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Internship Report


Masters of Business Administration Program


Internship report submitted for the final evaluation in partial fulfillment of the
degree of

Master in Business Administration

It is certified that, the Internship report and the work contained in it conforms to all
the standards set by the institute for the evaluation of any such work.





University Institute of Management Sciences

PMAS - University of Arid Agriculture, Rawalpindi


I would like to dedicate my entire work to my parents

and teachers, whose prayers and guidance helped me to
complete this task.

Every praise to Allah Almighty the merciful, who knows about whatever is there in
universe, hidden or evident. Who enables me to get such valuable knowledge, which
definitely helped me in my professional life.

I would like to thanks Mr. Naik Muhammad Javed who trust my abilities and gave me
opportunity to use my skill. Thanks to all staff of ZTBL. They gave me their precious
time and I learned lot from them. Thanks to all my friends and family who helped me.
Table of Content

• Executive summary
• About ZTBL
• Mission
• Vision
• Organizational Setup
• ZTBL organization Chart
• Credit Operation Department
• Credit operation unit
• Credit planning and monitoring unit
• Swot Analysis
• Work description
• Analysis
• Conclusion
• Appendices
• References
Executive Summary

The Zarai Traqiati Bank Limited (ZTBL) is single largest supplier of institutional
agriculture credit in Pakistan. ZTBL is corporate body enjoying sami- autonomy in the
conduct of its operations. The federal government together with state bank of Pakistan
exercise policy control over bank. Both the availability of financial resources and
quantum of lending programs of the bank are subject to their approval.

The funds for lending are provided by State Bank of Pakistan at 2% below bank rate. The
foreign loan obtained from IDA, Swedish International Development Authority, and
Asian Development Bank. Lending is done for uptake of modern technology, tapping of
underground water resources, application of chemical inputs and miscellaneous activities.

I have done my internship at ZTBL in its Credit Operations Department under

supervision of Mr. Naik Muhammad Javed, SEVP.

My internship goals are to learn about different functions that are performed in COD.
I have learned from internship how to carry out work, handle my responsibilities, and
learned how to interact with others and what kind of organizational behaviors are
acceptable and non acceptable. I leaned time management and work accomplishment
effectively and efficiently.
I observed there friendly environment, strong relationship among pears and computerized
system which enabled organization to avoid problems related to manual system.
About ZTBL

Zarai Traqiati Bank Limited (ZTBL) erstwhile Agricultural Development Bank of

Pakistan (ADBP) is the premier financial institution geared towards the development of
agriculture sector through provision of financial services and technical know how. The
restructuring of former ADBP is being carried out with the aim to uplift the agriculture
and rural sector by raising farm productivity, streamlining the institutional credit and
increasing income generating capacity of the farming community. ZTBL was
incorporated as a Public Limited Company on 14th December, 2002 through repeal of
ADB Ordinance of 1961

The new corporate structure redefines the bank's status as a public limited company
registered under companies Ordinance'1984 with an independent Board of Directors
which aims at ensuring good governance, autonomy, delivering high quality.

For all practical purposes the Bank is an arm for Government for implementing overall
agriculture policy for credit front. The design of credit is linked so for as possible with
the periodic priorities and targets as laid down in annual development plans.


To play effective role in the promotion of economic

growth, by enhancing the availability of credit to the
agriculture sector, through reliable access to sustainable
financing, special lending programs, technical assistance
and other product and services and to promote career
development opportunities for increasing professionalism and technical proficiencies of

Dedicated to serve the needs of the farming community,

by delivering financial products and technical services on
a competitive and sustainable biases, in a convents,
efficient and professional manner, leading to success of
the bank and farmers.
Organizational Setup

Board of Directors

Chief internal

Head Office Field Audit
Divisions (10) Zonal Offices
(25+9 Area Offices)

Departments (36)
Branches (348)

Staff Office (1)

MCOs (1243)
ZTBL Organizational Chart

Md Kssl sectary and
Subsidiary corporate Public
of ZTBL affairs relation

AEVP EVP, Res & Inspection

EVP HR Credit Planning and
Division Division Division compliance
Inspection Service
and Division Inspection
compliance Hr Credit Res & Risk and
department operation Policy Planning managemen
Department Department Department t department
Inspection service
and Department
compliance Policy and Credit
department regulation Operation Data Bank Compliance
Department Department Department

