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Feature: COSEC Integration with DVR to restrict proxy punching Product: COSEC (Time-Attendance and Access Control) About Feature: Integration with DVR is a utilitarian feature to restrict proxy or buddy punching happening in the organization especially in card or password credentials The camera/s assigned with DVR takes the snapshot of the user immediately who accessed the door and the COSEC software stores the photograph in the database Administrator can take out detail report with photograph of the users who accessed the door or the premises during working or non-working hours The software also tracks the denied entries and includes detail in the event view plus DVR uploads it on the FTP server. Case: The Niket Communication is using Matrix COSEC for Access Control and Dahua DVR to Surveillance the premises for safety and security. It is private limited firm with 100 employees which are given proximity cards as a credential to enter into the company. Now, the entrepreneur Niket would like to program the system such a way that whenever anyone enters the firm during non working hours, the system must take photograph of that person with Date and Time. The camera/s integrate with DVR will take the snapshot and store in the database to accurately identify the person to enhance security and accountability. Product Compatibility: Matrix COSEC and DAHUA DVRs

Application Diagram:

COSEC Integration with DVR

How it Works? User just needs to connect the Door Lock Relay Port of the COSEC Direct Door with DVRs Sensor Input Port plus CCTV Camera/s with DVR as shown in the diagram. Whenever any authorized or unauthorized person uses his credential to enter the premises, the COSEC finds the user match with its database and taking snapshot while allowing or denying the person. Moreover, it also uploads his image on FTP server. Administrator gets a detailed report of the person with photograph from the Event View as shown below:

Benefits: Enhanced level of Security Accurate Identification Better Accountability Increase Productivity Save Time and Cost Target User Profiles: Owner Security Manager HR Manager IT Manager Administrator

Release Product Name Software Version

8 February,2011 Matrix COSEC COSEC V1R7 to V2R2

Note: Due to continuous technology up-gradation, product specification and features are subject to change without notice. Matrix Proprietary and Confidential