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Constant Velocity Particle Model Lab Report

Your Lab Report should include:

The elements you have already completed in class:

Your Name
Data for fast and slow buggies
Labeled graph showing data for both carts on the same axes
Best fit line on each graph with slope and y-intercept information.
Write the equation for each line on the graph.

Analysis and Conclusion: (Typed and double-spaced)

1. Briefly describe the motion studied. Draw a motion map which represents the motion. (Your
qualitative motion map may be hand-drawn.) Explain the rules for drawing the motion map.

2. Describe the how each of the features of the graph (shape, slope, y-intercept, intersection of
lines) relate to the motion.

3. Show and describe the development of the equation from the generic linear equation, to
equations specific to the motion of your buggies, to a generalized equation for constant velocity
motion. Explain what each part of the equation means in terms of the buggy's motion.

4. Account for any deviations in your data from the best fit line in concrete terms.

All pages must be neat, in order, stapled, and 3-hole punched.

Please attach this sheet at the end of your report.