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University of Information Technology & Sciences

Assignment -01 Topic: 9 Bases for Segmentation

Prepared forMrs. Nazia Nabi Lecturer of Marketing School of Business Course Title Consumer Behavior Course Code: MKT- 242

Prepared byRawnak Razzak ID: 08310026 Sadi MuhammadNaved ID: 08310026 Israt Jahan ID: 08310026 Afsana Khanom ID: 08310026

Department: Bachelor of Business Administration

Date of Submission: February 24, 2010

9 Bases for Segmentation

Segmentation of ACER LaptopGeographic Segmentationy y y Region- All. City Size- Major Metropolitan areas, Small cities. Density of area- Urban.

Demographic Segmentationy y y Age- Above 18. Sex- Male & Female both. Income- Tk- (25,000- 30,000) or Tk- (3, 00,000- 3, 60,000) Lakhs per year.

Psychological Segmentationy y y y Personality- Novelty, Sackets, aggressive Perception- Moderate risk Learning involvement- High involvement Attitude- Positive attitude

Psychographic Segmentationy Life style Segmentation- Status seekers, outdoors enthusiasts

Sociocultural Segmentationy Social class- Middle class & Upper class

Use related Segmentationy y y Usage rate- Medium users, light users Awareness status- aware, interested Brand loyalty- Strong

Benefit Segmentationy y y Convenience Social acceptance Economy value for the money