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Office of the Deputy Director of Education, Mumbai Region, Mumbai 11th Standard Online Admission 2011-12, Mumbai Region

Application Form ?????? ??-?????? ????????,????? ?????, ????? ?? ?? ?????? ?????? ????????? (F.Y.J.C) ????-?? ???? Application Form No.: 193264 Application Form Version No.: 0 Option Form Version No.: Application Form Printed On: 6/30/2011 5:33:20 PM Option Form 6/30/2011 5:33:20 PM Application Form Version Date: 6/16/2011 10:37:09 PM Option Form : 6/30/2011 5:32:59 PM Application Form Version Updated By: 193264 Option Form Version 193264

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Personal Details, Type of Candidature and Board Details of Applicant: Full Name NAIK SIDDHESH NITIN Mothers Name VAISHALI Gender Male Date of Birth 18-04-1995 Board SSC Month & Year of Passing March , 2011 Seat No. A260372 Residence MMR 10th School Details [School Code:3306061] ST.PIUS HIGH SCHOOL, NAHUR RD,MULUND-W,MUMBAI-80 Address for correspondence and Contact Details: Correspondence Address:- D/17. Om Prashant, Tambe Nagar,S.N.Road, Mulund-West, M umbai-400080,District:Mumbai City,State:Maharashtra,Taluka:Mumbai,PinCode:400080 Phone No Mobile No 9867580775 ,9892894623 Email Id nikesiddhesh@gmail.com Reservation Details: Category OPEN Other Category Bifocal 10th Standard Examination Details: Total Marks 342/550 Percentage 62.18% Total Of Top Of 5 Marks 342/550 Percentage 62.18% Corrected Marks Out Of 550(??????? ???) :342.000 Marks in Science 67/100 Percentage 67.00% Bifocal Details Applied for Bifocal Stream NO Corrected Marks For BioFocal(??????????????? ??????? ???): 342.000 Opted for General Maths (??? ??????? ???? ????? ??? ???): NO Bifocal Preference Details Stream Details Streams Commerce-General Medium Details Mediums English College Preference From MMR - General Stream Details Pref No. College Code Stream Area Status College 1 11144001 Commerce-General Mulund (W) OLLEGE OF COMMERCE 2 10812002 Commerce-General Mulund (E) GANESH VAZE COLLEGE OF ARTS, SCIENCE & COMMERCE 3 11225001 Commerce-General Matunga (E) R JUNIOR COLLEGE OF COMMERCE AND ECONOMICS 4 11435003 Commerce-General Mulund (W) VANI VIDYALAYA JUNIOR COLLEGE 5 11203001 Commerce-General Mulund (W) JNANA SARITA JR. COLLEGE Name Aided Aided Aided


Aided-Minority Aided-Minority

6 11284001 Commerce-General Bhandup (E) Aided-Minority B E S JUNIOR COLLEGE OF COMMERCE AND SCIENCE 7 11152001 Commerce-General Powai Un-Aided Minority BUNTS SANGHA'S S M SHETTY HIGH SCHOOL & JR COLLEGE 8 10885002 Commerce-General Vidyavihar (E) Aided-Minority K J SOMAIYA JUNIOR COLLEGE OF ARTS AND COMMERCE 9 10838001 Commerce-General Vidyavihar (E) Aided-Minority K J SOMAIYA JUNIOR COLLEGE OF SCIENCE & COMMERCE 10 10842003 Commerce-General Ghatkopar (W) Aided-Minority RAMNIRANJAN JHUNJHUNWALA COLLEGE 11 10854002 Commerce-General Thane (W)-C.P.Talav Road Aided DNYANASADHANA JUNIOR COLLEGE 12 11517001 Commerce-General Sion (E) Aided-Minority S I E S COLLEGE OF COMM & ECO 13 10911002 Commerce-General Mahim (W) Aided D G RUPA REL COLLEGE OF ARTS, SCIENCE & COMMERCE 14 11676001 Commerce-General Thane (W)-Manpada Un-Aided ST. XAVIERS' ENGLISH HIGH SCHOOL & JR.COLLEGE , THANE (WEST) 15 11281001 Commerce-General Mulund (W) Un-Aided MULUND VIDYANMANDIR JR COLLEGE 16 10862002 Commerce-General Matunga (E) Aided-Minority GURU NANAK KHALSA COLLEGE 17 10880001 Commerce-General Dadar (W) Aided KIRTI M DOONGURSEE COLLEGE 18 10880004 Commerce-General Dadar (W) Un-Aided KIRTI M DOONGURSEE COLLEGE 19 11068004 Commerce-General Bhandup (W)-Station Road Aided-Minority NATIONAL EDUCATION SOC JUNIOR COLLEGE 20 11068005 Commerce-General Bhandup (W)-Station Road Un-Aided Minority NATIONAL EDUCATION SOC JUNIOR COLLEGE 21 11073001 Commerce-General Mulund (E) Aided-Minority KANNADA HIGH SCHOOL AND JUNIOR COLLEGE 22 11094002 Commerce-General Thane (W)-Chendanibandar Road Aided K G JOSHI ARTS COLLEGE AND N G BEDEKAR COMMERCE COLLEGE 23 11094003 Commerce-General Thane (W)-Chendanibandar Road Un-Aided K G JOSHI ARTS COLLEGE AND N G BEDEKAR COMMERCE COLLEGE 24 10961002 Commerce-General Santacruz (W) Aided-Minority L S RAHEJA COLLEGE OF ARTS AND COMMERCE 25 11078001 Commerce-General Bhandup (W) Aided-Minority ST XAVIERS JUNIOR COLLEGE OF SCIENCE AND COMMERCE 26 11221002 Commerce-General Vikroli (E) Un-Aided DON BOSCO HIGH SCHOOL AND JR COLLEGE OFF ARTS COMMERCE AND SCIENCE 27 11271002 Commerce-General Mulund (E) Un-Aided Wamanrao Muranjan Junior College of Science & Commerce 28 11425001 Commerce-General Thane (W)-Wagale Estate Un-Aided ST LAWARENCE HIGH SCHOOL AND JUNIOR COLLEGE 29 10891002 Commerce-General Vidyavihar (E) Aided-Minority SHRI S K SOMAIYA VINAY MANDIR JUNIOR COLLEGE 30 10907001 Commerce-General Dadar (W) Aided SHARADAS HRAM VIDYAMANDIR JUNIOR COLLEGE OF COMMERCE College Preference From Preferred Zone - General Stream Details Zone : Mumbai North Pref No. College Code Stream Area Status College Name 31 10842005 Commerce-General Ghatkopar (W) Un-Aided Minorit y RAMNIRANJAN JHUNJHUNWALA COLLEGE 32 11151002 Commerce-General Mankhurd (W) Un-Aided Minorit y ROYAL PUBLIC ACADEMY AND JUNIOR COLLEGE 33 10829001 Commerce-General Ghatkopar (E) Un-Aided Minorit y SHREE D J DOSHI GURUKUL ENGLISH MEDIUM HIGH SCHOOL & JR.COLLEGE OF COMME

