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ArcGIS Desktop 9.2 Type: Applications > Windows Files: 6 Size: 3.24 GiB (3483353670 Bytes) Quality: +1 / -0 (+1) Uploaded: 2007-03-21 20:16:02 GMT By: k2_cult Seeders: 66 Leechers: 12 Comments 119
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ArcGIS 9.2

Download this torrent (magnet link) Comments rmb502 at 2010-05-03 08:09 CET: For those of you needing some assistance: I had difficulty installing ArcGIS Desktop 9.2, and found that I needed to dowload an updated version of License Management Tools. ALSO, I had to edit the Registration Entries file (titled ESRIfloat) and enter the correct license path and server name. Once I did that, installed perfectly. Hope that helps. skuppyq at 2010-08-08 06:34 CET: The Definitive Method for Installing ArcGIS Disregard all other Instructions 1. Download and install the Sentinal Hardware Key Drivers Update: http://www.safenet-inc.com/support/tech/sentinel.asp 2. Create the following directories: C:\Program Files\ESRI\License\arcgis9x 3. Copy license.lic to that directory. 4. Edit the first line of the license.lic file (SERVER this_host any) so that this_host is the hostname of your computer. You can find your hostname by opening a command prompt and typing the command HOSTNAME and hitting enter. Because my hostname is skuppyq-PC, mine would be SERVER skuppyq-PC any. 5. Run LMSetup.exe, choose C:\Program Files\ESRI\License\arcgis9x\license.lic when prompted. 6. DO NOT RESTART 7. Copy over ARCGIS.exe to C:\Program Files\ESRI\License\arcgis9x 8. Create a file called flexIm.log in C:\Program Files\ESRI\License\arcgis9x 9. Go to C:\flexIm and copy your modified license.lic to this directory as licence.dat. YOU MUST CHANGE THE EXTENSION FROM .lic to .dat 10. Download LMUpdate: http://forums.esri.com/Attachments/27972.zip 11. Extract the 3 files (lmgrd.exe; lmtools.exe; lmutil.exe) and copy them into your c:\Program Files\ESRI\License\arcgis9x and overwrite when prompted. 12. Right click -> edit your ESRIFloat.reg and edit the LICENSE_PATH so that it reads: "LICENSE_PATH"="C:\flexIm\" 13. Run ESRIFloat.reg and add it to your registry. 14. Restart.

15. Launch StartMenu -> ArcGIS -> License Manager 9x -> Run License Manager Tools. 16. Choose tab Service/License File, and check "Configuration using Services", and choose the ArcGIS License Manager. 17. Switch to tab Configure Services, make sure ArcGIS License Manager is in the Service Name listbox. 18. Browse to the correct License file path (C:\Program Files\ESRI\License\arcgis9x) where you copied the license.lic file and choose it as license. 19. Browse to the correct log file path (C:\Program Files\ESRI\License\arcgis9x) where you created flexIm.log file and choose it as the log. 20. Browse to the correct lmgrd.exe file path (C:\Program Files\ESRI\License\arcgis9x) where you copied the lmgrd.exe file and choose it as the log. 21. Make sure Start Server at Power Up and Use Services are checked. 22. Restart. 23. Open License Manager Tools again and this time go to the Start/Stop/Reread tab at the top. 24. Click Stop Server, then Start Server, and finally ReRead License File. If all three processes work, you are ready to mount and install ArcGIS! 25. Download and install PowerISO if you have not already (http://www.poweriso.com/download.htm). 26. Right-click the iso and use PowerISO to mount the image and then install. Choose your hostname at the install (it should be the first selection) when it queries you about the license file. rafguitar at 2010-08-23 17:03 CET: Hello guys, I have Arcgis 10 but without the crack, if someone has the crack, or know where to get one that works, I upload here. Thanks gelin50 at 2010-09-02 14:48 CET: I've done the instructions given by the torrent and also the gone written by skuppyq, but when performs the status inquiry it says: Vendor daemon status (on Hugo-BG): ARCGIS: The desired vendor daemon is down. Check the lmgrd log file, or try lmreread. Feature: ARC/INFO Vendor:Host: Hugo-BG License path: 27000@Hugo-BG FLEXnet Licensing error:-97,121 and if i do a server diagnostics it says: This license cannot be checked out because: Cannot connect to license server ... I will try to determine what the problem is... "telnet" port (23) on node Hugo-BG does not respond ->if Hugo-BG is a Unix system, it's probably down what can i do to fix this? nalle9 at 2010-10-04 20:30 CET:

