E. BrlarllU 1 .. ln· PH .Iouph DtMon. M. 641 WinO', n le.I):. ' Cpl. C,rll A, Gref'n)l. Cvlumbll. lI,mllton . t, n .""ranee IA;W~ ~. In ~trK,·OY·Sm

cuttr RI. In p.t:!te .".. g.,e Erd A\'f' , In Pariflt Ina Cpl Chlrlu L rllbe" lIM 'In }'rance Tf'("hnlClan Jllik Grad. IAonard vt a! t'J .nl, ute

Pvt Harold K Brlntltr. £1111' . PIc. Che'l_~r A Den\lu, MllIuI" Situn ••• ,n ,th'A"l PIC':lit Ttchnlcal.1 J.rob G Or"r HUlhfr, JU Manh,lm Au·, In t Pt In ~ ','1 l. Ki USMCR.

_______________________ -1. bfotbto.·n. ,n 11111 \1111. On 1"",.. PIC' JOhn t: f'l.hrr, 124 Jllck- U MC, Col.mbll, il"l PUlt.:lt ttl.1 Cfrmany _ _ Ell1~:bt'h.:r,~1 "B Okl~:' 'I' ,

I Pvt Jlarr J Brook •• 30 S Wa- Cpl Hubert J?tr'illn.n, 8118 W .on ~ I In Fnntf, I.r . P\I Rn, Hrrl 00('11:. Pequu Rt. P ,. 'toe! K: h r 102 C 1

a A 'Ir 5t In Jlaly. Wllnta "In" ran~" tlU t Dlnttl B Fl' el lin. Cpt Ift.nry K Grllner. U Ie, fl Gum.n)" . vl r. pp 0 D, on

- ftc - - - - Staff It R bUl K Brookl, 130 , P\l Ed ard J 0 Imood. 110 N be'lm. 11\ Iy~ !'tee • [:IIUNlhlo.'ft. Inlh .. 111 PI· Cpt WII: •• m HCII. C..> ;,m,bll .tt t pI/lin 2:~~~~!"Albert rtbou. 312

Lainu.tf't county men In lhf bll RI, ''\I \rlec1 U"tt ,n f"r.nu ... Vlnf' ••. , In Cr.-m.ny. Mul~rr1 S ,In Frlflc.. rtt, Chltle. A FUuf'r, 5allun •• CUlt Itlt)', Ch 5t n I an

., :eel t"rC:II rf'!),)rlld "ou.nded I"d 0('. man.) Sit Jtrry 8roolo. nl E WII· Pvl. Char Ie. Dtfl lu. Ironvll!t~ In Ct'rm.ny Pvt. C.orlt. 0 Grtjner, '783 p" Edw.ln J, 11. I. Puch Bot. C:l.~ 'H 0 K • ~ . USN lOS

In o:ld War Il I.r,: Cpl RI ~ard C. Aul!;,mp. 27 E nUl S • )n Lux.mbour. in Norlh Aftltl. p\,' John' A rill It III E Hllft 5t, In Funu tIm flD. 1'1 (if'rm_",. ~ Jlr!~ Sl ~rr. pt.r, e '11

Farnum !iiI. ~n Ftann PIc Wllh.m R Broumln. £111 It Chlrln ]!)foVtrt"r, ,417 Bra- Vtn-f' !. In Otrmlny, PIc. E.rl C. OrJllal", T.lm.... Tf'chnu: •• n Fitlh Grid, 1I1,on PI 0 R mor;d; KJ~e trl-tu'&,

p,., Philip F' Abtl. 121 Btl tr PI Gt', R A k U MC Elrl. P.reflc .rtl • Vir 5t. on Luton. PIc. Rlthard. llltrltn., Adam,' In Lulon. B Hell, Jr. Mtltlrl\IUt. Ln B,I· Q!JftC~ S~'ln FfI~u '

,'. in C~'rm.n,., c r~f, ~ I",:,P. • , Ttthn'dln Fourth Crade Lt' ',I Pvl. Charlt. F Dfv'rttr, 432 to.'n Inl Tranc. Cpt Rlch.rd Grim. Pelrl L IUm. •

St.U SII William J Adllr, Jr .. "11,. trect RI, on 1 0 Jim.. . 8ro~'n. ,8lrt\,ll1e RJ~ a:oundfdIBt'\'fr ," in Luxembour,. SII lIurr L. FHek, 133 Minor in l'rlnt'. lilt _ .1. a.ar~fI 1Il_ lltal, ue Pte. John H Kitch, BroWlUto~

11 Clrohll"l SI. In Lu.xtmbour,. p\ Warrtn L. Vln Aut,n, Jll'l Ice In t..u'Xemboflt! and Gum.n,. Ptt, ",II,llm Devo~'hlrt. 3H E. I .• -~ ~nd_Pd 1",ICI", In (itrm.n.1, Ptc Frank H Crimm, n,ltlld •. Cor.l SI .. In "'r.nte. In Franct. G H l( J II: E b!-

Duke I., In C~rm.nl. Pt(. H'J •• C. BroWft. 31 S Lime Ch~ .nul , .• 1n AUIt. a Ptt Ralph F Flor E IIrata ID In Germ.ny ". W:lllim V Htu. KirkWood. FIrJl. Lt. t r,. t e. p

SIl. J.eoD Ad.ml, .RothIVIII., rn Pte. RI,mond Auh, Ahnhflm. SI .. In Franct Pk Ro rt D.cttleh, O.nver Rl F'ran~~ ., y. P , Lt. CrOrl' M Orott. Slrallburl, In Jir.r.t'f rltl. jn Franc ...

Frlnc:t .. oundtd Iwitl In Bel. um Pvl RUllel1 Eo Brown. 23 N. In It,l,.. JO.ltJ)h Flowtra InmaD tIrsl In h.ly PIC' Jubn H~ Ik, 4.21 HfCh -,. Pft. ,d E KUtinler 841 rtru

Pte. Carl J( Adami, N Nul· p\'t OKt .. It.. AU'lln !SU .E Plum St, In Frann. Ad.m JC D:.m. Jr. 11t Ea" tla ••• 1200 E. Orin •• St. In P.. p\'1. JOltph W Groa, Qt.laM",' on Okl" I I Pt'P ~tri~ir. 4.' W r td

'berry 51., In Franc.. KI . " John M. 8ro ... n. USN, Columbll, End Av •• In Eurol:W'ln IT.a rifle Vltlf RI Glrm.n, I.rt .'1: Hor.n JlIII. J03 I! t..r IDf. ,r.,...

PIt'. WurfH Jo~ AdamI. R'.ml· "I 1., ounded t~ICt In f'rancf. tnl i\lo 1 l.nd n.vll fnl.,fment. Ptt. W.rren K l)J.lhf'r. 2% N lIirr, A Floyd naman flr.1 PIc R,clIard ... Cirott. Nne f"redfrlde • 1 .n Grrntlny, Ilt~~t.~ ~n ':hlll~n ... pI dl a1

WD. III Belclum Tt'c}·nl~.1 S~t. Of"xler A~I.'orlh. C~1. Willard BNblker, 811,1f' alII. Frankl1l1 .I'j In C"rmln, '('I. t. r.,.lumbia. 1ft uth Pulrie POln .... In ..... r.nee Sllff SCI. Thorn .. R 1111 ton. _ t, 0 rt ne, ra.. ,

Pic Kfar.t'lh Adllr, Ephra,. JU.311 t .. K.lle I .• In Gtrm.n,). In SOuth Pltlhe, PVI Louis DJI,raJamo. _ Lo- Pit, IIlrry D orUf. 121 COlli Ttchnlcnn rltlh Cr.d. U.r\·t)' Y.nhilim R2. In Onmlny. ID It,,I,r. J Kt An lD

in !tIl,. I B PIt. C.orlt F. 8ro .. ~. Denver 'u L ·t. tn Fran(f. l. .n HII, A. Grott, Jr. .Iunll. In Burml r'le. rlu d £ ItHton. rllUln., PIt. \\tlbur opp. OD.,

Pt~ GlfOr.t Albert. Jt. l'C\MC. - - RI. 1111 Cermanr Pvt. John omlle. Jr. 411 A.llln· Cpl lAo t.r 0 Foulkt l.r .. bur. PVI. El1l~orth L.. Crott. QIII"'y, ... oundf'~ I.,IU In Fran,tt. C";Jma~'lt t G )tr!II.II, Coat ...

Columbl. 'Aoundfd thrn Imll. PtC' r 8 h 1 Ptt Chlrlu W. 8rOttll, Q.Jarry· I~ A\·f". in 1111,. n 11~1) '. VIII •• In t-nner ~It H.)'11'IoNi IIlpplf', USMC. t • t •

Oft .Ip.n." "I.n ~nd I J~It"I •. Chur h t ain ft'r."t!C n In. III Yilt ... tn Qt'rm.,lY. Technlca) S.t Rlchlrd 5 Dlnll-· Pvc t.lo),d Frad,., Jr. hrle1l1 P I. DIYld D GroU, ~ W Lem. EIllOlMlhto'An, 'Aound d t let on to~~, lnM .~.11 ~,!!.FraJ~~t·N Mul ...

Lt'o WAil. m. li S, Columbll,' p\'tf P.ul E Bra n. (,ann.tfr min •. 4,\ \\T Kin. 81, In t.u'Xem·, in E'ran('e ,n St .• n Bel.lUm -alpan c. f \10 . P. '

..1 0 JtlT'll _. JJ P\'t. Klm.r II 811r. Jr, 1.. 1£ R.. In Italy bour, Pvt III,o'cl L Fnflll: Ntw 1101. tlti II. Aaron J Grotl. QlJar. Plt_ 0.1111 llirnf~ tn. Rtlnholdl, bfpr1 s~'I,·n P~lt~ If' •. bu I

Ijr H S.hon A'b'"'l.ta', ~r. '~Jon _ t In Fnnu Pk Elrl Brublker. W ,lin f Lt. Arlhur B Dod,t. Jr, ... E I.nd •. n Hllr,·· r)'yill,. In Cermany I" 0 rm.1n). . vt ••• m oc: ~ r., r" It

... C. C..,lJmb.l. oundtd I :C't P\I "toru SILr. Jr, JU E ,."'!.- A\t', tn 1111),. Orlrllt ., .oundiHI "\Iet In Pvl Dllt E rrttmln 420 Nt.. PIc. LeJter C. Croft LAneu., PIC' Ch ... tfr H Ulrnthf'n. Eph· Ii ranee K hI ... R

." 1';'0 J,t"' ton .1. In ."nnu .1"~ ~II. K,.n.nt'b N BNCot,317 1111.11, Hollind AU' 'In C.rmln Re in rrantt. • •••. In Gtrmlr 7 Ptc Hum.n Of tf, ey..

PIt' ChICIf'1 Alii ~n. W \\1 buf U 811r, .nm.n ttl nd Old D.uph~n t. ""OiUndf'd , .. Ice In PIt Clrl Oombatb, 30&1 81:1"'r PIc. Chart~. T. Fritdtf~' III S Ptt, CI.rdt F. Grubb, Flatu\. In PIc Charlr, R, Hotl. Jr .• LIlia, nold. A\'t, in FranCl,

Franklin S', on Lf'1tf dUI. l.ancu.f"r. In • 10th Plcll c. Italy Ind F'rancif.. S~ "In rann. Prlnct . n Oklnltlli'. Qumanl. in Cerma.ny. Pvl. Charles E. Kolb," UnlOD

p\'l lIrk AN,oun, ;f\·~n., in p\ I Olvut 8.~nolt. 411 Can· Pte Ltro Y. Buchter, StfVtn. Pte. Lloyd Dflmblch. Jr., L,-an· PWL l.fRoJ' It. rtf" Ndlsville. Pvt. Rlch.r,d E. Gru~, Lane,... p\'t. W,lhlm f' Holtfr. "(In-- t. rlllUm.

an(t, ~ rd I I. In "ranct Rt. In Btl.tUm cntfr RI, In Franc.. .n Fnnu ' 1.r RS in North Atrlc.a. hf'lm. In efrmlny J"l. Elmer Kopp, D«.nvlr R2. 1D

pre Jim ... W Ahhou f. ·.\t'ns, PVI Robert M 811mf'r IU~,,'C, Pvt Vnnon H Bucher, Ho~· rlt: Chlrlu C Doman .Jr .• 332 prc raul A Ji'rn Jr U Me PIc Altrtd Citumtlll 8arl In P\'l I.rf'chth R lIottmut.r, fll'lnCl! _ J R

Gtrmlnr· '''''In.' ~ \ In 1I0Ulh PaCif,C' lind. In Gtrm.ny S QJtrn St.. in f'rann • Columb, ... "I 0 Jlml' , t.ux,"mbouu ,. 141 t: Kln£ S' on O&ln ... ·• p~(' Plul KraIt, r, umllowa,.

p\.. Jo"n 8 Altmll'l. E K n. p\' "lUte H Blndy, 231 re'en PIt' C;'.phfn Suehfr. Ephrata, Cpl nter W O.;mmfil 21 S PYl John Frr BllnbrKl,e Cpl. Emm.nu.1 J C.UlO, U, Me. _ t. Hl.h II Uti dtn. Jr. 218 E InLI.II~d J K LitllJ:

5t "I'll, ,r Itl;, ncleO 1 :u, tn france and G,P \111bfot ,51 In G.rrfuln" RD In Fn"~f' US Chrlltl.n SL In Plh~lf • Irjfl ._1·Uhn . I •. n C.rm.n\" .. t. I:.t wm tlin., ,

Crl C.rl Am,nl, \1 1O,\llIt Pte. Rno..rt L 8anu. UI E. man)" PIt. In tph A Onnnl'U), III P'¥I lofroJ' Fr7 Bro""nuo n tn Pte. C Ibtn OUlf un"_ N.. tan It. Jo rpb N H arlh, 41' f rancrw t K. 114 N Pln.

in Gflrm "1 lit ~~I S .. n Frantf, Capl. IUc:h.rd R Buthtr. U le, R~kl."d t, In 11.1". Nt. tOI hllnd. • HoU.nd, in runef. \\' K ttl t. ~n lIalr. .t. a tff' rauu.

2nd !.t. I.or •• "lIdorson. SS PI. John T 8 .. t." a, III. 121 C~II,". "vo. on I ... Jlml, Pt. Rlcbard J Oonn,ell,., 131 ~"hn" In """rlb Grode RIIPhl I Jo •• ph lIolonlosler. USN. Co· IT 'o;.Jron·;'llth C <I AId ... P

Wuhln,'on t. In f'rlnn~ t .ound" 'AICt, In Ual, and tltt 11 WIUlam S 8Utlt.'IUtr, RO('kland ., 1ft! Bfllium. T Frill. RtlfYl_jtown. 1ft FUM,. _ H _ lumbla. 'n Soulh Plf:lrJC. tCd e~:u I ri Rl .ound:

Flnl Lt Rf)btrt C And.rJon. U Ii finn. .. Lancaster R ... In Ftl.ftu. PYI. Robut Dor .. :ut. W S. PI J A... F R lhsvlt cpt J~ H )l1lol,r, UoUln,er. Kt'l er, ow ree , _

.. "In,lon St , In Q4'rnllny. C;lltt ft, RlcbU'd I Slrlt.y, Ptc Robt'rl Buduhelm. Colum. Prlnu 51., on h~tw CatteSonla. I e, IY f)'m7f'f, a J I, Pvt. Irll W Hambleton, Ptlth .·Otlndrd ICt. 'n fo'nnct td t Ice ra Fr.nct .nd Otrman!.

