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Theoretical Framework The theoretical framework that will be used in the study is the Input-Process- Output Model.

In the IPO model, a process is viewed as a series of boxes (processing elements) connected by inputs and outputs. Information or material objects flow through a series of task or activities based on a set of rules or description points. Flow charts and process diagrams are often used to represent the process. What goes in is the input; what causes the change is the process; what comes out is the output. The IPO model will provide the general structure and guide for the direction of study.

The Input-Process-Output Model also known as the IPO+S Model is a functional model and conceptual schema of a general system. An IPO chart identifies a programs inputs, its outputs, and the processing steps required to transform the inputs into the outputs.

The IPO model has many interdisciplinary applications, and is used to convey systems fundamentals in IT overview education and as a brainstorming, preliminary investigation tool in systems development processes. It consists of at least three, and sometimes four, distinct components. In contemporary Information Technology, it is almost always discussed as a three component model in which the fourth is a named optional. The components of the IPO model are defined as: Input - The information, ideas, and resources used Processing - Actions taken upon/using input or stored material Output - Results of the processing that then exit the system

Conceptual Framework

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