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In pursuit of BBA program, Project report is a critical component of the entire process. Dabur India Private Ltd. has given me the opportunity to gain invaluable experience under the guidance of my well experienced faculty of the college. Their continuous support and valuable in hand experience provided me with the conceptual understanding and practical approach needed to work efficiently for this project. The present work is an effort to throw some light on Marketing Segmentation, Targeting and Positioning with special focus on Dabur India Pvt. Ltd.. The work would not have been possible to come to the present shape without the able guidance, supervision and help to me by number of people. With deep sense of gratitude I acknowledged the encouragement and guidance received by my subject guide Mrs Samridhi Singh. and other staff members of Chitkara Institute of Engineering and Technology,Rajpura I convey my heartfelt affection to all those people who helped and supported me during the Course, for completion of my Project Report. I hope this report, reflecting my learning in the concept of Dabur Marketing and is as beneficial to the organization as it had been to me.

Again, I sincerely thank all of them.


1. Company profile 2. Dabur Group 3. Management 4. Products 5. Objective of the Study 6. Market Segmentation 7. Market Targeting 8. Market Positioning 9. Bibliography


Dabur India Limited is a leading Indian consumer goods company with interests in Hair Care, Oral Care, Health Care, Skin Care, Home Care and Foods. From its humble beginnings in the by lanes of Calcutta way back in 1884 as an Ayurvedic medicines company, Dabur India Ltd has come a long way today to become a leading consumer products manufacturer in India. For the past 125 years, we have been dedicated to providing nature-based solutions for a healthy and holistic lifestyle. Through our comprehensive range of products, we touch the lives of all consumers, in all age groups, across all social boundaries. And this legacy has helped us develop a bond of trust with our consumers. That guarantees you the best in all products carrying the Dabur name.

"Dedicated to the health and well being of every household" STRATEGIC INTENT

We intend to significantly accelerate profitable growth. To do this, we will:

Focus on growing our core brands across categories, reaching out to new geographies, within and outside India, and improve operational efficiencies by leveraging technology

Be the preferred company to meet the health and personal grooming needs of our target consumers with safe, efficacious, natural solutions by synthesizing our deep knowledge of ayurveda and herbs with modern science

Provide our consumers with innovative products within easy reach Build a platform to enable Dabur to become a global ayurvedic leader Be a professionally managed employer of choice, attracting, developing and retaining quality personnel

Be responsible citizens with a commitment to environmental protection Provide superior returns, relative to our peer group, to our shareholders

Dabur Group
With a basket including personal care, health care and food products, Dabur India Limited has set up subsidiary Group Companies across the world that can manage its businesses more efficiently. Given the vast range of products, sourcing, production and marketing have been divested to the group companies that conduct their operations independently: Dabur UK Dabur Nepal Dabur Egypt Newu Sundesh

Dabur's mission of popularising a natural lifestyle transcends national boundaries. Today, there is growing global awareness on alternative medicine, nature-based and holistic lifestyles and an interest in herbal products. Dabur has been in the forefront of popularising this alternative way of life, marketing its products in more than 60 countries all over the world. Over the years, Dabur's overseas business has successfully transformed from being a small operation into a multi-location business spreading through the Middle East, North Africa, West Africa and South Asia. Our Products Worldwide We have spread ourselves wide and deep to be close to our overseas consumers. Our overseas product portfolio is tailor-made to suit the needs and aspirations of our growing consumer base in the international markets.

Offices and representatives in Europe, UK, America and Africa AA special herbal health care and personal care range successfully selling in markets ranging from the Middle East, Far East, North Africa and Europe Inroads into several European and American markets that have good potential due to resurgence of the back-to-nature movement Export of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs), manufactured under strict international quality benchmarks, to Europe, Latin America, Africa, Asian countries Export of food and textile grade natural gums, extracted from traditional plant sources

Chief Executive Officer

Sunil Duggal
Chairman Dr. Anand Burman Vice-Chairman Mr. Amit Burman Whole Time Directors Mr. P.D. Narang Mr. Sunil Duggal Mr. Pradip Burman Independent Directors Mr. Bert Paterson Mr. P. N. Vijay Mr. R C Bhargava Dr. S. Narayan Mr. Analjit Singh Dr. Ajay Dua