Pic. E.rl C .... rdor on. 1137 N · .. h nCt.., Boro RI. I. Frant. bll. In "ranto, pr. John W Dou,hull. Jr. InrJ.I:nr~hrman U S ."Motta BoItOM, In E.I'6p*I.th .. t.r Pvt. E.r1Hom ••• 'orlil, LltIt •. I. K TO~hnlt~~ntF~ ~~'8:r-:::: .

'Iu", 1. ~n OK,· I • It. WlIUam t .. B.rd. Jr, Dfn· PYI Adlm - rd Dtnytf R2. In II pt'lar:d, I Manll." . _'ounclNf a!WI InJ~rtd to':Jt lImn'~ PVL Jlcob H Iltek." r., Lh.tI f"nnn. Tre, hU' r 'Flttb C .de Do~ald

Ptr R:lbbt C "-."iIrn n, $13 \\ HI' R2, oundtd tiC" In rr.nt't li("rmln\ Pvt I III Dllutllch. Columb I, In C;o Il RJ. In Jlal,.. I PIc Floyd J H.)I:..,. .• 18 W te "Jtlan r

f' InUIt.. In EJ.' p·nn Ihul.t ~d C~rrn.n1' ("ul 'Wllh.m Burkholdfr Jr F"r Ilff Lllh p~Ctnt Ir I.. PIc. Robfrt n.!.pet LIUb .• In Che-.:nut . t. JI' \JlI.h Pat.t.t. Kr'ldtr. UlIl1.ln Btlilum.

TnhnlC'l8!, FIfth r.nd~ Robf'rt prc 0 nr II 8..IrC'f ~l .37 S (".ual·t" .... unr c • 1'1(' Ralph A D \\- Iftl, S3D bJP¥~, ... rankFC. full!.. 'T23 Co1um, franu • Stcond Lt Ju "Ph r lIollb'lI~r Ptr. J.mes P Krimmel. 411 W.

Ande. Ep r.lli 03 In ('tlllU (') II.n St n ~ Ih Altln P\I W.a:Ju A BJrrt •• El ubr!" Pr,ut I. "~uroPf':m .Ufa Ptt nKt~~than:e k hl1tn. Ptc Rllph Ha". Of YU, In USMC. l21 S, Ju .. ph I.. tn Pa· V,nf 5'. in Fr.nCCKrl C 1

.t Jlmu ~ , 1!\Wt. :0 E PC.: II.1N) C 8 r. PuC'h Bal. ~ n. In 11,11,. p\, ~h·J~1n lJr.kr Orumor. Rd. \'IIJ RI \ound.d tin l~ LUJ'-tm. ha'1 Clt.C Ihut.r p\.t. Carlli1, ner, 0 um ..

Oil t.:.n ,for.nt. I m RD. 10 ."nncr Pte, W.lt,) 8~r .. n'Ine Cohlmbl'. n rran('t. bI u~ '1 d Oerman rt PIc CI,rd. H "altn •• Qllirry. Ptc lIarrl Horn.lber, Jr., b.I, In Citrmlnr,

CpJ W.Utr K Applt) C ,Llm* Pft Wltuam Barr 14' Rub t, lJundtd t Ice In Cerm.nl prc Chitin R Druehtr, Jr.. ptf 'Danlfl Fur". JS-4 Nedn'ville R2. ln France I ,1l~lllff Re. In Franc.. T.chnlctln FII.h G.ad. Ht.1lTJ

II. in "rIDr~. . In Btl,lY.I1l, Lt Ii Puke 8\ on" Jr, '~Clllumbl., .. oundtd h,·IU. In t In FlInt'f' Technlnl 'It. C; ROil Hilln. PvL Wlrne,R HoucMn. Milltrs· Kropf "' W. Vln. St, in Ctr ..

Tteh.nlcal S,l. Wahf'r C Ann· Cp1 8 Bfrnlrd Birr, JII2I N. Junlatl .• in ChIna franC't Ind 8el,lum. !i d L Ii , 1 E h.104 Quun St, "'ounded ,,,,:in In \',l1t, In Gttmany many

.troD •• 412 Llrm: I. In £,--"0· Chlrlott t., in North Atriu. Cpt Mark Buner. U ~tC. p\·t Plul H Durfey. li'tO ''''rln. r"I·.co~U'ro t •• ne~h:II.r, u_r.. P Cerman,.. P\1t. Ed.~ard 8 Hoodr. 'Tn fan- P\'l. eNra' j', Kropluk" itO 5.

"ptln Irfa Plr C KtUh B.rnn, U MC. 141 Lincoln, 1.0 Jlma til A\·t. In Jlal, pt Pv1. Jlmu C. HII.n. III E or t. In, frln~e. ChrlStl.n t. 1" France _

p'!'. Gerald ~1 ,Ar1fl. Columbtl tlrlhlU SI. lJundfd I It' Dn p\'1. Jarob 9.uuendou CoJl.Im. Pte Cltf'llfr B Duktm.n. lU E G Orlnle t. In ItIIS Pfe Clr~ E Houck. Puadl.. p\'\. p, Frantl. Kru.l'lInlkl, Ut

Nor h ,A'flra Oklnll'A' b., I Fr.fln M ;"!!'i !" "F'Ur'4U. - . - Pv\ Huold tt.,.llan •• 4l'J _. Rt. In II. '! f l~r' t, tn "rl~t:I.

Sit at \\\rm r nl, l.1~· fi\t W.i r-" Bur 1'1 Glp in Gfr p\' I., \d \\ 0 I Qllarr)VIUr 0 I!d R C.Olf, UN, Colum P 'ntf! .• f'ranu r .... , .~ l." ... rtnrr £ 1I0000U, 20 I Cirrald A Krwhlrulu 11·

CUlll" R'\ J • .a,.C'C' roH'l\ C n:"t 1"1 ~ 'f' m nk,n .... ~ Rftb(ort liMit ... tlf(,lrltlan', 0I1f \ tI. • S. In eNman) 1cl. 'rtf' RJ II) frlnu"

I~ Ptc Oyd" It Arn .Iro.: M7 TC'C' d - . - PI! 0 ruli 0 1'1 m P~('a,un Plr Rol"tf"rl C Cialnrr. EZ.Ub.tlh. h rd ('II". Q!Jlrr)\'lllr nO".· 1"\1 \ .11 M Ibutlit, ;J,)xIr. ,C:pl RIC'''.rcl T Kru.ehlftlk,. Ul

P~I.r S, In Btl !Um nlrt' In Ger· P"t. Rlch.rd J Cald ,It Lan- Ret.li. In Belc.um lo,,"'n R3 ,n Eurorfln Ihfl'fr n. I In Gtrmam' \\ V1nf 1. \1\ Gf'rm.n,

te, Carl W AJhby, 1S1e N P~um min,. U"U R4 H\ Germ n~ PttBrnj.mlO C. Dunl.p, New Pre. enJlmln B Gllner Pvt Purl ftc HIU, Lanellt,r IU, Mutfr &t WdlJlm N Hoovfr. ~t All~n R Kulmln. I.rlttta.

;.,. ,Fron.. PIc W,IL.m F 8a~m. Jr,,". . ',n ,I LIra H. Campbell, 211 Holland. tn Philipp",... 1p.I<IUfI I. 10 Luxoml> '" lin fro.... 321 Ho ... NI A... Franco. Iln....:;~·lnJ. FUIll G ado 14roW

- John T AIlI\UU ••• C.hlln.jPeM Av •• In Fraa... B .. o S~. 1Il11alJ. L~ Comdr. LIM. W. DuDI.... fI, L • lC. C.u.,....,. ale 1'1l1li PYt. WUlla", B, Ito.II, D ..... r. ta Slott 5,1. MJlIOD W. Booy... ""., •• aJl r ---







"The true goal we seek is iar above and beybnd·the


~ Kulp, Mount Joy, In Italy. Sgt. James E. Mays, Jr .. 105 W. uglY'lt'e'ld of battle, When we resort to force'.l'a.s now w~IFcul ~!'~~~I Gbrm~Iitz. Mo'unt inp1~rI~~~r E. WilkInson, May.

Ptc. Earl Kurtz, Columbia, In King St., in France. Joy In Germany. town, on Okinawa

·France twice, Clyde P. McCune, USN, coiuen- FVI Clayton Waltz. Mount Joy. .Sg,t. Joseph Wllliams, ,416 Locust,

Pvt. cnaries Kurtz, Quarryville bla, in Fr-ance. . we. must, rpe are determined that this lore. e sh(iJl be di- on lwo Jim. . St., In European thea',,!.

RI. in Philippines. ' Pte,. Charles McCar,ty, USMC, Co- l Pvt. Charles D. Wanner. Eph- Staff Sgt. Robert E. Wilson, 628

Sgt. Joseph Kurtz, USMC, New lumbia. On Bougainville; II rata R2. on Leyte. ~ Manor St., wounded twice, ill.

Holland: Iwo Jima. / Sgt. Charles H. McCom,se!" 245 rected toward ultimate good as we as' against imme- Pic. Marion G. Warfel. Pequea. France ~nd Germany. .

Sgt. Leslie N. Kurtz, H 0 n • y ~~.~;S~;JI J!;m,:;~~nd.d tWICe, In . I .. - - In France. 'I'eebnlcal Sgt. Leonard J. WUson,

,Brook Star Route, In Belg ium. Maj. Robert M. McCom,.y, 126 diate evil. ',We Americans are not destroyers-we are viK:.t.inD;'~~~c:'· Warfel, Millers· 53~f~r~~u~l',ei~B~f:;:~: M3 W,

_ 'L _ Reservoir St., over Leyte Island. Pvt. Gilbert C. Warner, Mount .. King St., in Germany. .

. Ptc. Melvin E. McCoy, Bow- ville. In France. Pvt. Walter P. wtntermyer,

PIc. Martin R. Lambert, East ma~s~ille. in Germany. builders." Pfc ... LoweU R. Weal and, Hope- Lancaster. R4, irr FrB;nce.

_- Earl ai, wounded in European Wilham. McCrea. U~~. 531 Lo- land.. on Okinawa. Q:'apt. Richard D. WInters, 418. S,

Theater cust St, In South PaCIClC. PIc. Frank E. Weaver. Eliza- West End Ave., in France.

Pic. Robert H. Lander, USMC, onH~~',! R~~ccreary. USN, Litit,z, - Franklin Q. Roosevelt in hi. war message to the people, Dee. 9, 1941. bethtcwn, in France. Rober-t R. Witmer, USN, 753 La.

702 N. Queen St., il; South Pactfie. Sgt. James C. McDowell, Mari· Fvt. Robert Weaver Habalar. tayete si., in Frannce.·

Ptc. Amos Landis, Jr., Schoen- etta, in Italy. Terre Hill, in France. Donald R Witm~r~ USN. 130 At.

eck. on Luzon.. Pvt. Lloyd J. McElhenny. Lan- Richard A. Weaver, USN, Nar .. kins Ave: i.. in Pact!l~.

Pte, Robert H. Landis, Rohrer's- disville, wounded twice, in Bel- von RD Philippines . Pfe. william R. witmer, USMC.

town, in Germany. gium l Pvt· Bruce R. W~aver 51 How- 508 Beaver sr., wounded twiee, in

Sg.t.. Tit1;lsl E. Landis, New HoI· Cpl: Samuel McFalls. ColumbIa - I( _ _ R - - I ~ - S - ard Ave. In Ge"rmany. r Marianas and on Iwo Jima.

land, 1Il Italy. R2. in Belgium. RD . G . Street RI, In France. Shaub. 604 E Chestnut St., In Lemon St., In Italy. Pvt. Charle, J. Webb, 442 W. PIc. Jacob M. Wlttel, El:zabetn·

Pic. Marlin R. Landis, Lititz ai, Pvt.· Raymond McFarland. Chris- p' tIn A1oerma~y. N 1 Netts-vi11e, StaU Sgt. Raymond M. Reinhart. France. Staff Sgt. Charles W Steffy, Wpalnvtu.tJSoth·'nInH IwtaeIYlc'hel, towSgnt,. inRllcth·.IYr·d J Wolpert,.605 S.

on Luzon. • t ia na , wounded tWIce, in Belgium. v . nzo. ea , . Manheim.

PIc: James Robert Landis, New Staft Sgt Richard McGarvey, In Italy.. . . Kinzer, in Germany. Cpl. Ronald H. Sheaffer, USMC, Ephrata, in France. 1Il Germany. West End Ave, In Germany.

Holland, m Fr~nce... Denver Rl, wounded twice in Bel. Technlclan Filth Grade Charles Stat! Sgt. HarTY E. Reisinger, 224 Pearl St., in Paclflc_area. Pvt. Wayne A. Stelley, Rein- Cpl. Lloyd Weidman, Manheim, Technical Sgt. Clar~nce. Wolt,

Pfc. Russell C. Landenberger, grum M. Neidigh, Marietta:- In France. 521 S Prince St., In Germany. Pvt. Amos L. Sheaffer, Jr., New holds, 10 European area. 10 F'rance... Reinholds, wounded twice 10 Ger-

• 841 E Manon St, in Germany. 'I'echnlcian Fifth Grade Carl M. Elmer Nett, seaman seCfnd Ptc. Clay P. RelSinge!;" MOW1t Providence Rl, In France. Technlcal t Sgt. Edward B. Stell, Pfc Roy Weidler, Lititz R3, many. J

Pfc. Harry Laudenberger, 542 E. McGInnIS. Christiana, in Italy. class, Columbia. in PaCIfiC area. Joy, 10 Palau Islands and on Old· Sgt. John M Sheirlch, Columbia, New Holland, m Germany wounded twice. 10 France and Ger- Pfc Elmer L. Woll, Ephrata, in

Orange ~t., on ~mdanao. , . Sgt Clarence H. McKelvey, 423 Technical Sgt Richard A Net- nawa. 10 European Theater of Operations Staff Sgt. Ivan P. Stief, Ephrata many .• G1i~an~lC-hard P WoLfe Refton

Pvt. RIchard Lausch, Lltita, 10 S. Duke St., In Germany. m n J.2l S President Ave in PIc Charles Reisinger B a i e- Sgt John R Shelly 65 Locust RI, In Germany Pvt. Wilbur wetk, LItitz, 10 Ateu- d<ed···F 'd G •

Germany. Sgt Robert K. McKIlllPS, Gap It al ' • bridge European theate~. St In Belgium' Pte. James P Stehman, Mount nan area. woun twtca. tn ranee an er-

Cpl. Daniel J. Lawler, Ephrata, Rt on Luzon a y. T h F th G de James ., r.Y' Joy. In Germany. Sgt. James Weisser Columbia, rn many.

in France. j Pvt. Ronald R McKonly, 735 Pic Leroy Nessinger. LItitz RI, Rei:;n n~~la~21 o~~ Prl~~e si., -.Tto. Pic ermerson Shelly, Manheim. Pvt. Otto D. Stephan. W 1 I} 0 W Italy. ' PIc. Hugh H. Workman, East Pe-

Pte. John S. Lawrence, USMC. Rockland St 10 France. on Luzon G I agn' ! wounded twice, In Prance and Ger- Street, In Belgium Pic Jose-ph B. Weisser, Colum- tersourg. 10 Germany.

