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³Lack of Parental Guidance is the cause of baby dumping´. What is your opinion?
Support your answer with examples. You should write at least 350 words.

I am neutral with the topic: lack of parental guidance is the cause of baby
dumping, because as the research is done, I found that there are actually more solid
reasons for teenagers nowadays to commit on baby dumping. So, I believe it will be
totally unfair for us to put all the blames on the parents for this issue although they¶re
supposed to be rational in it.

As I mentioned, there are actually even better reasons for me to disagree with
the topic. One of the reasons is teenagers¶ self discipline. No doubt those teenagers
are curious with everything that happens around them but they should have
considered the limitation as curiosity will kill the cat. I really can¶t figure out why
they can¶t control themselves except taking into consideration that they don¶t have

A person with self-discipline can be easily differentiated as they have the

capability to control themselves from going beyond the limitation. With self-
discipline, it enables you to choose and perseveres with actions, thoughts and
behaviour, which lead to improvement and success because it will provide us with
inner strength to overcome all sort of addictions, procrastination and laziness, which
keep you from moving forward in whatever you do.

Educators should reconsider our country¶s education policy, which put more
focus in students¶ academic and physical development instead of their mental
development. As a result, they should ensure strict rules to the teachers to be serious
in Moral Education and Human Education, which exist in some countries in the
Europe. Nowadays, teachers in Malaysia are targeting for their KPI which are
analysed by producing students with excellent academic result.

This is really a great mistake because to ensure our next generation to be

someone useful to the society, their mental development places the most important
role. Teachers should as well get closer to their students to counsel when they
required. Moral Education¶s teachers should encouraged students to practise and learn
about moral values and importance of being humane to others. According to the
research by Wendy Shoemake Neyer, moral values and humanistic values can change
a adolescence to a better person and have the sense of sympathy towards human and

In order to overcome this issue, proper Humanity Education or Moral

Education should be taken into consideration by educators. This is because through
them, our adolescence will be sympathetic towards human and animals, so they will
have the sense of guilty when they are trying to dump a baby which is relatively
Although self-discipline, Humane Education and Moral Education are
important in resolving this issue, but parents, who are the nearest to us should pay
some responsibility for such scenario to occur. Without parental guidance, teenagers¶
mentality which is immature will be easily influence by all those sexual related videos
and movies.

No doubt that Motion Picture Rating System is responsible in controlling

sexual related and violence related videos and movies to be viewed by the public, but
it can¶t be dependable fully. This is because no matter what, there must be loopholes
in it. So, it will be safer for an adult to spend some time to sit down and watch with
them their favourite movies, whereby guidance can be given at the same time. Isn¶t it
one stone kill 2 birds?

A child is not easy to rise as they come with neither guidelines, nor
instructions, so it depends on parents how they educate them. Failure of parents to
meet children¶s specific needs can have wide-ranging and long-lasting negative
effects. So, it will be important for parents to work on according to their 8 essential

A child should be provided with an environment that is safe to keep their

children free from physical, sexual and emotional abuse. If their children are charged
guilty with baby dumping, they will be sentenced in jail and caning. This has
indirectly show parents irresponsibility when they raise their child. Children are
supposed to be taught about morals and values which are important for them in the
future, for example: honesty, respect, responsibility, compassion, patience,
forgiveness and generosity. Without all these, the grown up will face a tough time in
the future.

I am firm with my stand for being neutral with the topic: Lack of Parental
Guidance is the cause of baby dumping, in order to be fair to both the society and
parents who suppose to be responsible in resolving this issue. Well, ³no guy is an
island´. We can never blame and put full responsible in a particular individual as
nothing can be done without co-operation from the others.