Inspection service
and department
compliance Staff
department relation and
welfare Disciplinary
department Proceeding
Head Sevp Department
task force
and Performanc
compliance e Mgt Project
department Department Implementatio

and Legal
compliance Agriculture service Public
department technology department Relation
dept Unit

Internal operations CFO/ SEVP recovery information
Audit Division Training & and SAM officer
Member’s task developmen division
force t
Corporate Branches AEVP Recovery EVP
Audit operation Finance and Department information
dept Account system

Business SAM
Field dev & Budget and Department IT
Audit Marketing fund Mgt operation
dept Dept

It system
Head Sevp IT Agriculture Regulatory department
task force Audit technology reporting
dept dept

It user
7 Audit Zonal office Central support
zones Area office account dept
Branches dept

HO It network
Account Dept

IT security
Credit operations Department


To prepare banks annual credit plan and support business development of bank through
establishing, maintaining and improving system and process for delivery of all goods and
services through network of branches.


• Introduction of new and continuous review, monitoring of credit operation through

network of branches
• Draw annual credit plan ensuring emphasize on small farmers expanding outreach
through innovative packages of customer, friendly products and priority items
• Follow-up monitoring / implementation of credit plan
• Facilitate the approval of loan cases referred to Head office credit committee
Credit Operations Unit

1. Direct and coordinate implementation of system related studies / project

2. Support user in application of system, attending to and resolving system problems in
conjunction with system specialists.
3. Ensure that procedure system stationery. Documentation ect. Related to COD are in
place and incompliance with external and internal rules for all present and new products and
services of bank.
4. preparation of operating procedure manual
5. identify all operational and transactional risks to develop key risk indicators for
6. develop and adopt early warning system to proactively mitigate these risks
7. ensure implementing the system in all the branches/ field office related to credit
8. Prepare summary of loan cases referred to Head office credit committee for
consideration of committee and issuance of sanction letters on approval of loan proposal.
9. Deal with loans already sanctioned by Head office under general credit.
10. Manage all administrative meters of the departmental, including employees training and
development, ACRs, departmental budget and sanctioning of leaves and tour programs etc.

Credit Planning and Monitoring Unit

1. Formulation and monitoring of annual / future leading plans with emphasize on
coverage of small farmers and priority items and poverty alleviation.
2. Analysis and monitoring of disbursements of Zones and persuasion for achievement of
disbursement targets.
3. Completion of periodical data on disbursement covering various angles for use of
Division Head of operation Division and department under Division
4. Preparation of agenda on operational performance of the bank for Board of Directors.
5. Reply to National Assembly/ Senate questions and other queries from GOP regarding
disbursement and credit programs of the Bank.
6. Provide of feedback to information system division being major user of computerized
7. Control parameters, system access, safeguard data integrity and direct contingency
actions in emergency.
8. Perform any other assignment given by higher management from time to time.
SWOT Analysis of Organization

The unique strengths are internal abilities of an organization that can be used to have a
competitive advantage for the organization. Weaknesses inherent in organization are those that
need improvement for better functioning of an organization. Opportunities are those which are
available to organization currently as well as in the foreseeable future. Threats are those that
organization faces from its competitors, regulatory bodies, and technological change or
customer preferences. The identification and analysis of strengths, Weaknesses, opportunities
and threats is focal to any strategic process.


• Enrich Agri-relation ship of 40 years

• Extensive countrywide network of 343 branches
• Grass root level contact with the farmers through functionaries
• Predominant position in agriculture finance market
• Support of Government, State Bank of Pakistan and International Development
Institution in respect of restructuring
• Supervised and diversified credit system
• Marketing is done with customer friendly cues and language
• Employs having first hand experience with farmers hired from remote areas
• Availability of Staff training facilities

• poor perceived image
• political interference in operational and administrative matters of bank
• centralized administrative and financial authority
• Skill mis-match of staff
• Aging work force
• Over- supervised management structure
• Lack of commercial mindset
• Weak and cumbersome systems and procedures
• Strongly entrenched resist to change
• Around 600 pending disciplinary cases