842 Ocean Ave, on Guam. StafllSgt John L McLane, Jr, Ptc. Fr,ank Newcomer, Columbia ~fc ~:arren F.' Reist Landis- many. Cpl. Walter W. Stetter. Jr .• 38 bia, In France . Pfc Melten .E. Worley, Ephrata,

Technical Sgt. WIlliam H. Lead- 511 Green St, In France Rl, In Fiance. Ville In France. ' Pvt Mack Sheetz, Peach Bot- 5, Pearl St., 10 France. Robert V. Weisser, USN, Colum- In Soubh Pacific.

er, Columbia. wqunded twice, 10 PIc. Joseph E McLaughlIn, M Staff J Sgt. J G h n Newcomer. St~tt Sgt Gordon C. Reitzel, tom, In France. . Pvt. Wilmer Stevens, 839 E bia. in PaCIfiC area. Pvt. Clair B. Worre.ll, ~ S.

, France and Germany. Mount Joy, South Paclflc. ~~~~nlg:i 1£ t eH~;Y' Nlssle Lancaster R!4., In Belgium Pvt. Walter Sheetz, Columbia, In Walnut St , 10 Germany. Pfc. wllllam K Weitzel, Denver Plum St, In Italy.

Pvt. E. _M. Leary, New Holland, ptc. George E. McVey, Drumore K d h' k gF Y y, PIc. Robert D. Reltze] 523 W. France bi 1 Pvt. Leon Stevens, 5QS S. Duke R2. 10 New Guinea First Lt. L. B. Wright, 145 How-

In France. HI III Germany In er 00 ,In ranee. Walnut St In France' Pfc. Ralph Sheetz, Colum 18, n St, In France. Pfc Ernest W~ller, East Ear-I, in ward Ave. In Germany.

Pvt. Walter B Lechner, 520 E. Pfc • Richard C. Meck, New Hol- St Cpl E~vm Newport. 563 S Duke Pvt LI~yd E Re~ier Qu31rry. Luxembourg. hei Pvt. Andrew Stoe, Lancaster R2, Germany, Pvt Frank W. Wright, 518 E.

Chest:nUlt St., in France land, 10 Germany 'St I~ S r~~~~' to W N wkirk Ville 'in Germany. , • :Pvt. Lester C.., Shenk. Man elm In France. Pfc J Harold Wenger, Bar e- Fulton St., In Italy.

PIc. John E. Lee, Strasburg, in Plc. Christian Meckley, Denver 315 ~y.<ie~ Ave I~ ;ran~e e • Pf~. Gordan Resh, Mountville, lD R]t l~ ~efm~nh' F Sh nk 443 Sgt Harold E Stokes, 938 N ville, in Germany y

France, RI on Luzon ., .'. German a g I IS e, Shippen St, 10 France. Technicla n Fourth Grade Walter _ _ ,

Ptc. Russell Leed, Reinholds Rl, Pvt. Philip E Mehaffey. "2 Coral Start Sgt. Joseph Nltroy, Silver C I ~a mend C Resch 11)15 Pershing Ave, In Belgium, Ptc Edward Stoltzfus. Paradise Wenger. Akron In Germany.

In Germany. St., 10 Italy. Springs. In France. P- I l' "tn e' , Pfe Sa mual Shertzler. Cresswell, Rl In Italy. Sgt. Kay L. Wenrich, Schoeneck, ~taft Sgt. Andrew V{. Yakup-

Pfc. Leroy L. Leed, Denver R2, Pic. LouIS E Mench, 231 E TechniCian Fifth Grade C Ro.b- Cl~r~ S~h I~l ~raW: Ressler. Marl- wounded twice, m France and Ger- Pvt. John l!. Stoner, Quarryvllle 10 Belgium. chma, Columbia, In Belgium.

in European theater. Chestnut St In Italy er-t Nelms, New Holland RI, in tt v in Hall e do ''l many. RI, 10 France. Pfc Robert wentling, USMC, Pfc. Harry L. Yeager, 128 HQw.\

John M Leedom USN Rheems Pf P l' D M k 217 I France. e a, 0 an a1 Pvt Samuel W. Shertzer, Jr.. PIc Harold Stoner 17 E. Walnut Lititz ttl on Saipan ard Ave, In France.

in Phllippmes. " 'A c,. ~u ere eYi ce Cpl. Salvadore M. Noblle, USMC, Pf~. Richard Retzer, 301 Cor USMCR. Salunga, wounded twice st., ~n Palau Islands. Sta:U Sgt. Howard: C. Werner, Pl-c. Joseph H. Yentzler. Colum-

Sgt. T. Richard LeFever, 446 W. ~~hnlnD ~~:::berger USN 810 Columota, on Salpan. . in Stpt~n E~~~~~[ber ~301 Coral 5t Onp?km~W~ d H ~ Sh t 854 Cpt Leon Stork. Adamstown, in 767 Manor St, In Belgium. bla, in France.

Orange St, in France. , Fremont St In PaCifiC' area' Pte. Jack W. Noll, Columbia, In G~rman ' 'J c,. IC ar . er zer, Holland. Pte. Kurvin H. Wertz, Wuhing- Pfc. Gordon Yingst, Lititz,' in

Sgt. Clair G. Lefever, 1238 Lititz Lt. Pau,l ·E. Melsenberger,' Jr., France. Pvt Frel~rick L. Rhiniet. wn- ~ountam Ave .• wounded twice, lD PIc. f Russell J. Stoutzeoberger, ton Boro Rl. In Germany.. Italy.

Ave, in Germany. 828 N President Ave In Ital Pvt. Harold N. Nonnenmocher, l' nd d awice in ranee. Columbia, In Italy. Pfc. Harry S. Wertz, Bird-in- Opl. Lester L. Youndt, USMC.

Ptc. Charles W. Lelever. Terre Pic' Samuel Mess~ni 208 YMan. Lancaster R5,~in Italy. .;w Street Rl.,.,wou e Sgt. Jamer~' ~hiHer,. EI_Fabeth. Cpt. Earl T. Strickler, Manheim, Hand RI, In Luxembourg Ffvepclntville, on Saipan.

Hill. in France. helm' pike wounded tw'ice in Ger- sgt. John Northetmer, Mount ~~tCeClair Rhoads M~nlieim In to~n'h WOll? eSt WICjohffi ~hick' in Germany. Staff Sg1. Leon WhItcraft, Clay. Sgt Richard C. Young, 813 St.

Pte Clinton A Lefever USMC man r ZIOn, In Italy. .,' ec mea g. n r, Ptc.' WillIam C, Studenroth, 10 Germany. Joseph St on Satpan.

201 J~ckson Ave " on Guap,. 'pvf.· Joseph Metz. W. Orange St. Pfc. James. Northeimer, Mount E':°fe~~rlh~at~~ce NeffSVille on sc~oene;k, in fer~~~r N H 1. USM~, C<?lumbia, wounded twice in Pfc. Har.old J. whltcrett, F. A. y'oung, USN, 613 St, JI)<o

/ Pvt Raymond M Lefever Lan- In France ' Zion, in Belghrm. v . ., , gt. eter . Ir, ew 0 Pacffic area. USMCR, Lititz Rt. on Okinawa. seph St., PaCifiC area f

easter R4, 10 Fran'ce ' f4lwar~' Lee Metz, machInist Sg! Russell M. Null, Holtw004 LU~~~. Donald Ricilmann 57 Clark la~1' ICh Ge{mtnYSh k L' In PIc. Raymond F. Stumpf, 1.22 Pvt. John D. Whitmyer, Man· Pfc. John Young, Ronk. kl, in

Ptc. WillIam Lefever, 120 N. mate third class 105 Old Dorwart R2, m France. .' , c. ar~!!I. lr er, IDC!O 'College Ave., m France. helm, on Iwo Jlma European Theater.

Concord St., In France St In ASlatlc a;ea Pic Harry C Nuss, Jr., 625 Jan- Stp/n F;:;ce F Richer 709 S 10 prra~ce. Sh' 1 J 543 E 2nd Lt. Mu:hael Suchenl, Colum- Pvt. John B. White, Oregon, In PCc. Clinton J. Youtz, Mountville,

Technician Filth Grade Alv10 S Cpl G@orge R Metz.ger 714 East eLAve., 10 Italy. P ~e St ~n C~bu ' . 0 c. :{vey O~~s er, r, bia Plke, in So.uth Pacific. PaCifiC area , in France.

Leld, Denver Rl. in It!ly End Ave, 10 Corslca. ' _ 0 _ rp~c. Gr~nt H Richwine, WIllow rp!C~eCha~l~~ Shol:~~k~r, Lancas- Ptc. Eugene G. Sullen1berger, '410 ~ Norman H. White, USN, Man-

Pfc AlylD R Lentz, 313 E Wal- Pvt. John Metz;ler, Jr., Steven. Street R1, In Germany;" t R6 In France W. V10e St, wounded tWice, on ~tta, In South Pacific. _ Z _

nut St, 10 Germany R1 In F Pf Eu RIle' Terre Hill er , I' h B t Guam and lWo Jlma. . Pvt, Mllton .B. Wiker, 26 W. .

TechDlc~an Fourth Grade Charles Co-I J~~~c'k Michaelis 1D IN Pvt illMonr~e ~~r, U~MC, Sport- FC" e gene y. ' Pfc C~ar es L. Shott, Peac 0 - Sgt Paul J Summers Paradise James St. wounded tWice, in Pvt Anthony Zangari, Lancaster

Lentz, Jr., 513 E. Walnut st, In Wes.t End Ave' 10 Franc~ 1O~ ~ Jon G uaOb chnft' B 1 10 Pvfi\~a~ren N. Riley 139 How- tor;' t10 J r~n~e. Sh n'" 327 E Wal- Rt, i~ Germa~y. ' France and Germany. R3. '" the bombing of Pearl Har--

Germany. Pf AId M k J 38 S v. ay . er ~ zer, u e d A G' v. ac .0 , . Pfc Jacob D Summers, Para- Ptc. Charles A. WIker, Talmage. 'bor. .

Ptc. William R Leonard, 726 E c. ~ us lC en, r, Ball, w.ounded t,wlce, 10 France and ar ve., In erman. _ nut Sf, on Iwo J1ma. dlse iU'1 Oon LUzon. In Germany. Ptc. Lew A. Zelber, Adamstown.

Walnut St, 10 Holland. Wate'l" ~t., 10 France. Germany., Pvt. Claorence E. RIneer, ~\larry Sgt. WIllis L. Shopt, Jr., Laneas- Pvt, Franklin L. Sweigart, Rein~ Sgt. Wllliam Wlker, 136 Laure.!. wounded tWice, in France and Bel.

ptc Howard Lesher 904 N Harold L. Miller. USN, Millers.. Pvt. Joseph Oberholtzer, Colum~ Ville R3, In Italy. ter R6, In France. h Id J'n. It 1 St In France glUm

Quee~ St., Italy. ' • Ville, In Savo Island naval engage- bla, In Germany. • P!c. Frank Rineer, 907 E Chest- Charles J. ShQwa1ter, seaman 0 Pf~. Curt~s YEo Swelgart, Blrd.ln. Pvt. Edward WIker, ">803 Colum- Pvt. Joseph C Ziegler. Wei t

Pfc Robert E Lewis 440 S ment. Staff Sgt. George F. 0 Connor. nut St. on Okmawa: second class, 444 .5. Prince St, 10 H d i F e bla Ave In Germany Lancaster in France.

Duke St wounded tWlce' in Ger- ~atf sg~. Edward Irv10 Miller, Balnbrldge, wounded twice In Ger- Cpl FranCIS p. Rmeer, 441 E South PacifIc.. ~~t' n Rir~n~d W Sweliart Pfc George Wiley' East Earl Staft Sgt. J. George Zook 110

many. ' 538 bauphlO SI . over Germany. many. , Strawberry St., tn France. . ,Pvt. Galen N. Shremer, Jr., Lit- Rea~stown~ i~ Franc~. . RI, I~ European theater Ruby S~, woundea tWIce in th~ Pa.

Pic Amos F Lewis USMC Lin· Sgt. Richard F Miller" Rohrers- Pvt Meryl G. Olson. Ehzal:5eth- Capt. FranCIS D. R 1 nee r, ItZ, In Germany. Pf Alit H Sit D Ptc George C Wiley 617 Poplar cIIIC ar~ea

coIn Ave., Ephrata. 0," Salp~n town, In France . town, in European theater I USMC, 431 N. Charlotte St., wound- Pfc. Robert Shrum, 970 E. Or- ver ~1, Pa~ffl~narea we gar, en· St., l~ Italy. ., Pfc. JQhn C. Zug, East Peten-

Pvt IrVIn A. Licbty 46 S. Ann Pvt. George MIllez::, Ronks, 10 Pvt. Joseph F Osiborne, ChrIs- ed tWice, on Guam and OklOawa. ange St., In France. , Pf P 1 H S . t E h t p t L K W lh 1 Ephrata burg in France.

St In France 'Italy. hana Rl. In Germany. S·S Martm J. RIneer, Quarryville Staff Sgt. Eugene Shultz, Jr., c. au , WeI gar , p ra a, v. eroy . I em. .,

,~. Ptc. John G Mlller, Eph'rata Pic. Kenneth L. Overly, Bare- R2. In France. \ WashIngton Boro, over Germany. wounded tWice 10 the European ~

G Pvt Russell Lled, Roths/vIlle, 10 R3, wounded t,wlce 10 France and Ville, In France. \ Cpt Chester Rintz, Kirkwooo, in Pvt. Ivan Jay SIegrist, Kinder~ Th~:terAff .. OPCerSho~s. t Eph t I . I

ermany. .' Germany. \ Pfc John G Overly East Earl Germany. hook, in France. . c. VlO , woflgar, ra a DECORATED FOR HEROISM

In Sl~X~b~~~gH. LiggIns, FlorIn. Pvt. Roy G. Miller, New Hol- RI, on Okmawa.' Pvt. Henry F. Rittenhouse, 216 Ptc. Richard V. Sigman, 130 R~f~n ::~g~u:;nehart QuarryvIlle

PIc. Joseph R. Like. 225 EKing hmd R2, In Germany. N Mu1berry St.. on Attu. Chester St., in France. 10 Ge'rman . " ~ .