Health Care Product
Chyawanprash - health tonic, immune stimulator Hajmola- tangy digestive aid, appetite stimulant Hajmola candy - digestive candy with a punch Pudin Hara/ Pudin Hara-G - instant relief from stomach disorders Dabur Balm - quick-action pain reliever Restora - restorative Lal Tail - Baby massage oil - strengthening bones & muscles Honitus syrup - cough syrup Rheumatil gel - relief for arthritis, joint pains Itch Care - itch reliever Ring Ring - relief from ring worms Back Aid - back pain reliever Baby Olive Oil - Extra nourishing baby massage oil Lavan Bhaskar Churan - Useful for indigestion & loss of apetite Hingwastak Churan - useful for stomach ailments Sitopladi Churan - treats cough & cold

Herbal Supplements Range

Nature Care Isabgol - aiding bowel function Nature Care CleanNClear / GreNeem - skin care, blood purifier Nature Care Boswellia - smooth joint functioning Nature Care Gymnema - blood sugar regulator Nature Care Forskohlin - regulating blood pressure, hypertension Nature Care new Livfit Vegecaps - liver protection Nature Care Triphla - immunomodulator, internal cleanser Nature Care Ashwagandha / Stresscom - maintaining psychosomatic equilibrium Nature Care Shilajit - immune stimulator, general tonic Nature Care Punarnava - aids renal functioning Nature Care Guggulu - controls blood cholestrol Nature Care Gotu Kola - improves brain functions Nature Care Arjuna - helps maintain proper cardiac functions Nature Care Phyllanthus - helps maintain healthy liver functioning Nature Care Picrorrhiza - strengthens hepatic functionas and digestion Nature Care Kutkin and Silymarin - supports liver metabolism Nature Care Shankha Pushpi - maintains smooth functioning of nervous system Nature Care Shatavari - supports immunity & builds body resistance

Skin Care Product

Natural Sandalwood Soap - refreshing daylong fragrance Natural Neem Soap - deep cleansing and toning Natural Aloe Vera Soap - soft and supple skin Natural Beauty Soap - freshening and soothing the skin Gulabari (Premium Rose water) - skin toner and refreshing fragrance Boroglow - non-sticky Ayurvedic Anti-septic cream Gulabari Face Pack - natural recipe for younger looking glowing skin Vatika Fairness Face Pack enriched with the goodness of natural ingredients giving your skin radiant fairness

Oral Care Product

Dabur Neem Toothpaste - anti-bacterial & anti-inflammatory action Dabur Basil Toothpaste - refresher, removing plaque Dabur Clove Toothpaste - analgesic action & fighting cavities Dabur Red Toothpowder - herbal combination for strong teeth & healthy gums Dabur Red Toothpaste - herbal combination for strong teeth & healthy gums

Food Product
Honey - fine flavor of 100% pure honey Real Fruit Juice - fresh fruit juices reinforced with nutrients Real Activ - pure fruit juices with no added sugar or preservatives Hommade Cooking Pastes - thick & grainy cooking pastes for the right flavor Coconut milk - thick first pressing extract of coconuts Capsico Red Pepper Sauce - tangy, extra-hot sauce from the best red peppers Lemoneez - natural lemon juice from fresh-picked lemons Cardamom Extract - easy-to-blend flavor of cardamoms Glucose D - extra-refined supplement with Vitamin D & calcium Mustard Oil - fine mustard oil from the best mustards Rose Syrup - Delicious drink from garden fresh roses

Hair Care Product

Dabur Hair Oil Range Dabur Amla Hair Oil - for strong hair with full body Dabur Amla Lite Hair Oil - for nourishment and lightness Dabur Vatika Hair Oil - premium coconut hair oil enriched with henna, amla and lemon Dabur Special Hair Oil - herbal oil for healthy & lustrous hair Dabur Jasmine Hair Oil - with delicate natural fragrance of jasmines Dabur Anmol Coconut Oil - pure coconut oil enriched with Vitamin E Dabur Shampoo Range Dabur Vatika Anti-dandruff Shampoo - for natural dandruff control Dabur Vatika Body & Bounce Shampoo - for Oily Hair Dabur Vatika Henna Conditioning Shampoo - for balanced and appropriate conditioning Dabur Vatika Nourishing Hair Conditioner - for oily hair Dabur Vatika Gentle Cleansing Shampoo - for dry hair Dabur Vatika Nourishing Cream Shampoo - for normal hair

Market can be segmented using several bases

A market/consumer population for a product can be segmented using several relevant bases. The major ones include: Geographic Demographics Socio-cultural Psychographic Buying Behavior