• Huge untapped ruler market potential of about Rs. 300 billion

• Huge untapped micro finance market segments
• Potential for bringing huge uncultivated areas under production
• Potential for expansion through mobilization of rural and urban savings
• Potential for marketing new product lines on commercial basis
• Post restructuring potential for obtaining financial credit lines


• Competitive commercial banks

• External pressure to implement non-commercial directives
• Various unrecovered loans taken by big guns
• Political and economic instability and law and order situation
• Water disputes within country
• Public sector organization

Work Description

During my stay in ZTBL (6 weeks) I worked in 2 units of Credit operations Department

which are:

Credit operation unit

Credit policy department

In COU I first of all learned about how to male weekly productivity reports then by using
Ms Excel I prepared weekly for COD. In weekly by applying different productivity
formulas we enter different recovered loans list provided by IT department. Then at the
end of month “Monthly productivity report” is produced in which results are matched
with standards provided by State Bank of Pakistan.

In CPD my duty is to access over internet different cost packages for capital like tractors,
buffalos, other agriculture machinery and fertilizers ect. Process called cost economics.
Findings were delivered to higher authority for final decisions.

• Dispatching System

Beside this I also worked in Dispatching System

Main purpose of this system is to keep record of all incoming and outgoing letters,
emails, and applications. These letters are circulated inside (between departments and
units) and outside organization (stake holders or suppliers). For this purpose using MS
Office “Master File” is produced in which details about letter received (receiving date,
from whom it is received and whom to forward with date) and then detail about letter
Delivery (delivered date and name of department or person where it has to be delivered.
A copy of letter is attached in hard form in Master file.
Another record is maintained side by side called Employee Diary
In this record of sender and receiver is kept.


This internship provided me practical knowledge abut COD functioning. It also helped
me in understanding and observation of bank environment, its various department
interconnectivity and technical functioning. Through Credit policy department I
learned Analytical skills which will help me in future career.

 New knowledge Acquired

The core of my internship was the knowledge I acquired. Before internship I was
entirely ignorant of a bank’s business processes. But this internship program has
made me aware of most of bank’s business processes and hence it has built in me,
immense confidence to step into bank and carry out the routine banking tasks.
 New Exposure
My internship experience has given me a completely new industry exposure in the
banking sector, which includes both the consumer banking and branch banking.
 People Diversity:
Being an introvert personality, I never had the precious experience in people
diversity. During this internship period, I interacted with so many people both
customers and employees with diverse personalities and behaviors, different age
groups, some far too senior and experienced that it has given me confidence to
interact efficiently with people.
 Tactful communication; a MUST
From this internship program, I have realized that the skill to communicate tactfully is
the thing we should learn and polish, especially in dealing with customers. It is not
the most important if you don’t have the required skills at this moment. Rather, being
creative in problem solving and being a quick learner are the keys to success in the
fast growing banking sector.
 Career Awareness
This program was a career awareness program as well in the sense that it helped me
in identifying my interests. What I have identified is that I want to do some thing
dynamic and not an assembly line kind of job. Moreover, I have found that in
Pakistan, it doesn’t matter what is your field of education meaning that as long as you
have the slightest idea of job in hand and you are an active learner, you can work
Problem Encounter

 Difficult time in getting used to new Environment

Initially I had difficult time in mixing with organization members and felt
uncomfortable in that new place with new people. However, after some time, I
became a part of it just like everyone else and felt completely comfortable.
 Uses of Terminology
The other major problem was the hectic routine of the bank. It made me uneasy at
first but with the passage of time I became used it. I had to face a great difficulty in
understanding bank’s terminology by the knowledgeable guidance of the staff I was
able to overcome the problem to a satisfactory level.
At the completion of six weeks business internship in ZTBL As an internee draws the
 I am able to work in financial institutions.
 Deal with various types of people have different attitude
As an internee draws the following about ZTBL:
• The premier financial institution geared towards the development of agriculture sector
• Enrich Agri-relation ship of 40 years
• Lack of commercial mindset
• Around 600 pending disciplinary cases
• Potential for bringing huge uncultivated areas under production
• Potential for expansion through mobilization of rural and urban savings
• Reshaping and reconstructive.

Books Referred:

• Cost accounting by Magz

• Managerial Economics by Peterson

The World Wide Web

• http://www.google.com
• http://www.ZTBL.com.pk