~t i ____Ji'r r_p TechniCian FIfth Gradl Peter H. - P - Ptc. Raymond Rittenhouse, 524 Pvt. Charles H: Sirpmons Strll- l' t !5; 1 y~ .. ~ So ~ Ti'1 i i L __ -----:---:'---------------J

I ,~_' Pfc.nt'aulrr:l1ler, 614 Pearl St., on ~~ ..... C'<;,.-."..., n....-"'''' .. 'VWII. ,,, a'c~- ::spruce St.. jn France. burg Rl in France ( "~.' ~.",~.~.:9WV:_ ,~!V'..n., 'D. ~

a_8_'1!~ . .o_.Jjpla. , many... Sgt. Grady Pannell, Strasburg Pic. David Rittenhouse. Jr., 11~1 Pfc. William H Singles Quarry- Germany. Lancaster county men and _ B - . l' T

i\ 'Cpr: JOohn Lincoln: l!SMC, 34 S Pic. Jay C. Mlller,_Manhelm Rl, HI. m France. . .. N. Mary.St., in ~ranee. ,. ,u in Franc~ . • . T womeq In the armed forces have _ ~

I\. Ann SL., on New Bntam. on Palau. '. ~tc. Joht;' B. Painter, 504: S. Pvt. ,MIles .RQbl.nson, Jr., FI n c. Donald B. Singer, Lititz, in - - . earned hundreds of decorations M~dal wi~. three .Oak L~af _el~J--:,·-

ptc Edward Lingenfelter Co- StaU Sgtt, Jacob B. Miller, 218 PrlOce St., 10 Germany. wounded tWice In Holland I'" an elrmany . p t R' h d E I}\ >t !or • tt nd d 1 th f' t rers.

" lumbia in Germany , Ru'by St.. 1n Fran'Ce. ' PIc. Donald L. Painton, Lancas- Germany. .'! \ ftc R:~bert I e 418 N Chris' v,. IC ar . a e, (l,rle a a me as - e na Ion s gra e- \ Lt. Robert C. Burkholder, Eph.

Sgt. John J. LlDton~ 339 E. Wal· Pvt.. Guy H. Miller, 538 Hand let R3, in France. Pfc •. Phares ROOJllan, 328 Ice Hap St., in the P~il'ipPlnes: - In c~i~gE~~erte A. Taylor, Jr., Lan. fuld ~~l?tl~g~~ent 01 herOIsm rata, Distinguished Flying Croll • .,»

nut St.. In France. Ave .. 10 France. Capt. John A. Parkms, Terre Ave., 10 Germany. '. ~vt. Ol.arles D. Sload Mount- cas R1 on Okinawa. an 1 elY 0 u y.... Staff Sgt. William Ha.hn, 318 Mill

PIc. Frank L. Llllton, 616 E. Madl- P~t. Donald Mlller. 458 S. Plum alII. In Franee. . . Cpt. .Robert. Roehm, 417 H1l1slde ville, in Italy. f ' s:~r John Richard Templeton, de~~~a~io~; ht:~e b~~I~n slnnh~Iheos~ St .• Air l\1edal.

son St., wounded tWice in France. St., 10 Germany. . F ~ar~e~ ~. Pans, ySN. 33 W. Ave., m BelgIum. ~vt. Allred H. Smallwood, Chris- Spruce St.. Lititz, m France. the breasts ot the co~nty's he- Ptc. Luke Hoover, Bareville RI,

ptc John H Lintner, 15 W. ;Far- PCc. RO~ W. MIJl~~. 549 Lafay- r eflc t.. 10 PaCifiC area. Pvt. John G. Rohrer, 401 W. Wal- tiana, in North Arrica. Pfc. F. GIlbert Terry, New roes. 1 Silver Star.

num SI .. In Germany. ette St., \\o~nded h,lce on Luzon. ~ Cpl. ~rank C. Parmer, USMC. nut St., In North A!rlca. ptc. Peter Smallwood. 218 N Holland. in Germany. The folIowm Jist of recipients St~ff Sgt. Abram Brubaker, 524

Pfc. Harry W, LIPP, Lancaster Pfc. PeOl~se Miller, 426 Rey· <>25 JUniata St., on Iwo Jlma. . Pvt. Warren Rohrer, 655 Frank- Plum St., in Fran.ce. PIc. Robert Thatcher, 478 New of decoratlon/ and medals has S. Lime St.. Bronze Star.

R5, in South Pacific, nolds Ave •. In <?erman.y:. Ptc Charles Parmer, 716 E FuJ- 1m St.. In. Luxembourg. Pvt Robert E Smith Farmers- Dorwart St., In France. , been made up from official reo Pfc. Clarence Black, 605 N.

Sgt. Carl Loar, Stra~,>burg, in Ptc. Calvln MIller, LltItz, In Ger- ton St., In Italy. Capt. Richard E. Rohrer,. USMC, vllle, 'm Italy." Ralph C. Thomas, USN, 516 E. leases from the armed forces and Queen St., Bronze Star with an

France. m~~~hnical Sgt Francis P Mil. N P!cSt R?SSF E. Pearson, 135 E ~~rdas~~r5·kl~~W~outh PaCifiC area Pfc. Leroy Smith; Lancaster, in Chestnut St., in the Philippine Is· from. information receiv.ed by the 0t~ Ljaf c~ster. BI h' Eliz

to~:' i~e~~~~t P. Locher, Browns- IN, ~32 N. Cha'rloHe St., in' Ger- ~~l. RI~~ar~an;~. Penwell, Mari- Cpl. George S: Rogers, 419 W. Fr;":ne. C S 'th USN El' b th- la~~~'hnlcal Sgt. William Thumma. ~~II~~~. of SOldiers,. sailors and bethtow~: Ai/~:~al :it~P~ne Oaak

Pvt. Thomas Locknrd, Sievens ms~f' Lester Millhouse Mountville et~, t on C~uz~n. P P'C M Ja:'v~s S~~~~r~ra~ce. Rogers Jr tow~, 7~ S~Uth~a'clflc ~rea~za e Peqvea, wounded twice in Belgium Holding medals and decorations: LSif ~lsst:rH E 13 ht ld C

Rl, in Germanl·. . in Fr·ance. ' , Joy v RI, I~r G~r,m~n el er, ount East Petersburg, I~ France. ' ., Ptc. Rich~rd Smith, 1122 Wheat- and Germany. lumbia Ifl: A~;rked~l. ec 0 , ~

pr~~~J~~Sce~·mL~~~lse ~aSs~'a:!:. w Pfc .. Wlllis H. Millhouse, Man- Stalt Sgt \~a1ter Y6. Peters, 33 Staff Sgt. Leo C. Rossi, Lititz. in laT~c~;i~i~~n F~~fuaG~~de Chade!! ill P~~a~~~ter Todd, Lancaster R6, - A - . . St,aff sgt .• John Bell,. 242 W. Or-

Joseph S LOombardo USN 521 heS~'t/S ~er;arJY. D M'I L' W· New St.. m Germany. European Theatre. R SmJtb 637 Hebrank St in Sgt. Kenneth Todd 329 Beaver Staff Sgt. Harold Adams, Lititz ange St., Au Medal With one Oak-

East End Ave in Fr " a g. ugene . I ey, It- Cpl. Lester Petery, Denver. on Cpl. MelVIn C. Roth. 146 E. Lem- F' ,. .• St. in Germany ~ice in one Rl, DIstinguished FlYIng Cross and Leaf cluster ..

. , ance, Itz, In Ita!y.. Luzon. on St., In Germany. rance. . da' , Air Medal with several Oak Leaf Staff Sgt. RIchard Bleacher. 438

G Pvt. ~fSephFG. Lombardo, 513 1·2 Pic. Penrose L. Mi!ham, 14 E. Cpl. Dean G. PettiS, Columbia. Staff Sgt. Kenneth R. Rothlus, 65 Cpl. 9h~rles ~'. Smlth, 416 W. ~ic DQrlald W Townsley Eph- clusters. \ ,Lafayette St., Air Medal. .

r;fen Th Ind ran~e. L 343 E Frederick St., 1n France. in South PaCifiC. j Locust St.. wounded. twice in the K\ng St" In Paclflc area. rata' on L on . , Cpl. Richard Allen, 38 E. Liberty Pic. Harold Bender. Mount Joy

c. eo {)re ,ong, . S·S Robert L. Miles, Peaeh Bot· Pvt Harry C. Pfeifer, Jr. 440 Sou1h PaCifiC. Pvt. Harold C" S",!lth, 665 Fre- ' u~. St., Bronze Star. R2. Bronze Star.

Ross St., 1n G-ermany.. tom, in France. New Dorwart St., in Italy. fIe. Paul R. Rott, Jr., 304 E. mont St., In New. Gumea.. m;~c. MelvlO .Trago, Gap, In Ger· Pte. Earl Andes, Leacock, Sgt. David Boas, 434 N. Mary

W C~" Ro~;rt W. 5~ng. USMC, 717 Pic. C:harles F. Minn, 106 Ohes· Pvt. A. Ross PienOinger, 533 New St.. European theater. . PI~. George Smltll, Keystone Ho- Pt~' Robert A Trees 526 5 Bronze '-Star. St., Bronze Star.

me on Inawa ter St., In Germany. Church St., 10 France. Pvt. Edward Rottmund, 56 S. tel, In France.,. . Ptum'St In !tal' , 'PIc Herbert Andrew, 428 Rey- Lt. (j. g.) Thomas Bradshaw1

M ptf lOhn R Il ~Ongwell, 1040 Pvl. Frank Michael, 415 Chester Pvt Franklm E Phillips 519 Marshall St, in Italy. Cpl. Paul K. Smlth, 71 S. Mar- St ft ·s tTY' t D T t noIds Ave., Bronze Star. Lampeter, Bronze Star.

ap e ve, In a y. . St. m Germany. Ruby' St. 10 Germany. . BenJamin J. Rowe, seaman first shall St .. in Luxembourg. a g .• res a .. ren a, First Lt. Richard J. Ashby. New Technician Fifth Grade Walter

F Pvt. Earl Long. Manheim, 1n Ptc. Robert D. Mitchell. 815 N. Flrst Lt. Earl F. p'lerce 635 N. class. 546 Fenn Ave., on Okinawa. Davld Smith. Jr., USN, 152 E. ~8 1·2 W. Orange St., In Luxem. Holland Ave., DIstinguished Flying Bortzfield, Holtwood, Bronze Starl

:-ance. President Ave., wounded tWice. on Mary St, over Germany.' Pic. Hayden E. Royer, Martin· Fulton St., on Iwo Jima. O~~g. Ell th H ToM _ Cross, and Air Medal with three with one Oak Le~t cluster.

Pvt Eall D. Longenecker, Sa- New Gumea and Luzon Flight OUicer James Piersol Jr dale .• 1n France. Pvt. George F. Smith, 311 E. to c. s;or wa . r ne, ay Oak Leaf cltlsters. . StaIl Sgt. HilliS Book. 440 W.

lunga. 10 Ger~any Staff Sgt. Donald J_ Mohler, Mount Joy over Germany , ., George W. RuhI, USN, 14 S. Wa- New St, in Germany. ~Fc' °R~n~~U A Troup G Technical Sgt. Robert Ast<>n, Co- Lemon St., killed in action, 13ronze

WS~~ Sgt.t ~!chardBJi Lo~\!ell, 653 RoseviJIe Road, in BelgIUm Ptc. J. 'Emory Plank, . Blrd.in- ter St., in Java Sea naval engage- Pfc. Emersqn C. Smith, USMCR, wounded twice in- Belgiuln aa:d lumbla R2. Air Medal. Star. -

. esmu ,., In e glUm. Pvl. Harold V Mohler, 347 N. Hand In Italy ment. BowmanSVille, on Okinawa. G' Capt. Rictor Auman 216 S. Ann Technical Sgt. Henry Book, 733

Sgt Gilbert L Lugar, Quar. Charlot.te St., in France. Ptc' Herster' Potts Adamstown Pfc. William F. Ruoss, Bareville Pfc Harry S, Snave'ly, Lititz Rl, ~grraJ~' h F Trout 328 Fair- St., AIr Medal With ~n Oak Leaf First St., Bronze Star.

ryvllle, on LUZon. Ptc Galen E Mohn. Stevens RI. In Fr·ance. ' , Rl. In SICily. in Ital,y. view 'Ave se~n G~rmany' cluster. Lt. Col. Bryce Blain, 741 E. Qr..

Sg~. Cll!.for~ ~" Lupoid, East Pe· on Okllun,'a Sgt. Harvey L. Powers Gap Rl Ptc. Joseph W. Russell, Kinzers, Major Harry L. Snavely, 424 N. PIc Lo';' L Trostle' Elizabelh. Lt. Thomas R. Ankrim, 327 ange St., Bronze Star.

t~rs urg. In e glUm. Slaft Sg.t. Ro-bert J. Montondo, in Luxembourg. ' , in France. Duke. St., In Pacitlc area. town: in Ger~aIiY.' Perry Ave., killed in actIOn, DI~' . Cpl Charles Brown, Li~

Pvt. John Luttman, Jr., Colum· 13{) Dauphin St., In Ital,Y. . Pv[. MelVln P. Price, Columbia, Pvt. Robel't C Rutt, 119 N. Char- MaJ. ~ervJn G. Sneath, 4301 CheJ- Ptc, Foster F. TUSing, ... 411 E. tingulshed FlYing Cross and Air ItZ. Bronze Star.

biB. lD Germany. Cpt Joseph H. MOl"OlOgstar, Jr., in France. lotte St., In Germany. 7', ter St., m North Afnca. KIn St in South Pacific Medal. .Lt. Earl ~omberger, Lampeter,

P~t. Thomas E Lutz, 60'1 E. 774 Cry.stal 51., on Palau. Pvt. James Pringle. USMC, 427 Technician Fifth Grade H.arry C. p~t. i'ose h A. Tverdo~ Wlnow Technical Sgt. John P. Atfel. Air Medal wlth one Oak Leat clus-

Manon S1 . In France. Ptc. Carl F. Morrow, Co.lumbla. N Cherry St on Guadaleanal _ 5 _ Snad-er, New Hoiland R2, m Ger- Street Rl P Italy , bach, 830 Columbia Ave., Bronze ter. n .. '

~vt Robert W. Lutz. 225 N. in France, . 'P t Joh "A P J . 473 many. ' In. Star. TechniCian. Fifth Grade Ira Balollll

Shlppen St., In Germany. First Lt James B. Mossman, 445 AtlaVntic Av~ i~ F:~~~:r, r., Lt. Richard A. Sager, &AF, 335 Pic. Fred R. Snyder, 743 Mar. U Pfc. Ray Arnold, 444 W. King hurst, B~revllle R1, Bronze St~~.

St!'!~~sHHry o~· 5~i~Z~w~SMC, 216 COIl.ege Ave. In England. Pvt. JOhn" Pugh. 473 AtlantiC N. Mary St., in Engtanq. ~hall St., 1O Fran-ce. - - St, Bronze.Star. BJ~~~e R~f~;rd Berkenbine, lititz.

S t CI' E L' Fil'st Lt. Joseph C. M-outly, 113 Ave., wounded twice 10 France Sgt. Joh? E. Sagerer, 659 Fre- Pic. Robe.rt E. Snyder, 432 Pic. Lloyd J. Ulmer, Lampeter, Pfc. WIlham '":H. Ault. M 0 u n t· Lt J b' B h B t

g. ~rence yons, Mount College Ave, In France. and German·' monl St., 10 Luxembourg. Ohur-ch St., m Germany. in German I I vllle. Bronze Star. . . aco . uc, rowns OWJ;1,

Joy Rl, In Luxembourg. Sgt. Amos Mowrer, Ironville, In ). ~oseph P. Sagerer. ship's eo~k Pvl Donald G. Snyder, Colum- Pvt Cal~;n B. Umble Christ- PIc. Onarles E .• Aukamp, Air Medal \ ..... Ith three Oak Leal

Belgium. R thll'd class, 659 Fremonf Elt., u. bia, wounded twice In France. '. G 'Pequea R1. Bronze Star. clusters. .

