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CIVIL SERVICE LAWS A STUDY IN OFFICE MANAGEMENT By Shahid Hussain Asad Directorate General of Training & Research (Inland Revenue) Lahore (iil Foreword The teaching faculty in this Directorate General devotes itself to a phased programme of research and publication. This compilation, namely, "Civil Service Laws,- a study in Office Management, is the third of our series on Office Management and has been jointly prepared by Mrs. Shahnaz Rafique, Additional Director and Mr. Shahid Hussain Asad, Additional Director. S. MOHSIN AKHTAR Lahore, 20th June, 1996 Director General Table of Contents Sr. No Subject 10. i. Foreword Introduction Civil Servants Act, 1973 (Act No. LXXI of 1973) Civil Servants (Appointment, Promotion & Transfer) Rule, 1973 Occupational Groups and Services (Probation, Training, & Seniority), Rules 1990. Rules Governing the Conduct of Federal Government Officers — Government Servants (Conduct) Rules, 1964. Government Servant (Efficiency & Discipline) Rules, 1973. Revised Leave Rules 1980 T.A./D.A. Rules Federal and Provincial Accounts General Financial Rules How to Write an ACR by Shahnaz Refique Misc. Annexures 16 20 30 35 46 52 57 75