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Feature: SMS and Email Notification to a User for their Attendance and Leave Status Product: COSEC (Time-Attendance and Access Control System) About Feature: Case: Kevin studies in a college in Pune. His father, Harsh, would like to be notified for his sons daily and monthly attendance in the class. With SMS and Email notification feature of the COSEC, Harsh can be notified of Kevins daily and monthly attendance on his mobile, or his email account both daily as well as at the end of month. Application Diagram: The COSEC Software can automatically send SMS and Email to any user about their attendance and their leave status User notification is possible for the following data: Monthly Attendance, Leave Approval, Leave Rejection and User Events This lets an organization send automatic mass SMS and Email notification to all user COSEC provides a predefined message body format with customizable header and footer

How It Works? All user events and time attendance details are recorded by the COSEC Door Controller. These events are transferred automatically to the COSEC application server. COSEC application software prepares report based on data received on user events and leave application status and sends it via SMS or Email to a predefined user. This user will get notification as soon as it generated. The SMS is sent via GSM Modem connected with the COSEC software and Email is sent via any SMTP email server such as Gmail from Google. Matrix SIMADO GDT11 or GFXD1111, along with a SIM card are recommended for using the SMS functionality. Benefits: Instant notification to subscriber on his mobile, or any email account Saves user time by receiving automatic attendance/leave report without having to login to COSEC from the office Delivery of notifications to multiple users at a time Reduces attendance issues at the end of the month due to daily notifications

Target User Profiles: Students in education institutes Team leaders in corporate offices Sales and support teams of organizations Factories with employees working in shifts Staff of hospitals Temporary employees hired by contractor in large Industries

Release Product Name Software Version

25 July,2010 Matrix COSEC COSEC V1R4

Due to continuous technology up-gradation, product specifications and features are subject to change without notice. Matrix Proprietary and Confidential.