_ M - Pvt Raymond B. M.::yer, Rein- - - Sou!h PaCific. Cpl. John K. Snyder, Florin, In lana, In ermany. .' Lt. Rlctor Auman, 216 S. Ann Pfc. Arlmgton Blantz, Moun t

holds in European area Cpl Richard Radar Lititz, in Pvt. William W. Sanders, 46 ey- France H ~f' dL~WIS ~. ~dlke, 345 New St., Air Medal With one Oak Leaf Joy, Bronze ftar'B '1

Pfc. John, Machoka, 227 E. Fred- sgt' Edward A. Muell~r, Harris- Fran~e. ' mour St., in North Africa. Robe~t E. Snyder, USN, Colum- 0 an . ve.,l0 ermany. duster. . Capt. Chares al e, Lancaster'

erick St., In Italy. bUrd Pike In Germany Sgt Willis. Ranck New Holland Technical Sgt. Martin L Sanni, bia 10 PaCific area TechnIcal Sgt. Earl W .. Urban, Sgt. Silas W, Armstrong, Lan~. R5, Bronze Star.

Staff Sgt. Haro-Id E. Maconeg.1Y, pi M'l' M 11 537 S Ch 51 R2 . Franc' Jr Lititz in Belgium. ..1 Pic Clyde Snyder' ManheIm in 714 N. Plum St., In BelgIum. caster H6, Soldier's medal. Lt. Henry Buckwalter, Lanca&-

2~5 FairView ~ve .• wounded three Ian ~t .. I~ ~~lgi~: . rJ - p~~ Harrye·C. Ranck, Gap Rl. Sgt. Ed..:v.ard J. Saunders, 337 N, Ger~any. ' 'Pvt. Ge.orge A. Usner. New Hol- tee R4, Bronze ~arB k 618 W·

tImes, in Itall. PCc. Samuel N. Mumma Landis- On Morotai. Marshall St., wounded tWice. m Sgt. Walter A. Snyder, 801 Man- land R2, In France. _ B _ apt. James . ur e. •

Pfc An1hony L Mad 0 n n a, II F ' PI Albe t F R 36 Italy and France or SL 10 Germany Pfc. Leon J. Usner, New HoI· Lemon St.. B~o.nze Star. .

¥~~2~ 728 E. Walnut St, in Sc>uth vlp~~.mRa~~~~d Mumma, 325 S. Cora~·st., onrLuzon. anzlnger, PCc, ~ewis S. ·Saunders, U5 .. N Pvi.' Geo~ge C. Spiese, 6 Rider land R2, in Germany. B~~~e ft:;.id ~aker, Maytown. lu~\;ia~okr!'~l~as'ra/. Blank, Co-'

• d Beaver St .. in Germany. James Rapp, seaman second Arch S'" In Guam. . Ave., on ho Jlma. V Master Sgt Stanley F. Banach, PIc. Samuel Boiton, Quarryville

Pfc. Geor.,e S. Madonna, 417 Lt. Robert E. Mumma, Roths~ class, Manella, 1n PaCifIC thea.ter PCc, John H. Scott, Gap, 10 Ger- Stall sgt.. John M. Soden, 5':1:8 - - Bainbridge, DistmgUlshed Flying R3. Bronze Star.

Howard Ave., In Fr.an.ce. villc. In Chll1a·Burma-India theater. Elwood Raum, US~. 932 Lllltz many. . Penn Ave., In BelgIUm. _ Cpl. Bert W, Vaughn. KIrkwood Cross. Staff Sgt. George Beck, Wash-

Pvt. Cha.rles ~. Magnuson. Holt- prc. Milton Mumma, Millway, In Ave., In Java Sea naval engage- Lt. Walter G. Selfrted. Co~um- Staff Sgt: Steven Sott~k, ... an· RD, wounded tWice, in France and Techrucal Sgt. Martin Barr, MBY~ ing10n Boro, Bronze Star.

wood RI, 10 Gelmany, _ PhllipPllles. ment. bla, on Angaur Island. ca~ter R4, In South Pa.clflC area. Belgium. • town, kIlled in action, Air Medal Pfc. Leon Brooks. 35 Howard

Second Lt. Stanley C. Mason, 307 PIc. Lev] R. Mummaw, Eliza- Pvt. Warren A. Ream, USMC. Pvt. Harry Sellers, Lancaster Pvt. Robert Speece, 351 Church Pvt. John O. Vollenweider. Eph. with an Oak Lear cluster. Ave, Bronze Star.

N West End Ave, In European bethlown Rl. In Germany. Denver,. ~n Okmawa. RS, In France. St., 10 lIaly. rata, m France. Techmcal Sgt. George Bates,' Lt. Col. Bry-ce Blynn, 741 E.

theater. , Pre. Lee R. Mumm<lw, 9191-2 N Technlclan FIrth Grade Robert Cpl; Stanley K. Shenk, Moun t Pvt. Von. Spencer, Peach Bot· Reinholds, Distinguished Flying Orange St.' Bronze Star. . \

. Pt~. Ed\\ard S. Marley, Colum- Prince St., m France. W. Reath" Holtwood RI, 10 France. Joy, 10 Italy. I tom. on Okinawa ._ W _ Cross and Air Medal With three Sgt. Lewls Brown, Bareville lU,.

bla, In France. Pvt. John P. Mundorf!, Pequea Frederick F. R.ebman, USN, Lan- Pfc. William M Sc'hannauer, .Pvt. Paul F, Spotts, Bowmans~ Oak Leaf clusters. Sliver Star. . .

Pfc. Richard J. Mars'hall, 505 Rt, in European area dis ville. 10 Pacltic area. Denver R2. in France. Vine, In Italy. Pfc. Robert Wagaman, Bird·in- Sgt. Raymond Bo.:::~ .. , Bowmans- Commodore WillIam Behrens,

Third St, In France. Pic. PaUl L. Murr, 526 S. Duke Sg·t Elam G. Redcay, East Earl Pvl. Robert C. Scheid, Lanca.ster Sgt. Henry L. Stafford, Jr., Eph· Hand RI, In Belgium. Ville, Air Medal with an Oak Leaf USN, .108 Race Ave., Navy Cross

Sgt. Ro~ert H. MartlO, 621 St., In South PaCific. RI. In Italy R4, In Germany. rata R2, in South Pacific. PIc. Harold Wagner, 47-A N. cluster. and Silver Star. . '~.,.

Fourth St., m the bombmg of Pearl Pvt. Charles E. Murray, Lancas- Pk Frederick J. Reedy, L a ft· Staff Sgt. Clatk Sc-healfer, C()· Sgt. Edward Stahl, Lincoln, in Prince St., in European Theater ol Pic. Charles Bell, 108 Howard Sgt.. Arthur B~chtold, 433 Hlghl,

Harbo.r. ler R6, In European theater. caster R6, in Italy. lumbla, In Germany. Germany. OperatIons. Ave .• Bronze Star. St, kllled m acbon, Bronze Star."

Wllham P. M.artm. Jr., USN. Pvt. Dean Musser. Columbia, in TechniCIan Fifth Grade Lloyd Statt Sgt. Arlan Schickram, Ak· Pvt. Robert E Stair, Columbia, Pk. Russell D. Wagner, Willow Staff Sgt. Warren Bender. ~an. Pfc. Paul K. Bowman, New HoI-

Ephrata, In PaCifiC area. SlCIly. Reese, ]033 N LIme St., in North ron. In FI'ance. . in Negros Islands. Street Rl, in Italy caster R4, Dislinguished Flyir: land, Bronze Star. .

Capt. C. L. Martin, 1116 Crest Pvt. Rodney D. Musser, COlum- Africa. Sgt. Cha~'leli F. Schiefer, 14 N. Lt. Donald S. St.aley, USMC, Co- Technical Sgt. Lester L. Wagner Cross. . .Lt. ~red B~rley, .~hzabethto~ •.

Lane. In France. bla. In North ACrIca Pvt. Albert E. Reese, Jr., 714 Mary St., In Italy. lumbla RI, on Salpan. Ephrata, in England. Lt Robert Black. Quarryville, killed In actIOn, Air Medal With

Pic Paul H Martin. 596 N Plum prc. Robert Musser, USMC, Co- Beaver St., in France. Pic. War.ren Schmitt. 214 Ruby Pfc .. Robert H. Stanley, New Hol- Pvt. Rlch-ard C, Wagner, 218 W. killed lfi action, Air Medal, with one ?ak Leaf cluster, po~thu- 1

S!., ID }o"rance. IUmbla. on Salpan. Ptc. Norman Reese. 28 E Ross St .. on Okmawa. land. In Germany. Liberty St., in Italy. three Oak Leat clusters and the mous y.

Pfc Charles R. Martin, Terre Pfc Charles M. Musser, LititZ, St.. Jn France _ pic. Harry L .. Schoenb~rger, Pvt. Albe.rt P' .. Sta.ng, 535 1·2 PIc. Forrest E Wagner, 16 S. DistingUIshed Flying Cross. Corn-:gs~erA~gt. :r~n;ie ~t;~er,. 121

Hill, in France. In BelglUm PIc. Robert H. Reese, 920 Foun- :>99 1·2 N Plum St., In France. Green St .•. 10 Phlitppmes. Franklin St., 10 France. Technical Sgt. Warren N. Ben- e ,

Cpl. Ivan Martin, 618 S. Queen PIe Rlehard N Myer, LItitz R4, tain Ave., on Luzon. Pvt. Harold Schlott, Ephrata, in Pvt. LUlke M. Stark, Christiana. PV,t. William K. Wagner, 228 W. der, Ronks RI, Air M~dal WIth an C

St.. in France In France. PvL Jay Reese, Peach Bottom, Germany. . in F:rance. Liberty St., 10 France· and Gel'- Oak Leaf clllster. - -

Pic Joseph F Marlln, 145 E Robert L. Myers. USN, Colum- In .F'rance: . Pvt. Percy SchlapPlch, ROUlS-. Pre. Arthur J. Stark, 342~. many. Pvt. Charles E. Benner, 425 E. Sgt. Hel"bert J. Cammaut, I;ttitz

Vine St, on Okll1a~,,"a . bla, In Savo Island naval engage- TechniCian FiHh Grade Joseph Ville. In France. . Prmce St., woun<ied twice, 111 Pfc Edward K. Wagner, 509 Ho- Strawberry St., Slive'l' Star. R4, Air Medal with an Oak Leaf

Cpl J Karl Markley, Manheim menL G Reese, Ronks RI. 10 France. Sta·tf _ Sgt. Melvll'_l H. Sc~oenber- France and Germany. ward Ave.. wounded. three limes, Staff Sgt. Risdon J. Booth, 418 clus,ter.

RI. In France .. Pvt Francis Myers, Ql.larryvill~, Pfc Kenneth R. Reese. 21 Clark ger, 31:> E. Fredenck St., lD Euro· Cpl. Clayton H. Stark, Jr., Lan· In France. BelgIUm and Germany. E. Orange St., Dlsiingulshed Fly- Lt. Earl J Campbell, 13 Rub,. .!..

Pvt. Rufus Marlzall. Akron, 10 in Belgillm. St, In European theater. pean area. caster R6, 10 France. Sgt. Melvin H Wainer, 50 E. ing Cross and Air Medal. St., DistingUIshed FIYlOg Cross.

France. Pvt. Donald R. Myers. 35 Can· Sgt. Charles M. Rehm, Provl- Pvt. Alfred Schopf, Columbia Pk Willard Stauffer. Ehz;abelb· New St. In Germany. Staff Sgt. Charles Bouder, E. Lt. Col Tael Therrell, Ephrata.

Ptc Alvin Martzall, .c.;phrata, in estoga St.. In Holl~nd dence Twp. In Haly. R2, 10 Gcrmany. tOI},;n. Ln France. PIc James Waltkneeht. 305 Fulton St.. AIr Medal With two Br()nze Star. ~

France • Pfc. Richard C. Myers, M a n- Pfc Albert Reichard, Ephrata Sgt. William Schroeder, 705 E. Pfc. Elroy C. Stauffer, Akron, in Church St., 10 France. Oak Leaf cluster~. Sgt. Parke Campbeli1, Conesb6ga,

Stat! Sgt. Ivan Martzall, Eph· helm. wounded t\nce, 10 Germany H2, In Germany. . Walnut St., In France. Germany. Sgt. Paul H. Walker, 522 W. Tec-hnica! Sgt. Austin Bradshaw, DistingUished Flying Cross and

ra~a. In France. and Cz.echoslovakla. Pvt. Abner ~. Reidenbach, 310 staff Sgt. Chester Schwalm, 317 Stall Sgt, Earl R. Staufier, Eph- King St., in Germany. 741 E. Chestnut St.. Distmgulshed the Alr Med:al with six Oak Leef

Sgt. James Maser, Ephrata R2, Staft Sgt. CLyd'e M. Myles, 701 S. W. James St., In France. St. Queen St., in Italy. rata, In European area. Pic. James H. Wall, Columbia, Flying Cross and Air Medal with clusters;

in Frar.ce. Prince St., m France. Pic. Gerald F. Reidenbaugh. 540 Pvt. Carl B. Sepsenich: Laneas- Lt. James C. StauMer, USMC, in France. several Oak Leal clusters. Sgt. George Carrigan, 611 Chr.1J.

PIc. Robert N. Maser, 224 Juni· Lancaster Ave, in France. ter R3, in Germany. Rose'ville Road, on Saipan. Pfc. Clarence B. Waller, 129 N First Lt. Robert E Brubaker, tian St., Bronze Star.

at~g~.t·J~~n F~an~e~ltern, 118 Coral - If - JaS~;s ~\~~~~dF~:~~~~bach, 310 W ra~:~·wo~~cdh:J~wi~~:V~;IF~~nc~ph- F;ag~~e~enry Staufier, Ephrata, in Dutf~, StJOh~ FTanc~alsrum·. 338 BIT~~~~~c~7d·s~;r ~l~~~l. L. Burk- m~I~~~r~t ~afe~\1~W' N~i~a~~~'

St., 10 Germany. Pvt. Paul Nace, Marietta, in Cpl. Robert L Relil, Jr., 614 Staff Sgt. Lester A. Sessman, Sgt. Samuel Stauffer, 409 HI g b. Maple Ave .• In Germany. hart. 927 Clark 5t, DlstlO .... ulshed St.. Navy and Marine C.Orpl \\

Pfc Norman Maxwell, 718 E German). East End Ave .. III Germany. LItitz. in Fral.ce. SI. In France. Robert F. Walther: pharmaCIst Flymg Cross and the Air M~dal Medal .R ~

KIng St. in Germany. Pfc. Lester Nagle, Lititz, in Pvt. Lloyd Relkard, Jr, 684 Pvt. Arthur Shabach Quarry- Pfe James Stein. Columbia. on mate third class, USN, Coll.lmbia. with fIve Oak Leaf clu 'en. Staff Sgl J9seph Chal.ala, 125.