Market Segmentation

Buying Behavior


Geographic Segmentation
Segmentation of consumer based on factors like climate zone, continents/ country, region, state, district, and urban/rural area, constitutes geographic segmentation. Marketer, who operate globally, often segment the market segments the market by continents/country/region in the first instance, and then go for segmentation on other bases DABURS GEOGRAPHIC SEGMENTATION Dabur has segmented its market with respect to Geography in following way, Dabur's Geographic Segmentation

Overseas Business

National Business

Asia Pacific America

Urban Segment

Rural Segment Africa Europe Australia

For further know how, in overseas business Dabur is concentrating on the Continents which offering better Dealership and other homogeneous companies so to get better economies of scale as well as better efficiency.
Example: Countries of Europe, Dabur India's health and beauty retail subsidiary H&B stores has tied up with labs in Italy, the UK and Thailand for developing some of its private labels. In Indian Market where Dabur has segmented market into Urban and Rural segment on the basis of different demand by the people of rural areas. Rural people concentrate on only Ayurvedic Health Care products like Chyawanprash, Hajmola, Dabur Balm , Honitus syrup, Itch Care,
Pudin Hara and many more.

Demographic segmentation
Segmentation of consumer based on variables such as race, religion, community, language, age, stage in family cycle, gender, marital status, family size, occupation, economic position/income/purchasing capacity level, and social status ,of the consumer demographic segmentation. DABURS DEMOGRAPHIC SEGMENTATION Dabur has segmented its Product on the basis of AGE

Example For Kids (Age below 13 years): Lal Tail - Baby massage oil, Hajmola candy Baby Olive Oil Glucose D, Real Activ

For Youth (14 years to 40 years): Natural Neem Soap, Gulabari Face Pack Gulabari , Dabur Red Toothpaste, Dabur Vatika Hair Oil , Dabur Vatika Body & Bounce Shampoo For Old (Age above 40 years): Nature Care Isabgol, Nature Care Shankha Pushpi, Rheumatil gel, Sitopladi Churan, Coconut milk Dabur has segmented its Product on the basis of GENDER Example For Men: Nature Care Punarnava, Nature Care CleanNClear / GreNeem, Lemoneez For Women: Rose Syrup, Dabur Jasmine Hair Oil, Dabur Vatika Body & Bounce Shampoo , Natural Sandalwood Soap Dabur has segmented its Product on the basis of PURCHASING CAPACITY Example For Upper Class: Nature Way Ayurvedic Products like Shampoos, Soap because they can spend more on the beauty products. For Middle and Lower Class: Health Care products are meant for Middle and Lower class people who spend their money on Health products like Hajmola, Churan , Pudin Hara etc

Socio-Cultural Factors
Culture and social class are the two main bases of segmentation here. Culture: Culture influence consumer behavior, deeply. A given culture brings in its own unique pattern of social conduct. A person usually acquires his cultural attributes right at his childhood. Culture includes religious, caste, traditional, language, pattern of social behavior etc. Social Factor: Social group of varying types exert influenced on the consumer. Social group include family, peer group, close colleges. They adopt their common life style. The influences of cultural and social factor are on consumer behavior. So products are segmented on the basis of social and cultural factor. DABURS SOCIO-CULTURAL SEGMENTATION EXAMPLE Dabur has segmented their product Hajmola, Churan, Chyawanprash as per the Culture of the
people. As in India people usually eat spicy food and which creates digestion problem. So Dabur came with a product Hajmola for digestion problem in India, because Indian Segment demands for it. On the basis of society Dabur launches its Skin Care products, Oral Care Products as well as Hair Care Products because society and social being demands for it. As it is common in market that everyone wants to be more beautiful as comparative to other so they need beauty products for it.

Psychographic segmentation
Psychographic Segmentation groups customers according to their life-style and buying psychology. Many businesses offer products based on the attitudes, beliefs and emotions of their target market. The desire for status, enhanced appearance and more money are examples of psychographic variables. They are the factors that influence your customers' purchasing decision. In psychographic segmentation, elements like life style, attitude, self-concept and value system, form the base. DABURS PSYCHOGRAPHIC SEGMENTATION Dabur has segmented their product according to Life Style of the People living in the Particular Geographic segment. Dabur has concentrated on the people cautious for their Health and launch different Health Care Products for the same segment.

