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3 windows7 the per fect support has been announced, we no longer need use compatibility mode to wor k. after you download orcad 16.3, will try to break it, break up, but still belo w the window7 will encounter many difficulties in it, then let me teach you to c rack it in window7. PS: full text reference meijiangmiantk students in window xp crack under way 1, I use ORCAD16.3 this version, using SHooTERS crack! ? 2, taking into account the windows7 compatibility issues, this is recommended Po werISO virtual drive, mount ISO file. The figure is mounted ISO file after the c ontents: 3, double-click the image above setup.exe, start the installation process, pop u p the screen, first install the License Manager: 4, License Manager is installed, it will encounter the following screen, select Cancel: 5, then the following interface will pop up, select Yes: 6, click Finish, to complete the installation of License Manager: 7, the following two files to the LicenseManager installation directory: 8, hit replace, select Replace All: 9, with a text editor to open the directory just copied to the orcad_163.lic Lic enseManager , the first line of this_host modified their computer name: 10, see the computer name, as shown below, my computer name is LEEB, not LEEB Th at is to say not including the tail of the period! 11, will orcad_163.lic rename license.lic, as shown below: 12, back to the ORCAD installation interface, click the Product Installation, st art the installation ORCAD a variety of products: 13, came across this interface, what do not enter, just click Next: 14, crack license file contains all the products, so you can select all products , you can choose products based on some of their needs: 15, I do not need this feature, I chose None, click Next: 16, product installation, the following interface will pop up In License Path en ter 5280 @ LEEB, please LEEB replace your own computer name: 17, then the interface will pop up, click Finish to: 18, waiting for some time, the product installation is complete, click Finish, t o exit the installation program 19, copy orcad_163.exe to c : \ Candence directory, or your own installation dir ectory: 20, click Run orcad_163.exe, wait for completion crack: PS: This step is very important for windows7 user, because if the method accordi ng to meijiangmiantk students crack under the window xp is no problem, windows7 user rights, but not enough, it must be press f8 boot in safe mode wind ows7 right click with administrator privileges to perform orcad_163.exe, or else crack must be a failure! 21, completed the previous step After opening the program according to the follo wing chart: 22, in the following pop-up screen, click Browse: 23, choose LicenseManager directory license.lic (that is, to modify the content in front of us but also to rename the file): 24, click on the image above Next will see the following, then click below in th e Next: 25, will then pop up a confusing interface, it does not matter: 26, click on the image above Finish, thus, crack has been completed!