Cpl. Raymond E .. Maxwell,'J 128 France. , Ha'hrank St. (On Okmawa. VIlle, in Belgium. " New Gumea. on 0k.lOawa. Flight Officer ElVin V. Broo~s, Green St. J,..eglOn. of Mer~. I

W. Strawberry St., 10 France. Sgt. Earl Nauman, Manhelm -/Pfe. Ross (;11. Reinhart, Willow Technician Fifth Gra 'Sami!!'l Pvt. Richard S. SteMy, 136 E. P·fe. Glenn K. Waltm'11n, 204.W. Lancaster R3. killed m action. Air Lt. Elwood Collins, Mt, JOT BI.i

J. ) ! >

.. "--'tei_-""'-'I.J..' "--..__,_i.._~.J:I'I!::» ...... ,~_l_.l.L........,jclL._.:'_..;l!<J.....;·J!IS,.-::a .. !_,1 ' __ L L _~:_~_ ~ UJ












Lloyd Ulmer, Lampeter,

Star. .


Pic, Jame. M VmeIll, Colull')o '\

blSgt~rJ:~k ~~aJersteinl 231 Junt. 1/,.

ata St. Air Medal.

Cpl, Bert Vaughn, Kirkwood, Bronze Star.


First Lt. Charles' Wambaugb, CoIumbia, Bronze Star.

Stat! Sgt. Robert wtntee, 334 E,

St. AIr Medal with an \'


LewIs Witmer, Cones-

th~~(fak Cl~:; " \


- w - t';;, Medal with 12 Oak Lea! clus- 1944 1945

Cross with an Oak Leaf cluster Lt Richard Warfel, Lancaster "As Pennsylva,nians we are proud of our volurteer ss-cei. J. Hale Steinman named 8-Close stores on Mondays to

and the Air Medal. R5, Bronze Star to Printing and Publishing Division save fuel.

First Lt Newmap 'If. Winter- Major James whtte, Millersville, at War Production Board I at O-Two local cigar manufacturers

rnyer, Columbia ~ir Medal Bronze Star. C· "t- D fl' h . p. Washington. Cited by OPA for wartime price

te~~~ur:°A}~r M'Z'J~'llf~;thE=.st ta'l: Stall Sgt Edward C Warner. nnuan e ense. t IS t e. greatest commumty lnter. FI~ih;t~r °L~~n t~~ot~~ $12.000.000 ceiling VIOlations. .

Led cIu~ters,ll"" . Strasburg, Bronze Star 29-400 ex-servicemen have re- 10-750 homes got emergency

Staff Sgt. ~ewis Witmer, Cones- turned to war plant Jobs. coal In two weeks.

toga R2, DIstinguished Plying - W - prise in the history of our Commonwealth." JI-Twenly·flve Philadelphia 12-9~ per cent stores observe

Cross and the Air Medal With Capt Roy A Weidman. Akron, farmerettes Will aid county farm- first Monday closing to save coal

three Oak Leaf clusters. Dfstinguistred Flymg Cross, and ers. 17-Nazl prisoners on wrecked

Technical Sgt A'hben H .W~]jd Air Medal with 12 Oak Leaf clus- _ Governor Edward Martin at ceremonies 4-Nab twoA~~~~T stamp coun- tram here.

~1~m~O~:~~s ~:J 'A'~'~~dga'l1S e ters. . d demobilizing Civilian Defense, Oct. 15, 1Q45 terfeiters here. dr1;'-1:~~nsR~thC~~':.'1 ~a$290~~

Pvt Richerd WoUe, Refton, S11· Pfc Mark Welt, Hopeland, , 7-War Labor Board orders 24-Tankers built here were used

ver Star Bronze Star. . striking truck drivers back to work in Normandy.

Sgt John Varner. Lltiti R3. Cpl. Alton '\Yesley, 1181 Spnn.g here; order Ignored, drivers face 26-Nazi prisoners work in local

Bror.ze Star Grove Ave, killed In action, All' draft. tobacco warehouses.

Cpl. John wocdysbeck, 543 Dau- Medal . 9-Harold H Hamilton elected 27-Local taprooms. bars. night

phm St, Bronze Star Pic. Dltvld Wade, New Holland, Purple Heart national commander. clubs observe nrst midnight clcs-

Cpl. WIlliam Wagner. Elizabeth- B~nlze Jar Id Wh t P d ll-Truck drivers comply with mg curfew ordered as war meas-

town, Air Medal p aro I e, ara ise Army order to return to work, ure.

Capt. Andrew Walker. Elizabeth- RI. Bronze Star. 1942 1943 1943 1943 12-Need 1.572 more workers m 28-Teen-age girls boo Nazi prrs-

town, Distinguished F'Iying Cross, !echnlcal Sgt Le:Vls WaItman, local war plants. oners working at tobacco ware-

and the Air Medal w).th an oak 33~ E Ross St. AIr Medal With AUGUST 26-Chlldren will collect :10 cans 14-Shoe merchants have tiheir 24-C. of C. asks 25 per cent cut 14-DayJtght thief steals 3,500 houses.

Leaf cluster f~:es~lve~a~ta~eaf clusters and I-Salvage drive for metal and from neighbors. busiest day m years as customers in electrtcity use In voluntary war "B" gas stamps at ration office. MARCH

Technical Sgt Arthur Waltman. LI Will am L W t East Pe rags opened, 27-0DT orders Conestoga 'I'rans- rush to use shoe ration stamp No. dimout. 16-700 cars tagged tor failing to 1-Flood In Susquehanna river

Quarryville .. Dtsnngutshed F'Iying tersburg. Soldier's M:d~l. . 6-Branch ration office opened portation .Co. to prepare plans to 17 before It expires. 29-Two pounds per pupil scrap display $5 wartime auto use stick- halts work In Columbia war plants.

Cross Staff Sgt. James weiss. 126 E In Columbia. reduce mileage of rubber-borne ve- 17-01d metal, rags, paper col- paper quota set m city schools. ers. . . ~~Pomt value of canned fruits

Fl'J'St Lt Philip Walter, N).n· Walnut St Bronze Star 7-Plan to expand Lancaster :\1:u- h:cles 30 per cent. .. lection for war. DECEMBER 21-Flrst G·I ballots mailed over- raised by OPA.

helm, Distinguished Flymg Cross Col Ja;';"es Walker USMC 237 nicipal AIrport abandoned. 26-Hlgh school seniors jom VlC- 2l-Streamline playground recre- I-FIve Lancaster county rest- seas. 6-Clty maps post war program

and the Air Medal With four Oak College Ave Bronze 'Star , 8-Lt. Gen. wflll am S. Knudsen, tory Corps. ation programs because of trans- dents among fIrst repatrtates from 23-Twenty PIttsburgh business to cost $1,787,839.

Leaf clusters FIrst Lt RIchard Warfel. Lan- director of War Production, VISIt:;: 29-Far~ers co~~ to ratiO~, 01- portatlon troubles. Jal?anese camps on exchange ShIP college girls arrive to help on 9-Nineteen - year· old German

Capt DaVId S Watt. 1035 Man- caster R5 Bronze Star With one local war plants. nee In sleighs for farm gas. 24--War volunteers-housewives, Gnpsholm. farms Prisoner of War escapes here and,

etta Ave, DIstinguished Flying Oak Leaf' cluster 12-Ration boards start checking FEBRUARY teachers, pupils - harvest 9,500 3-Lancaster county industries 25-Flfteen G-l.ballots have been IS captured.

Cross With Oak Leaf cluster and 7,500 "C" gas ration books. \ I-Groundhog fete cancelled by acres peas. bave war contracts worth $1:30. returned to election board by ser- lD-Farmers ask 300 German

the AIT Medal With several Oak y l5-Federal government says it war and Illness of George W. Hen- 29-Meat control committee 755.200. j , vice personnel prisoners to aid with farm work.

Leaf clusters - - is ready to recommend emergency sel Jr. at QuarryvIlle named, Paul L. Leaman. Bird-In- 7-General Hospital honors 68 26-War Housing Center closes 14-Gasohne made available for

Lt: RIchard Warfel. 117 Ruby Sgt William Yeager, 633 First housmg for Lan~aster 3:_"Work or fight" law at.fe.~ts Hand, chairman. doctors. nurses m service. here. says war housing needs fully victory gardeners .

St., AIr Medal with four Oak Leaf St. Bronze Star IB-County high schools drop 10000 here JULY 8-Adam Z. Moore heads Post- met. IS-Black markets dram Lan-

clusters. \ Sgt RIchard Young, 613 St Jo- sports programs because of the 4-SIX thousand war workers I-Navy courses open at F and War Planning Council. 28-Boy Scouts collect 66 tons caster of poultry supplies.

Pfc. Eugene Wagner. Mount Joy, seph St Bronze Star. war needed here 10 SiX months. M 570 enrolled . la-FIrst birthday anmversary waste paper. 17-Record heat damages war-

Bronze Star. Staff Sgt Henry Yeager, 633 N 19-Rahon Boards announce that 6-Four thousand WIves, I;lupils. 4-War plants' work on holiday observed by Lancaster USO. STEPEMBER hme crops.

Te'chnician ThIrd Grade Charles PIne St.. Bronze Star 5,000 "C" gas books and 8,225 "B" clerks. mobilized to help farmers 6-Three churches dedicate ser: IS-Alr·raid test "least success- 5-City council endorses war. 19-Lancaster passes goal!n Red

WeIgand, 560 W Chestnut St. Staff Sgt. Gordon Yingst, Lititz, books were issued he~e . next summer. vice flags, honor 130 men, 0 n e ful ., time flag display campaign of Pur- Cross drive.

Bronte: Star Silver Star 22-Blind workers join working 9-Enroll week of Feb. 21 for WAC 17-Seventeen per cent of city ple Heart society. 2l--Chamber ot Commerce plans

Major Richard wtnters, 418 S. forces of lccal plants. No 2 ration book. '. D-Ground WIll be broken for 44 school pupils out In wartime "flu' 8--Warhme needs limit hunters for V-d~y.

West End Ave, Distinguished Ser- _ Z _ 25-Clty "pens 26 arr raid shel 12-Ten from here held in tire houses for war workers epidemic. to one box of shells each . 23-Clty launches drive lor c.loth..

vice Cross ters In central section of ~Ity. black market . . . 10-Recrultmg of women's land IS-Red Cross sends 700 Yule 9-False German peace rumors lng to a id ,peoples of alUed naho~s.

Lt: William wtulinger. 137 E Pfc. Harry L. Zerbe, Ephrata 26-Farl'l1;ers ask more hres to .13-Local ratlon boards WIll. hold army to relieve war labor short. gifts to Indiantown Gap recall early 1918 armistice celebr a- 30-CIty s supply of meat hit!

Frederick St., Distinguished Flymg Rl, killed In action, Bronte Star, keep machmery rolling night hearings on pleasure drlvin~ age on local farms begins. 3O-County Defense Council tlon. new low.

Cros's and AIr Medal WIth two Oak posthumously SEPTEMBER '-:lola11.ons to save. war worker-s l3-Mayor Cary names commit- bans rmgmg of bells. blowing ot 15-$100.000.000 war goods made APRIL

Leaf clusters First Lt. Robert Zink, Mt. Joy, 1-Clty schools adapt courses to time on assembly hnes. . tee to study post-war planning. whistles to greet 1944. for Army Air Forces at 15 local I-Navy pilot dies in Welsh.

Pvt. Alvin S Wittle, Ehzabeth- Dtstingui shed FlYing Cross and the war demands. IS-Three local dogs go on active l5-Blg rush to get OPA per- plants mountain ·rash.

town RI Bronze Star. Alr Medal With seven Oak Leaf 2-Hlgh schools short of war duty . mlts to take vacation trips. 1944 16-Scarclty of Items limits Yule 4-Mayor asks Federal Housing

" Flr st Lt. Clarence Wolgemuth. clusters. I teachers , 17-Cold spell cuts fUe-1 all sup- 17-Henry J Kaiser builds war gifts fot Gl's overseas Adml!llstration to find homes for

Mount Joy Rl , Air Medal Technical Sgt. Har~ld Zander, 3--Clty streets cleared l~ ~e?s ply planes in circus tent at Municipal JANUARY.. 19-Four county corrsctenttcus ob- families of service men.

Sgt Glenn Waller, Jr, 624 Pop. Lititz Rl, Air Medal wi th two Oak than four minutes during air raid . 22-Thre~ cans food per person Alrport. 7-Twenty-eight new wartime lector') get prison terms 7-Cold weather endangers fruit

lar St AIr Medal With one Oak Leaf clusters. test. IS March Iimlt here. 20-SalvatlOn Army buys 25 homes occupied. 2l-Thlrty-eight per cent of Me- crops badly needed for wartime

Lea1 cluster. First L1. Leon H. Zimmerman, 4-Ask volunteers to help raze 23-Churches JOIn appeal for Red double dormitory cots for service- 1G-CIty'S supply of hard coal Caskey high school pupils h a v e food.

Staft Sgt. Robert wnson, 679 st. Bird-In-Hand Rl, Distinguished Ir~n fences needed for salvage Cross war donatIons.. men. .. dwindles. part-time war plant jobs lG-MaIlmg of ratiab stamps

Joseph St Silver Star Flymg Cross and the Air Medal drive. 24-Flve hund~ed r3gM.-tered :in 23-34,294 are in civilian war ac- . I]-Fourth War Loan quota fixed 23-Evlcted Army wile threatens transferred to Harrisburg,

'Master ·Sgt. Lawrence Witmer, with two Oak Leat clusters. 5--F and M graduates 27 under war classes at . an. ' tiviti,s here. . at $12.887.800 to camp In square WIth children, 13-Lancaster mourns death of

QuarryvIlle R3, Bronze Star Technical Sgt. Gus Zimmerman, war time speed-up progral,l1.. 26-Extra supply or No.2 ration 2~Flrst public dr-ill of V-5 Na- 13--Fuel shortage in city be- 25-State Guard to compete in President Roosevelt.

Sgt Harold WIlliams Mount Joy 61 Howard Ave Bronze Star 8-More than 900 occupations Ilst- books rushed here. val unit at F. and M. comes: acute horse show 15-City ho-Ids memcrial services

Air Medal with one O~k Leaf clus: Sgt. J. George Zook. 110' Ruby ed as essential to war effort l'tIARCH ~6-Local ;talo-Americans re- l~Draft Boards Induct 22 fath- . 2~School bus and truck carry- m churches for President Roose-

ter St. Bronte Star ~S-School .enrollment drops be- 3--Canned goo,!s sales dropped JOIce at Duce s ouster. ers. mg NaZI pnsoner s In crash.'. velt. .

'Technician Fourth Grade Sam- 811t Daniel Zmk Marietta killed e suse war Jobs claim pupils. 50 per cent In first two days of 26-Blackout routs thousands l5-0PA checks on wartime 27-Flrst local veteran asks 16-Council on Veterans Affairs

uel Warfel,' 70B N. Pine St., Bronze in ~c'tl<m, Silver Star..' lO--Call for +.000 women by local rationing. _ from beds. .' sates of tobacco. Farm Security Loan. formed.

Star. , Lt Robert Zook, 512 Howard war plants. . 4-0ne hundred. homes jar war 29 - Wartime coffee rationing 19-Citizens rush to give blood 28-Need 6,049 war workers here 20-Plans for sounding Victory

Capt. Roy A Weidman, Akron, Ave, AIr Medal ll-Ask industry to stagger workers ~o be built her~ by Fed- ends, stocks ample here. for plasma . by Nov I day signal.

