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an Ttis related to Hazrat Abu Hurairah(RA) that Hazrat Muhammed(pbuh) talked about Hindustan(India) and said: “Definitely, one of your troop would do a war with Hindustan, Allah would grant success to those warriors, as far as they would bring their kings by dragging them in chains / fetters. And Allah would forgive those warriors (by the Blessing of this great war). And when those Muslims would return, they would find Hazrat Isa Ibn-e-Maryam(AS) in Syria (Shaam)”. Hazrat Abu Hurairah (RA).told that ‘if could findthat Ghazwa, then would sell all my new and old goods and would participate i init. When Allah (swt) granted us success and we retuned, then I would be a free Abu Hurairah; who would come in the country of Syria with such a pride of finding Hazrat Isa,(AS) over thereg0 Muhammed(pbuh) ! that time it would be my intense ‘ sh that by ng closer to Hazrat Isa(AS), I) may tell him that Iam the Sahabi of Muhammed(pbuh). = — c ~The narrator tells that Hazrat Muhamm buh) smiled and sai ‘very difficult, very ¢ -—— =. | Fa April 2011 Volume:1 Issue: 11 Patron-in-Chief Zaid Hamid Editor Editorial Farzana Shah a Ideological Subversion and Media Warfare Asst Editor Shahzad Masood Roomi Currency Wars! Editorial Board Synopsis of the Month Shehla Zafar Muhammed Sanaullah Arab - Iran Relations Graphic Designer From Indus to Oxus Wagar Siddiqui Contact BrassTacks Rawalpindi Ph: 051-5598046-7 Cell: 0321-5001370 Web: www.brasstacks.pk E-mail: btmagazine@ychghazi.com eee ee