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Biology Grade

Agarose, Molecular
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grade agarose is for Molecular biologyblotting.nucleic acidsideal gel everyday analysis of by electrophoresis and Alleles Premium Quality Agarose: Has no detectable DNase, RNase, or protease activity Will form strong gels with low background upon staining Has a broad range Can sharply resolve DNA and provide consistent resolution Has low EEO, so DNA will have a high electrophoretic mobility Performance tested Can be used for PCR products, plasmid DNA, or genomic DNA fragments

Molecular Biology Grade Agarose

Cat. No. 500 250


500 g


Storage: Store in a tightly closed container at room temperature. Protect powder from moisture. Quality Control & Testing Alleles Premium Quality Agarose is tested for the absence of nucleases and proteases. It is also used in our own facility daily
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