, . working snttts so employes can eral HOUSIng Adrnlnistr~tLon. AUGUST 21-School children aid war bond 29-SaIlor's Wife, three sons face 27-Lancaster assembles 100,000

I I pool cars. 1<" 6-WAC and WAVE recrmtmg 2-Company ·H, State G~ards. in drIve. eVIction. pounds of cloth~ng for Europe's

1S-Ratlon Boards hft 250 C spurred h~re. "war" maneuvers. 22-S1xteenth McCaskey High OCTOBER needy.

-LOCAL WAR CUDONOLOGY gasolme books. . 8-AutOlSts h.ere obey honor ban 3-Draft- boards told to call tath- pupil inducted 2-Banks start to cash war l\IAY

I1I\. 22-Farmers ask to gIve scrap on pleasure dnvmg. . ers last. 27-Blind workers explain part in bonds. . 3-Scenes from German horr01"

I . metal to war effort. 9-74,887 No. 2 rahan books 1s- 9--Boy S~ouls volunteer to pick war program to ClVIC l~aders 3-WartIme butter scarcIty, none camp shown ill CIty movI-e

, ...... -' "- -1 ~t:~on~ dl~ne1 rals~r $660,OW" sued; fasnacht supply curtuled for potatoes relieve farm labor short. 31--County area ordered to adopt in stores for fIve days. 4-0ver 250000 pdunds clothJ.ng

1941 1942 vlctoryI~or~~ 00 PUP1S enro 10 lac1ko-0p! latts.! M d· H· ht 11 age.' , 40·hour week. 5-Bogus "A" gasoline stamps collected here for United Nations

~ • • 1. ar a ea 18 elg s go lO-Gas supply here at new .... 'ar- FEBRUARY passed here. relief.

, 28--RatlOnmg of rubber bOOlS or- course WIll be turned mto war vic- tIme low I-Hard coal pnces advance 45 7-Two thousand overseas Yule 5-86 per cent of 8 B74 d ft g

. DECEMBER ,31-CltY'S air raid alarm system dered tory gar~en.. . ' l1-Se;vice' units .to, mobilize in cents a ton.. packages mailed daily. men In war Jobs ' ra·a e

'1 ..... Lancaster' stunned by Japan s tested 310-PDli'he r-eady to enforce 35 I5-Swmg shift, wOJ.7kers. stage futUre raId warnmgs. 4-Plans announced for Victory 10-Ralse wartIme bans on con· 7-City dubiOUS of German sur-

attack on Pearl Harbor APRIL, ml es per our victory speed. last·mmute rush to pay lOcome 12-War nursery opens Sept. 1 on Hoyse In Penn Square. structmg new apartments to ease render n~ws awaits oUldal word

g...:....Scores rush to enhst as Draft l-Clty accepts 150 men to serve .. OCTOBER tax . E, Ross St. g.:....Sixteen committees named to housing shortage. 6-Tears, ~mlles prayer greet of: ,

Boards p~epar~ to call 56 selec- as Trafflc Control offIcers In case I-George R SmIth, Jr., named 16-RatJon board praIses 35 hIgh 'l3-Housewives her e deride speed post war planntng. 11-Study plan to pool all pubhc flcial V-E announcement here"

tees tor mductlon Jan. 6. Co]. J of emergency. e.xecuhve secretary of Central Ra· school gIrls tor clerical help. claim of dTap In wartime food lO-Clty and c9unty's draft QUo· beque~ts for one war memorlal Churches take lead school di:

,.Hale SteInman. chairman ot the 3-Arm bands dlStnbuted to air hon Board. 19-All who get Band C. gas prices tas raised 12-Halt training Marines at F miss some war la'nts sta s 0 e~\

~:l~;t~~e~~~~~r~t!e::n C3~f~~I;! rat.. spo~t~rs 2-Busrness and professional rahon books must carry tlfi'ee or 14--C. of C_ takIng poll to see if IS-Plan' to expand victory gar· and M . to c~nhnue prodJcing for YJaban

t& Trammg class.es graduate 140 men and house"':lv~s asked to take more persons ,to work regularlr· members favor war time for wm- den nlantmiz: in snrmll Hi-Scouts collect 870 Dounds fat. W8T _ _

P~~o H. State Guards. mobIl. em7~~f~~:nfrr~m school starts n~saIVage"''a'hve 'g-e1s·~t3-·tons Of 1~2 y~1t~r-s- .sO--he- c5lua-'~f\Th~ to]- l~Draft regIstrants here pre- ed by Navy. record mIdnight curfew, but late crowds

;;'" to guard Columbia ondge 'md tramIng 50 men for SIgnal Corps metal pIpe Army, a Lmcoln man l~ft fot pare for change to war _jobs lD--Vlctory C(!nter in Penn 2.1-Wom.en qUIttmg jobs dis- are small;. bogus red ration

~./ strateglc1 pomts. 9-Clty'S gasolIne supply reduced ~hnstma~ shOPPing for ser- camp weighIng 239 pounds 17-Ration book 3 valId Sept. 12. Square dedicated turbs war Industries.._ stamps In CIty.

I 8~lv1UnicIp<l1 Airport placed un· one-thIrd 1 , I vice mE'n an.d womer:.1I) full swmg! 26-HouseWlves swamp~ed t:lar\t t }a}.9-;-40 l~c~l .QPA p'r~~e panel 23-Women war workers report· ~6-N~vy Mothers' tag sale aids n~-Local c.ouple held P1 J,P'

. mIlitary control. Battery E. IG-Flrllt 'photo! from Batlln 12-Inveshglito~s ]ma trace ~ of butchers on ~ye ()f me~f' .... i'atlo "I es ,'named: .. j I ~ "'.... ed molesteCi on 'streets hpspita~'j work . 0(.1 : three years arrIve home ,

~!.!h Coast Artillery reported published in Lancaster. stolen tIres in Lancaster county. 27-Flrst blacl«iut robber.l,es ~Man:y t.it:J\ca-ster fathers In 2~-Air raid warning centeI ~8-Slxth War Loa.n Quota 11 12 14-Store employes parade to

Fushed to New York to bolster de· ll-Clty completes plan lor bond 15-U. S. starts ~uymg exces:; her~. jY jobs expected to be deferred. moved to Police station mIlllon dollars here rally openmg 7th War Loan.

lenses drive. tires from. local car owners. 29-Rush to buy butter with redl 25-0PA finds c:eiling prIces via- 26-RatioJ'l tokens adopted. NOVEMBER 16-27,000 pmts Qf blood donated

ll-Defense Councll announces 16-Lancaster named vital de· l6-Ban use of masks on Hal- "A" points_ I ted openly at City markets. MARCH l-Wartime cigaret supplY at here in 38 months, Red Cross unit

prehminary plans for fIrst air raid fense area for eastern seaboard lowe'en because of danger of sabo- 30-Insist on city law to bar dogs 30-Stabilize war wage rates I-Red Cross war drIve wms new low. ends last VISIt. ' .

rehearsal and' blaekout." 24-Elght Draft Boards prE-pare tage. from war VIctory gardens he e for certam mdustfles. wide endorsement. 3-Urge coordmated Veterans' 18-:-Two local. survivors tell how

l2.-Flre Slrens chosen to gIve to enroll men from 4-5 to 85 years 20-Lancaster goes over top WIth APRIL -SEPTEMBER 3-Pomt value of eanned vege· Advisory Committee. CarrIer Franklin was bombed_

air raId warnmg Signals old' 10,799 tons of scrap metal, I-Hundreds ask more gas to get 1 First children admitted to tables reduced. &-Street-corner drive to get war 21-Seek camp SIte for 400 NaZis

, 13-Rush of Calzens to jom Cl' 25-ColumbIa and Mt. Joy hold fl-;-Re.tatlers· . committe(! orders t~ work. RO; 8t nursery 7-Reynolds JWlior High gives workers. needed on. county farms.

"'IlIan Defense Corps rear.hes new parades for departIng SelecteES elImma~lOn of lIghts on Chnstmas 2-County's quota for Second 2-I1o~aJ hOSPlt~ls. train nurses $1.000 to Red Cross. 8-Clty votes for Roosevelt but ?3 ..... Halt mductI0l'!- of three local

peak . MAY decorations War Loan IS $14,876,000. f t U S Cadet Corps 13-Red Cross repprts 12,052 Dewey carnes county. met;! over 30 at .rallroad station-

16-Clty calls for 1.200 8lr raid 3.!....Three RatlQn Boards Issue .22-P.rankster's rumor that. mar- S-l,500 Boy Scouts stand by iis 0 3-Ex.~oldier, forme'r Columbia blood donors in two years. 9-Three "Army· wives" arrested new rule. ,

wardens tIre certificates. nage lIcenses are to be railoned, "land army" to help save cr~ps. police chief, sues for job back. 23 ..... Farmers lack labor to start for desertmg chlldr.en. 25-Seek. eVlctIon of GI smother

\ .17-~chools announce plans tor +-crowds rush registratIOn cen- starts run on LIcense Bureau.. 10-Pupils collect two raIlroad 4-Familles receive news of sons fleld work.. . 15-Reynolds :1umor hIgh schp I at Columbia, owel5 SlOB rent.

,air r81d drills. EnsIgn Le~ Fox, lers to get sugar coupons 26-Coffee ordered on ratIon I1st cars full of tin cans In NaZI prIson camps 24-0PA outlines labor policy tor sells $2.836.668 In war bonds, t JUNE

Jr. F and M student, reported 7-Sugar ration cards reveal ex. begInmng Nov.,28 '. l~-F and M WIll become Navy 8-U. S, Asbestos Co. workers Lancaster area . . State schools. ' 1-8toP 5ugar for canning, 7,000

killed at Pearl Harbor . pans ion of city's wartime popula· 27-ScOFes here Imked WIth tire traInIng school July 1 present Jeep to Army. 25-Women and scbool chlldren 17-10.210 local school pupils e applicatlons held up.

22-<;Jty and suburbs 10ld flcst tIon racket. . l4--USO opens new lounge at 28 9-$13,852,000 bond drive, biggest help With work at MarIetta Army roll in wartime JuniQr Red Cros. 4-City asks for permanent Navy

air raid dnll and blackout ll-Clty makes test of air raid 29-Rahon Boards expanded to E, Orange St ' t tarts depot 18-County tops waste paper Shore Patrol as intoxication de-

23-Reports show first blackout a sirens and finds them madequate. handle 011 . 15-0perallon, weddmg, and two yeti':Bond rallies in Penn Square. 29-Froz~n fruI.ts and vegetables quota with 1.200 tons in 10 m.o~ths. linquency rise. '

~Ig success All IllumInation ex- 12-Crowds walt mIme for gas- NOVEMBER bIrths durmg black()ut. 13~Lancaster tlrst county fo ex- f!"p.e of ration pomts. 22-0pen first of 4,890 mlhtary 5-Eggs now market hard.to.get

tin~Ulshed for 15 ml~utes. . oime ratIOn cards. 2-CAPS otfer al~ serVIce to Lan- 17-Mounted police reserve form- c~ed Sept. tm can quota. 3D-Luxury buymg spurred to es· ballots. item.

2;r-Lancaster ce_ebrates first 14-Clty stores deCide 10 curb de. casler War Industnes t() speed car. ed by .. ,clty and state p~lIce for re- t4----W"ar workers help to fill cape tax. 25-Harassed smokers now face .a-Few "squawk,'· here on first

wartIme Chnstmas Wltb men rush· hvenes to save tires and 'glls. rYIng of emergency orders connalssance, tr,affIc, tlot duty dur- blood bank . \ AP.RIL wartIme shortage ()t matches. meatless, butterle,ss day in reltau-

ing to the colors • 16--Defense Council plans to 4-War gardeners raIsed many lng alerts. 15--Dealers outline plan for vol- 4-Easter orchids sell for $10. 28-Dratt warnmg for 30 to 38s rants. -

27-A three·man board. named ~o tram aUXIlIary .firemen thousands ot pounds of vegetables 24--Twenty-one- plants ad()pt vol- untarv 'coal rationing. 12-Many men over 25 years vol· not in war work. 9--Canning sugar ban is lifted .

. allocate automobUe tires In Lancas· IB-Week-end traffIC drops as durIng the summ~r. untary .j'manmng tables" to re- I~Father' of six of! to Army. unteer for mllitary. service. 30-12.000 fewer autos on road as 12-Navy starts Shore Patrol

ter. gas supply d\'./mdles 5-Lancaster granted 40 new au- place men off 10 wa.f wife to run cafe. IS-McCaskey HIgh school an- .shown by "A" gas ration applIca- here. ,

.29-School tor Alr .. Rald waroens 19~1ty gets extra fire .fighting lomoblles and 200 blcycles for ~6-Barber~ shavmg and cuttI!lg 22-Eight thousand pupils enllst_ nounced 58 pupils In military ser· hons. 16-161 McCaskey high school

opened In Lancaster Twenty·four eQUlpme-nt to. cope WIth war emer- month of November haIr by apPointment as streamhn· ed In bond drIve. vIce.. . DECEMBER pupils get -vacation jobs in war

men leave to Jom the Mannes. gencles 9-More nurses sought to care Ing war measure 24-"Doorbell drive" 'under way 19-Draftmg of tmmstenal stu· 4-Ten local war plants have re· plants

21-Army offiCials VISlt' Arm· for children ot women working in 27-Local "clothes for RUSSia" to push bonds. . dents protested by Evangelical and converted to peace production. 19-tJ0 new homes approved here

strong Cork Co. to see weapons in war plants. dnve m progress. 25-Twenty-four get alarm Reformed 8ynod. . 5-OPA orders check on prices to relIeve housing sbortage.

produchon ll ..... MotQr car owners ordered. to 28-11.000 extra war workers lc10cks ,by buying $12,000 war 21-Poultry prIces boosted by of Christmas toys. 2O-Fatnolls "Black Hawk" dlvf.

. JA~UARY 22-Men. 18 to 20. ordered to reg- register all tires In their pos- n:eeded by next March. bonds OPA. &--RUSSlan war relief drive sion vets home.

m!;~;ra;;.l~~:::sse~~~~!e~.h~o w~~~ 1$~~i~"neca3~~efror :~l~!~ts salvage se~~~:tr raId wal'd-ens asked to w;~~av~u~rSew~lrsl~~w ~Tr~tr:~~ ra~retTwo jaIled in gas book th~t;g~~~~ th~e~:~ty~arm work OP~mokers "ro11lOg own" tiga. ha~~dune cann~g sugar quota ex'-

tnarned Since Dec 8, 1941 . materials to aid war effort help speed drive for sCl'ap.metals shells. 29~ten at Central Market face 28-Bhnd workers get new war rets because of war shortage. 23-Probe lack ~ constant guard

2-Sale of automobIles halted and 2S-School ehlldren ~nroll .tor t It-Lanca~~e\ h~s ~u?nse daYi 30-Bandmastel's meetIng here hearings as OPA violators. contracts. 12-Local WAC recrUItmg otfice for NaZI worken in southem

more than 1.000 cars impounded. farm \-vode Ig aIr ral es 0 ace revea blame dearth ()f new war songs on 30-ExhlbitS at Ephrata fall' cut 29-Lancaster told to speed VIC- gets merit plaque county.

