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Year: 4 Time Lesson 1 Tuesday

Learning intention: Ice Breaker To get familiar with each other Guiding question: What is special about each one of us? Learning engagements and Differentiation Students observe one another carefully; noting details and interviewing each other. They draw or/and write about their buddy and share with the class. Students work put up on the wall and individually celebrated. Assessment: Teacher observes their behavior during group work and decides seating arrangement based on their interaction.

Week: 1 Wednesday
Learning intention: Class room set up /organization Guiding question: How can we organize our classroom in order to function effectively? Learning engagements and Differentiation Students draw a plan of the class and arrange the desks and work areas. They need to use mathematical skills in order to correctly depict the room Assessment: Teacher observes their reasoning and measurement skills/scaling etc.

Term: 1 Thursday
Learning intention: Math warm up Guiding question Learning engagements and Differentiation: Students will engage in different activities in centers in order to tune into Math strands after the long break Assessment: Teacher observation at each center

Learning intention: Writing Assessment A narrative Guiding question Learning Assessment: Students will be given a picture and asked to use the picture in their story.

Lesson 2

Learning intention: To come up with Essential Agreements

Learning intention: To develop a sense of ownership and responsibility

Learning intention Familiarize the students with the LP vocabulary

Learning intention:To understand the meaning of a leader

Year: 4

Week: 1

Term: 1

Guiding question: What rules do we need to follow in and out of the classroom in order to be better learners? Learning engagements and Differentiation: Students will discuss rules in random groups and share with the class. Teacher writes down the agreements and the consequences of breaking rules. Assessment:

Guiding question: What jobs do we need to have in the classroom to make things run smoothly?

Learning engagements and Differentiation: Students brainstorm all the responsibilities they could have Assessment: Teacher observes students and how they handle their responsibility Learning intention: To begin to understand what a good leaner is like (AKAH Leaner Profile) Guiding question: What traits can make us good learners? Learning engagements and Differentiation:A story about a student will be read out.

Guiding question What do the LPs mean? Learning engagements and Differentiation: Students are given one LP in groups and asked to find out as much as they can about it with the help of interviews, dictionaries etc Assessment:

Guiding question:Who is a good leader? How can we become better leaders? Learning engagements and Differentiation: Students will brainstorm the attributes of a good leader. Each student will be given a responsibility and will create an accountability chart for themselves. Assessment:

Ongoing teacher observation of how students understand and follow the rules. Lesson 3
Learning intention:Being reflective Guiding question: How do you feel your new school is different from the old school? Learning engagements and Differentiation: .Students can choose

Students write in their journals about leaders and how they can become a leader
Learning intention: Conflict resolution Guiding question: How can we handle conflict? Learning engagements and Differentiation: Role playstudents will enact various instances where they have faced conflict Learning intention:To be able to reflect on their experiences Guiding question:What do we know about the first week of school? Learning engagements and Differentiation:Students will be asked to a mind map of what their experiences

Year: 4

Week: 1

Term: 1

between a Venn diagram, Tchart or any other way they feel can best help them do this activity. Assessment:

Students will be asked to brainstorm about the characteristics of the student that they liked the most. Some of the attributes of the Learner Profile will introduced Assessment:


On going

atschool during the first week. A collaborative mind map will be made on the board. Assessment:


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The order and duration of the lessons may vary At the end of each day, the students will reflect on their experiences (using 3/2/1, two stars and a wish, PMI and verbal discussions) There will be Drop Everything And Read after lunch everyday Students will be given stationery and other resources based on the requirements. Some will be labeled for each student Note books will be named and stacked If time permits, there will be pre unit assessment for the first units of math and language