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Synonyms/Antonyms/Word Meaning (Vocabulary) Complete the Sentence (Grammar) Spot error/Correct sentence (Grammar/sentence construction) Sentence Ordering (Comprehension skills) Questions based on passage (Comprehension skills)

Quant y y y y y y Logarithms HCF and LCM, Divisibility Power Numbers, Decimal Fractions Permutations and Combinations, Probability Word Problem: Profit, Interest, Inverse Reasoning and logical ability y y y y y y y y y Analogy Pattern Recognition Classification Pattern Recognition Coding Pattern Recognition Number Series Pattern Recognition Direction sense, Blood relations, CDL Puzzles, Logical word sequence Selection decision table Data sufficiency Objective reasoning E&c Analog Electronics y y y y y Basic Components, their operations and Circuit Analysis Active Components, Large, Small Signal and Circuit Analysis Frequency domain and time domain analysis of systems, Feedback and Stability Opamp based circuits and analysis Miscellaneou

Digital Electronics y y y y y Boolean Algebra, Minimization of Boolean Functions Implementation and Analysis of logic gates Sequential blocks - flip-flops and latches Digital Circuits and Blocks State Machines and design of Complex sequential circuits