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ICSE Grade 8 Carbon and Its Allotropes

Q1. State any 4 uses of Diamond [2] Q2. What do you mean by the catenation property of carbon? Give Example [2] Q3. Why do combustion of carbon compounds gives you carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide sometimes and under what conditions? Give reactions wherever necessary. [4] Q4. Is manufacture of charcoal from wood a destructive distillation process ? Justify your answer. [2] Q5. graphite conducts electricity whereas diamond does not. Explain [2] Q6. Can diamond be burnt? If yes, what are the products that you obtain? [2] Q7. By which forces or bonds are the carbon atoms in graphite and diamond bound together? [3] Q8. Give two allotropes each of phosphorus and sulphur [2] Q9. state the reaction for the formation of SiC from SiO2 [1] Q10. give two reactions of any metal oxides with carbon demonstrating the reducing property of carbon. [2] Q11. Grease used to reduce friction in machines having high temperature usually contains graphite as one of its major components. Explain why? [2] Q12. Name an acid that can oxidize Graphite. [1] Q13. Chemical reactivity of Graphite is more as compared to Diamond. Give Reason [2] Q14. Specific Gravity of Diamond and Graphite is 3.52 and 2.3 respectively. Comment on the carbon carbon bond you find in each of them. [2] Q15. state the latest discovered allotrope of carbon. How many carbon atoms can it have? [2]