Does anyone know if this works on Win 7 64bit? I've tried it and it doesnt work for me. Something goes wrong already in the beginning: *In step 9 (in the instructions) it says Go to C:\flexIm but that directory isnt created. So I create it and keep going * In step 11 it says and overwrite when prompted but I dont have any files to overwrite. Im sensing something is wrong here. When I come to the stop, start and re-read license in step 24 it says Unable to start / stop / reread Any ideas what went wrong? Shermania at 2010-10-07 20:54 CET: I'm having the same issue nalle...running vista. I'm pretty sure that the folder also needs to be called "flexlm" not "flexIM'...note the L instead of the I. This was based on other tries before. I'm trying it again, but any other comments would help. jancoy at 2010-10-08 19:42 CET: i m successfully install the license service, but when i open the archGIS app, it said that the software shoudl b registered, when i use the license included in the download, it said that it is for beta and rejected it... any help?? hwater at 2010-10-09 06:43 CET: I have it working on xp. Used the 'Definitive Method' after a fail of the included)The 'keys' driver is no longer available, just find the new one on the Safe-net site(no longer called 'keys' btw), it works fine. Anyone done a service pack upgrade? Shermania at 2010-10-13 18:53 CET: Hey hwater, what is the Sentinel Hardware Key Driver called now? Is it the protection thing? If you could post a link to it, that would be great too. maker4 at 2010-10-14 17:16 CET: thanks, it worked fine for me, followed skuppyq's instructions, runnin win7x68Pro maker4 at 2010-10-14 17:19 CET: *x86 bsingwa at 2010-12-11 16:37 CET: hi my friends. here is my suggestion to put the arcgis 9.2 torrent. it is simple and it works 1.Download and install the Sentinal Hardware Key Drivers Update: http://www.safenet-inc.com/support/tech/sentinel.asp Click Here for the latest Sentinel Driver. ( i think this step is not needed, try without using this, i

think you can start from step2 ) 2.Install ArcGIS License Manager 3.Replace C:\Program Files\ESRI\License\arcgis9x\ARCGIS.exe By__:\ArcGis Desktop 9.2\Crack\ARCGIS.exe ( available inside crack folder ) 4.Reboot (restart) computer 5.Install ArcGis Desktop 6.Download LMUpdate: http://forums.esri.com/Attachments/27972.zip 7.Extract the 3 files (lmgrd.exe; lmtools.exe; lmutil.exe) and copy them into your c:\Program Files\ESRI\License\arcgis9x and overwrite 8.Start up (ArcGIS License Manager (9.x) License Manager Tools) ( as administrator ) 8.1 SERVICE LICENSE FILE /configuration using services 8.2.1 CONFIGURE SERVICES / path to the lmrd.exe file and browse for it in the ERDI folder 8.2.2 path to the license file and browse for it in the crack folder (the .lic file) 8.2.3 path to the debug log file delete all in the field 8.2.4 both start server at power up and use services must be on 8.3 START/STOP/RE-READ 8.3.1 Stop 8.3.2 re-read 8.3.3 Start 9. Start up (ArcGIS Desktop Administrator) as administrator 10 LICENSE MANAGER /Change Write Host_Name of your computer/ Ok( your host name is available in my computer properties in computer name all done enjoy it!!!! best regards 4ZakeN at 2010-12-23 23:25 CET: Does this torrent work for anyone? I have tried 3-4 different ArcGIS torrents now, and so far I havent gotten 1Kb down. I really freaking need this program, does anyone now where I can find a working torrent?! lagaras at 2011-01-20 17:31 CET: Guys this torrent works seriously,9 mean it...there is a very important detail few people know,it is about a specific adjustment in windows administrator rights...it is a bit complicated i cannot analyse it here,anybody with a problem send me an e-mail to lagarasnikos@gmail.com to help you,i downloaded it from here and works perfect! jwebber001 at 2011-02-04 05:21 CET: Skuppyq good work on the ability to read the key from your PC! Did you do this work, if so I also need the same thing done for Hypack. Are you able to do this? fantanaman at 2011-02-23 19:08 CET: These comments may have been addressed in earlier posts. Some notes for following skuppyq's guide in Win 7 64-bit.

At step 2, be sure to use the directory 'Program Files (x86)', rather than simply 'Program Files'. Prior to step 4, navigate to 'C:\Program Files (x86)\ESRI\License\' and right-click -> 'Properties' on the folder 'arcgis9x'. On the 'Security' tab, click 'Edit' to alter permissions. Click 'Allow Full Control' for each of the various users. At step 8, when you use Notepad to create the .log file, you'll have to 'File->Save as...' and be sure to select 'All Files' in the listbox. Otherwise you'll end up with a text file named flexlm.log, rather than a .log file named flexlm. Same procedure at step 9. At step 9, I had to create the directory 'C:\flexlm\'. (Note: here and elsewhere throughout the procedure, I used 'flexlm' rather than 'flexIm', as other posts have pointed out. I think either will work, as long as you are consistent.) At step 15, be sure to right-click->'Run as administrator', otherwise License Manager won't have permission to configure your services. At step 24, the 'Stop' button failed to stop the service, but 'Start' and 'Re-Read License' were successful. My install was successful anyway. AGr007 at 2011-02-27 19:51 CET: @k2_cult Thank You Very Much For Uploading The File :) @skuppyq Thank You Very Much For The Explanation,It Works Fine For Me sirmarks at 2011-03-14 23:53 CET: I get a message saying "The desired daemon vendor is down". Any idea how to fix this? curtw819 at 2011-03-15 00:25 CET: @sirmarks you just need to change all the files and folders you created that are "flexIm" to "flexlm".... a lower case L instead of I 12345 Login | Register | Language / Select language | About | Legal threats | Blog Contact us | Usage policy | Downloads | Doodles | Search Cloud | Tag Cloud | Forum | TPB Tshirts SlopsBox | BayWords | BayImg | IPREDator | Follow TPB on Twitter
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