Buying Behavior Segmentation

Markets can be segmented on the basis of buyer behavior as well. Since all Segmentation is in a way related to buyer behavior, one might be tempted to ask why buyer behavior-based segmentation should be a separate method. It is because there is some distinction between buyers characteristics that are reflected by their geographic, demographic and psychographic profiles, and their buying behavior. Marketers often find practical benefit in using buying behavior as a separate segmentation base in addition to bases like geographic, demographics, a psychographics. The primary idea in buyer behavior segmentation is that different customer groups expect different benefits from the same product and accordingly, they will be different in their motives in owing it and their behavior in buying it. Variables of buyer behavior are:Benefit sought: - Quality / economy / service / look etc of the product. DABURS BEHAVIOUR SEGMENTATION Dabur has found a different segment Ayurvedic Products. Daburs research and Development team found that Consumers likes (Consumer Preference and Taste) are for the Ayurvedic products because of their no ill effects. Buyer prefers Daburs Ayurvedic products because they found that these results in long term results (Usage) and also found in cheap rates (Economy) than other medicines. It is also noted that in all Ayurvedic Companies as well as in FMCG companies Behaviour Segmentation is used to make and set the target Market.

Segmentation enables the marketers to choose his target market better. It also helps him to make the winning strategy and strike the right product offer and the right marketing mix. With the information generated from multi-level segmentation, he can obtain a deeper understanding of the customers in each segment, their needs, buying motives and buying behavior. He can understand in what way each of the different segments want the product to be, he can then tailor his product, marketing offer and promotional appeal, to fit the individual segment; he can select the priced, distribution method/channels, media vehicles, advertising massages and sales appeal, which will be appropriate DABURS MARKETING TARGETING After Market segmentation done by Dabur on the basis of five different force such as Demographic, Geographic, Socio-Cultural, Psychographic and Behavioural Segments it has made 20 different segments of consumer and target their different variety of product on the basis of their taste, preferences, need, demands and choice and society. EXAMPLE DABUR has targeted its Women segment with its Beauty products like Nature way and Hair oils, Shampoos, Toothpastes etc. DABUR has also targeted Old People and culture of Indian Market with its different Ayurvedic oils, pills, Juices, Medicines (Pudin Hara) and many more. DABUR with its Skin Care products targeted the Overseas Market because of deficiency of Hemoglobin capsules in the blood of British people and Western people. So to cure and be safe from that they prefer Daburs Ayurvedic Products.

It should always be noted the due to change in External Environment and needs segments goes on changing. So always revising of target Market should be done to achieve better results rather than sticking on same notes of targeting.

The main positioning strategy is to either developing or reinforcing a particular image for the brand in the mind of the customer. The main approaches to positioning strategy are: Customer benefits approach. Dabur has positioned its following range of Shampoos by showcasing the benefits of the different range of Shampoos by Dabur,
Dabur Vatika Anti-dandruff Shampoo Dabur Vatika Body & Bounce Shampoo Dabur Vatika Henna Conditioning Shampoo Dabur Vatika Nourishing Hair Conditioner Dabur Vatika Gentle Cleansing Shampoo Dabur Vatika Nourishing Cream Shampoo for natural dandruff control for Oily Hair for balanced and appropriate conditioning for oily hair for dry hair for normal hair

Dabur tells about the benefit of the different Shampoos for different Hair by not concentrating on Single Variety and cut and edge over the other Competitors. The price-quality approach Dabur has used Price-Quality positioning approach by segregating its Nature Way product range by fixing high prices to show that these products are high in quality thats why fixed with high prices. This concept of positioning is famous to be introducing in upper level community segment because they generally prefer to buy costly products by though in mind that they must have better and quick results over other products. The use or application approach. In this strategy the product is positioned with a use or application approach. Daburs Hajmola can be used to solve the problem of digestion and it can be used by any age of people without any precaution. So Dabur Hajmola has made its position in the market because of its use and application.

The product user approach. In this approach, the brand identifies and determines the target segment for which the product will be positioned. Many brand uses a model or a celebrity to position their product. The expectations are that a model or a celebrity is likely to influence the products image by reflecting their own image to it. For example:-Dabur Chyvanprash is positioned for all age groups

The cultural symbol approach The positioning strategy is based on deeply entrenched cultural symbol. The use of cultural symbol can help to differentiate the brand from competitors brands. In Dabur they use Herbs as their image symbol which shows that products are all Ayurvedic so can be trustfully used because it is related to Culture because they have used the cultural image for their product.

The competitor approach Many brands use competitor as a dominant plank in their campaign. These brands are positioned following its competitor. This is an offensive strategy. Fortunately Dabur is the one company which is not using this offensive strategy of positioning while some other Ayurvedic products manufacturing companies using this approach over DABUR positioning.