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Communicating Effectively In Spoken English In Selected Social Contexts


: :

y Information giving process y Transmit or transfer of information y Used to give basic information:  company policies, instructions, facts y Methods include:  memos, letters, e-mail, voice mail, manuals, bulletin boards

Importance of speaking English

y Useful in all range whether in business, in economy

or even in school. y Can communicate with outsider. y English bridge to have better communication with foreigner.

Effective speaking skills

y Speaking skills  Body language  Voice control  Clear pronounciation

Listening skills
y Not interrupting while others talking y Active and passive listener






Oral communication working

y Lasswell model

Oral communication working

y Transactional model

Interpersonal communication
y Impersonal communication  Types of people  Not know very well  Example of situation : sales representative and potential customer Personal communication: know personally the person express our feelings can affects the other party emotions

Small group communication

y Consist of 3 until 5 people per group y Members must have same goal y Purpose of group communication is to build more y y y y

ideas and achieve goal Each member have a chance to speak Each member can ask a questions Small group communication manner Example situation in academic context is during post-mortem

Public communication
y It can be just to give information, to influence or to

tell a story. y A good speaker can build emotion to the audience y How public communication works?

Example : in school How we can be a good speaker? based on knowledge, experience and purpose

Speaking process
y Need a lot of practice y Study more on how to capture attention to our

talking y Benefits by good speaking in English:

Can have good understanding when people talking in English  Useful in study and working Different social context need to practice different speaking skills and listening skills.

y Thank you