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This duet arrangement of Peter and the Wolf can be performed by two pianists, or an assortment of up to twelve players. A teacher can involve several students in the music making and narrating, or several teachers can divide the six sections among their students and enjoy amuitiple studio contents Section 1 Section 2 Section 3 ... Section 4 Section 5 Section6 . ‘Copyright 1982 General Words and Musie Company Mlinots. Distributed by Nell A. Kjos Music Company. San Diego, Call: fornia. ‘Any reproduction, adaptation, or arrangement ofthis work in whote or in part without consent of the copyrigh! owner constitutes a iri iment of the copyright law AU rights reserved. International copyricl secured. Printed in USA . 39 Park Ridge. event. Of course, teachers may also want to participate! Peter and the Wolf works very well for performing in many situations: recitals; club, camp, or school programs; and family or other special gatherings. Each section is preceded by a paragraph for narration. Itmay be used in two ways: read straight through and followed by the performance of each section; or, at each circled letter (@) say “Here is the music representing (Peter),” and play from the appropriate circled letter (@) marked in the score. Then return to the narration. With the special attention to the themes the per- formance time is approximately ‘25 minutes. 4 1 19 . 25 BL ISBN 0.8497-6142-5 60336 1 My dear children, young and old .... this story is about Peter and his friends, the bird, the duck, and the cat, and about Peter's grandfather, too. You will also hear about the wolf and some hunters and their guns. And now, here is a musical introduction with all of those characters, After the introduction we'll begin the story Primo Secondo 4 = ©1982 General Words and Music Company, Park Ridge, Illinois 6336 P5336