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Inducing love by an egg

It is for a person whose star is fiery: On Tuesday night, after the evening prayer, write the following on a freshly laid egg: Hashhashah x2, Kashkashah x2, Mahalooh x2, Hailah x2, Khatoofah x2, Khatifah x2, Akhtaf x2, From the sky be commissioned, o servants of these names, and inflame N. with the love of N.. Hurry x2!, Quickly x2!, At once x2! Burn frankincense. Recite the following incantation over the egg forty five times or a number of forty-five times equal to the numerical value of t target's name: the Halaj x2, Mahlaj x2, Wah x2, Tash x2, Ataqoosh x2, Mantoosh x2,

Jalaj x2, Majlooj x2, Ajlooj x2, Zookh x2, Tashtita x2. I conjure you, o Abyad!