3-Appeal made for 1.000 blood 26-0PA cracks down on "gas" cIv:enV :IPP~ ,~B, 10 a lvance'r mechaml!:ed warfare by war and drought tory garden work 16-Local Gl fmds pictures of 28-Three local survivors at

donors , bootleggers - a u~ gaso JOe ra Ion MAY OCTOBER MAY Lancaster in Nazi school. home tell of killing of 373 in raid

6-Store dehvenes curbed Busl- 27-Paul A. Mueller resigns as stamps cu to three gallons . l-Lancaster's Second War Loan 2-Tm can collectlon 10 city. . 1a:-Two county soldIers escaped on Carner Bunker Hill. '.

ness houses ordered to darken head of Rahon Board 3 JgoA~tomtoblle owners turn In campaign tops its goal with sales fdLocal crd'stmals packal\es to 5-Many meats freed of ratIon by playmg dead as Germans shot 30-Lancaster goes over top in

show windows to conserve electrIC 28-Housewives rush to get can- '26-ix ra Ites 1 b t Th k _ of $15,216,595 1n war bonds. so ~l{\ ma\ e eaft y of 300 eras regulations Yank prisoners. 7th War Loan, total sales $15~·

power • mng sugar . anus er. ce e ra €s an s 4-Wartlme retaIl sales broke all 0 ra IOn 0 Ice eo a-HOLC plans 15 apartment 21-Blood donations record :set 594,000. \

13-Clty CounCIl Introduces ord· 29-Servlce statlOns hang out glVlog by working as usual records With a volume of $44,000,· bo~k~ b k t on h~ad umt$, for day, 247 pInts . JULY

:lnance giVIng air raid wardens po- "no gas" signs DECEMBER 000 In 1942 - urrey ac as ra I 9-U. S abandons NYA center 22-Local casualty lIsts shoot up- S th 1 dri d

hce powers durmg blackouts , 3D-Lancasler honor-s soldiers of 3-Men wed before Dec. 7 called ~War housmg center to dIrect as .boards reorganize alter, reslg- In Kiwanis park. ward as Battle of Bulge rages. 2- even war oan & en I

14-Red Cross agenCies and De- all wars In MemOrIal services. for milItary service Bond quota converSion of 205 buildIngs here tn. ~at1ons over robbery at rahon 0[- 10-Block leaders take soldIer 23-Mayor a8ks homelolk to sup· bUL~!~~a~{e~ c~~1fs ~~rebr~':;oD .

fens~ Counell unIts eoordlnat~d tor JUNE. for O1onth fIxed at $814,696 ~o apartme-nts opened at 138' N ceo . vote census. port men on battle fronts in Yule f F th!. Jul

Dlsaster Rehef 3-C W Armstrong named chief 6-Defense. UnIts parade Duke St 9-Gov Martm dedlca~~s ser· ll-Thirty more war houses message 0 ~r 0 y. t tim

IS-ReSIdents in Mt Joy"·Ehza· of messenger serVIce for .ClvIllan 7-Hotels and apartments order· 7-Red' Cross War Fund nets vlcemen's honor roll at LItitz k planned here. 2S-Wartime Christmas Centers 5-d r~y JPproves par e

beth town area protest .reported Defense. \ ed to use coal .and conserve fuel $233.443 lS-War nursery seiks $468 eoro 12-Draft caUs reduced 50 per in homes and churches luar as t ~rfar~man prisoners on

plan for W,T plant m their neIgh· 4-Strlcter gas rahonmg ordered oil . IO-0PA takes lkense nurpbers 18-UnIted DrIve or , cent. 26-"Flrepower for EIsenhower" a9~Dse~and f~~ war workers in

borhood. t~ save fuel 9-Snow storm Calls to halt tIn of 119 cars With occupational gas opens. 15-Flfth War Loan quota fIxed veterans' team says a:r:nmumhon 1 lIt tb i

of the Defens~ CouncIl 5-Alr l'(tld wardens distribute drive Volunteer blood donors allotments used to VISlt taprooms, t 20-J~I$13 ~rOJ'°a?e w~nt over at $13970000 for Lancaster, used up on SIegfned LIne. plead o~~-t:re:a~:~~v~~ory eco~~:ee~ ...

19-Recreahon Assoclah.on sug sand to homes. crowd Red Cross hea<l.quarters. parks golf clubs, and entertain· o~~S I ' fi· ~a r' tl f .. 18-1,000 school chIldren sought for more shells in visit here. d b R t B d

gests plan for establIshment of 6-~ancaster wins state praise 10-McCaskey HI~h school re- ment 'places a vage 0 ICla s p ea or ~ for :farm work. name "1 a Ion I?ar.

War Gardens fo}' Victory Garden program pOlis 734 pupIls In part time ll-Auctions and livestock mar. ~un~le o~paper on every doorstep 19-Business and professional 1945 "~-~Isab~e1,,veterans used in

27-RatJomng of new automobiles 100Leloy H Nolt named head work. . kets being policl!d by OPA agents U2~ a~ ornJ~g t .'e" U men asked to aid farmers. cl::=J ~ac e i 1 in

announce,d ot Rallon Boards ll-Draft Boards enroll IS·year- t-o stop black market 'Pflces on po- D f - ~Ydr .arE se s t lX1 an 22-Blg crowds fail to gain en- JANUARY I' I 0 c~n rto overd women

28-FlfSt plans I announced for 14-Lanc-aster defense workers aIds for milltar~ service tatoes and poultry. he en1e ay m ancas er, rmy trance to circus. I-WartIme trafilc restrIctIons o~LMa; p J~ s 19~~ hou i ~.

new RCA war plant In Lancaster hold parade. 12-Churches start dnve 10 en- '12-10,000 pounds tin cans s ow S eret, 200 000 N 4 24-Plan new hres for ·'A·' cars. cut down auto deaths in 1944 to 29 t foe . n, sew ves

FEBR.UARY lS-A K Barnes reSIgns as head rOl\~y~:eb~ i~ c~~ rrt~IJ .. u 10 shipped.. . ti:~bo~trS. lssumg , o. ra- 2,i--Memorial Day actiVIties cm· five-year low. ' w~~ ~rG:~~e~~ga:eleases '250

3-American born Japs caused of local WPB of1Ice t 20 r g f t P 13-Perman~nt WAAC recrwUng 26-Work rushed on houses tor taded Z-Farm Labor OffIce placed firms of labor ceiling regulations

spy scare at ColumbIa bndge IS-Lancaster told to save ~as 0 _ per cen over as. year. office Il1 postoffice. ',war workers. 3O-War plants !ecelved $146,- 1,520 emergency help in 1944. l 21-EIght playgrounds collect '3,-

5-F and M. announces plan to or 10.000 face loss of X rahon u 18cltR,~s~u to lybUY gasoline drIes. la.:-War Manpower CommisSIQn 27-Hundreds walt In lme to get 000.000 in contracts In four years. 3-1,000 local farmers. 18 to 25. 810 pounds of waste paper.

prOVIde pre-mIlItary trammg for cards. d t t t d 1 1 P19-betens~P CounCll orders test adV:lsory group formed to super· war-scarce Shotgun s~.l1s for hunt- ,. JUNE I d d f have agricultural draft defer· 24--Lancaster loses 35 per eent

students 19-Woo en Ires es e on oea r C 1 Ce VIse transfer of wQ.rkets .from non· ing • I-Stnct Job contro or ere or ments of wartime wheat crop because of

7-Announce plan to enroll all delIvery truck 0 24~~~~eral ntM~cArthur sends essenllal'to war Industnes 2B-Lt. Col F. G 'Smith named plants. .. 5-Fue s~eeps Dodge Cork Co. weather conditions.

Lancaster county famIlIes for su- 2O-Lancaster war plants need m of rio I a r 20-Navy recl'1.l;lter,;wIns salvage head ot Manetta Depot. 3-Women to help fight fires In plant, curtails war work. 25-Shortage ot houses for return.

gar rationing. School teachers vol· 5,000 workers, w:;~:fse p a se t oc 1 wa slogan contesL Wlt~,. a drop of tat 3G-Army show ;Ieaches 10,000 county because of manpower short· 12-"Work or fIght" policy mg veterans becomes critical. ~

unteer as enrollment clerks 24-Lancaster h~s fIrst all mght 2S-War- Industries observe first helps drop a Jap. "what. can happen here." age. .. laWlched here. 27-Some meat .stands In Central

w~L~~;a~~~~s ;~oc~:I~~~n~~~gf~ bl~~~~~A launches drive to en- holiday SInce start of war dr~~ltry police checking on ,tun NOVEMBER i~~~~~~~ e~l~ci~ic~Ill:t~:~' run. 5513-;;'~~~~.fl~~;~a~~d~s ~e:~}~b mark~t closed because of a lack of

War TIme ferce price regulations. 30-War wor~ers ~sh to be vac· 24-'Four hundred Sunday drivers 2......()ne·half ton delivery limIt on ders operation of war plants. applIcants surti(ev EI in H Shottstahl

12.-Cny.wide drIve started to 27-Gasohne price advanced 2 5 c~aifd follOWing outbreak of questioned by OPA, police., coal set. here. . l3-Examine draftees for new 17 ..... Seve·nteen . .mch snow reduces named d{recto~ of Veterans' Re-

gather scrap materIals for war cents ·per gallon. 5 a pox. 25-Ten conSCIentious objectors 4-Jumor Red Cross collectmg manpower pool. war plant sta:fts to skeleton ShIftS. ferral Center, \

16-SelectIve Service starts reg· 30-Dra.ft Boards register youths, 1943 placed on county farms. games tor: a.rmed forc~s. 16-Local bond sales soar. 18-Blood donor gives :tor 16th 31-Lancaster's lumber .supply

istratIOn of men 20 6.nd 21 and 18 to 20. for war 26-Conestoga Transportation Co. 6-15,~44 volunteers In defense . 22-Flrst local casualtIes of Inva· time here. for civilian use hits new aU time

from 36 to 44 for 'h,")ssible mll1ta.ry JULY. JANUARY culs suburhan bus serVlce to save corps Slfm of E~rope.reported. 20-459 turn to war jobs m two low

serv . I-Farmers start mght shtf.ls b& gas 9-Laud 6,776 blood donors for 27-Thieves steal 1,517 gallons of weeks .

17::'~ngIneers star:t work on cause of growmg labor sh9rtage. 7-Local churches, theaters hit 27-To set up O~A pric~ panel plasma . gIven In year gas stamps at ration center. 22-cut m meat rahon pomts AUGUST

Marietta At d t • 3-Lancastnans told to Jom car· by fuel 011 cut. to probe ceiling prIce Violators. 10 ..... Flrst dads sent for mductlOn. JULY' starts restaurants talking about 1-20,000 await canning s u gar

my epo saving clubs to save hres and gas· 8-County Ration Board No. 3 26-War plant payrolls break aU 13-0PA mails simpler forms to I-Victory Garden ComrntUee's meatless days grants.

MARCH olme asks schools to halt athletIc, so- recor4s farmer~ to save them pomts on public canning. center to open at 23-Coal sca~ce. urge use of sub. 2-28th DIVISion vets nome, in.

2-A~to. ratIonmg starts 4-Mosl planls keep working on clal events to save "gas." 29-Stay-home Memonal D'a y war.rat!oned foods 5t Mary's Parish Hall stitutes eludIng Col. .Daniel Strickler an .....

3--ClVllian defense qualifles 164 July 4th 9-Four men woman cited In week·end opens, gas sup'plies al IS-BIg crowds try to beat war 7-ElectIon boards set to enroll 27--C~al emer enc declared in 9-Belb and whistles will

wardens for posts. !)-Ration office In Old City Hall City for vlOl.itl~g pleasure dnvmg low ebb ratlOnmg of whiskey. names for mlhtary ballots g • Y nounce .end o.f war WIth Japan.

4-McCaskey High pupIls con· closed and moved to larger quar· ban." 3l-ClvllIan defense bl0,ck lead- 16--Lancaster. England, chal- 8-11.079 listed to get GI ballots. city emer enc ll-Elght city playgrounds col ..

trIbute $229 for Fortress propeller. ters In Woolworth bUildIng., 12-Lancastel 'Sales Day dlscon- ers to survey 18,000 homfS. len,ges local residents in a. race to I3-War Housmg Center reports 2~200 f:sk t cd:I. ;0 CIt g y l~cted 4,795 pounds waste paper

7-Schools prOVIde shelters In lO-Lancasler opens drtye to col· tInued by C of C. JUNE buy war bonds. children are hanned In war.scarce gran s In Irs y Y y. t t ourmg summer.

case of aIr raids lect waste fats .and grease . 14-Chlld care ('!ommlttee sur. I-Lancaster Iro-n W..Qrks gets l"t-War will eliminate all street apartments here 3O-~179.199,000 war co~ rac s I4-Eleventh·hour waitIng fot' of.l

l1-NY~' camp closed as boys 16-School children mobilized to veys war plants to determIne contract to ouild '33 coastal 011 Christmas decoratiohs tor the first 14-Soelal serVice workers report here smce June .1, 1940. liclal word ()f vlc~ory . '

get Jobs 1!1 war plants. plek tomaloes needs for daytime care ot chIldren tankers time in more than 10 years clOSing of rented apartments to FEBRUARY lS-Two·day holiday tollows wlld

18"7Rahon Board opens new of- 22-Flrst bogus gas ration books ot workIng mothers 4-Food canneries enlist 200 war 19-Local war plants face loss children creating major problem. l-Clty war plant IS kept open Vlctory celebratIon W hen 30,000

flce In Mt Joy seIzed here. I~Ban on pleasure drlvmg helpers. _ of war contracts because of cnh- IS-Shlp 250 French books from by emergency coal. Lan~as1~lans ~~onged downto~

19-Mayor calls upon commumty 23-Flrst surprIse blackout finds closes highway eatmg places 7--County. firemen's assocIatIon cal labor shortage. here for French serVlcemf'm. 3-Government asks cOWlty section m dehrlous vlCt~ry celt-

to urute to save automobile tires, Lancaster ready for emergency 18-Flfty.one ot 66.member F honors 991 m serVIce. - 20-Mandatory 48-hour week in 19-5eek 240 blood donOrS a day farmers to turn out 2.500,000 gal- bratlon. Into early mornmg hOllrs,

23-Control Center ordered to op- 28--Clty and county lace short· and M. mid-winter gradua"mg 9-Control cent~~s unlgo emer- local ~,ar plal}ts thr~a!~ned if they here. faCllItles at St James Par- Ions more milk m 1945 for war ~onfeth flies; all busmessel & n d

erate 24 hours a day. age of doctors class already In serVIce geney test. _ _ _ do not solve labor crisis. sh House enlarged, .,. •. use. planfs closed .

30-Red Cross qualifIes 66 new 29--Ration 'Boards distribute 45,· 25-Wldow Willi four chlld!"en IO-List OPA pric:e 11ings on 22..o....Congressman ·DItter (R-Pa.) 22-344 farm. tractors rationed in 6-OCD unit turned into perma- 16-Flrst IndustrIal eutbaekl{

first aId instructors. 536 A gasoline ration books. takes war c;frse It F. 4!ld M. 450 foods. _dies in crasb of Navy plane here. Oi~ven Fonths, nent rellet ,roup. here, 2,000 lose joPl.