RCE 34 11173001 Commerce-General Mulund Colony Un-Aided JAI BHARAT JR COLLEGE OF COMM AND JAI BHARAT HIGH SCHOOL 35 11177001 Commerce-General Mulund Colony Aided-Minority H K GIDWANI JUNIOR COLLEGE 36 11212001 Commerce-General Bhandup (E) Aided-Minority RAMANAND ARYA D A V COLLEGE 37 11217001 Commerce-General Bhandup (W) Un-Aided Jvm Jr. College of Commerce, Bhandup 38 11253002 Commerce-General Mulund (E) Un-Aided Minorit y HOLY ANGELS' HIGH SCHOOL & JR. COLLEGE 39 11312001 Commerce-General Chembur-P.L. Lokhande Road Un-Aided S K RAI JUNIOR COLLEGE 40 11315001 Commerce-General Mulund (W) Un-Aided VIDYABHAVAN JR.COLLEGE OF COMMERCE & SCIENCE 41 11374002 Commerce-General Mulund (W) Aided-Minority DAYANAND VEDIC VIDYALAYA AND JUNIOR COLLEGE 42 11378001 Commerce-General Mulund (W) Aided-Minority NUTAN JR COLLEGE OF COMMERCE 43 11390001 Commerce-General Bhandup (W)-Ganeshnagar Aided NAVJEEVAN VIDYAMANDIR JUNIOR COLLEGE OF COMMERCE & SCIENCE 44 11632001 Commerce-General Vikhroli (W)-Park Site Vikhroli (W) Un-Aided SARASWATI VIDYA NIKETAN JR. COLLEGE OF COMMERCE AND SCIE NCE 45 11645001 Commerce-General Bhandup (W)-Station Road Aided-Minority Guru Nanak English High School & Jr. College College Preference From Preferred Ward - General Stream Details Ward : N, S Pref No. College Code Stream Area Status College Name 46 10828001 Commerce-General Ghatkopar (E)-Pantnagar Aided G S P M MARATHI VIDYALYA & JUNIOR COLLEGE 47 10830002 Commerce-General Vikhroli (W)-Park Site Vikhroli (W) Aided SANDESH VIDYALAYA & JR. COLLEGE OF ARTS & COMMERCE 48 10832001 Commerce-General Ghatkopar (E) Aided-Minority HARIDAS VISHRAM KHIMJI TANNA JUNIOR COLLEGE OF COMM M G RD (P R HIGH SCHOOL) 49 11076001 Commerce-General Vikroli (E) Un-Aided MADHYAMIK VIDYALAYA & JR.COLLEGE OF COMMERCE 50 11137002 Commerce-General Vikroli (E) Aided VIKAS HI GH SCHOOL AND JUNIOR COLLEGE Declaration:- I hereby declare that all the information furnished by me in this online application form is true, complete and correct to the best of my knowledg e and belief. I understand that entire information furnished by me in this Onlin e Application Form is final and binding on me. I further declare that in the 11t h standard Online Admission Process, if any information furnished by me is found false or incorrect, I shall be liable for legal action by rule. Place: Parent's Signature:Parent's Name:- Principal's Signature Date: Applicant's Signature