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ce Cream Parlors Bangalore Delicious ice cream dealers in Bangalore Brands available: Amul Flavors available: Stra wberry

Vanilla Butterscotch Mango Chocolate Pista Special varieties: Sunday Swirl Am

Update on 01-10-09

Amul Ice cream parlor in Bangalore

Amul Ice creams Specialist for all kind of flavors Mainly for Butter scotch Vanilla Cashew delite & more...... Other s: Food delivery is done Timings: 11.00a.m to 11.00p.m. For more details contac
Update on 07-05-09

Tasty Amul Ice creams in Bangalore

Amul Ice creams Dealers only for Amul Ice creams Advantages: Branded quality is available on all styles More than 5 0 different variety of flavor are available Available form 50 ml to 2 liters Other o
Update on 22-04-09

Providing Best Amul Ice creams Shops in Bangalore

Amul Ice creams Providing: Service is mainly from Amul Ice creams Specialist in: Quality ice cream More than 50 vari ety flavor are available Specialist for all kind of flavor All kind of Ice cream ar
Update on 25-04-09

Get All Flavors Ice Creams from Joy and Amul

Branded Ice Creams Services: Ice creams Specialist for: All kind of branded Ice creams Brands Are: Joy Amul Qualit y Advantages: Different variety Offering on all flavors Providing on all ratio. Other
Update on 22-04-09

Providing Vanilla and Chocolate Ice creams from Amul

Amul ice creams Dealing with: Amul ice creams Ice Creams Are: Vanilla Butterscotch Chocolate Strawberry Features : Is on all flavor Variety More than 50 different flavor are available Is available fro
Update on 30-04-09