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1 PS. “Fe. ae PATENT CEASE Renewal fee due... not (Advertived P.0.12.9. NOM Ih: wennlheians Uv na 20 SU ED “Gat a abana SEE BATHING, De 8 aon 1921-20", CULES smoTeTgAtTOnt ” susorray 18 " Li PSDRE DAISY DAVEY, of 57 Gantton M121 Read, Xerivele, Christehursh, im the Dominion of New zealand, 4 subject of the King of Great Britain, ao hereby doclare the neture of thie dnvention and tn what manner the same Ae to be performed, to be pertieuierly aesersbed and ascertained tn and by the following atatonent + 92428 SEIS INVENTION relates to electrical tmersion ne ere and mor’ pertioterty to electrical imerston heaters whieh utilise the condustivity of Liguté ‘or thetr operation, It 12 know that co-axtel electrodes in water heators anf pertieutarly for use with auch s hester for iandyston tn a Teesel of Liguld inciting @ eysten through whieh water flows ‘are connon to the art in connection with electric imersion hesterts : The objects of this tnvention ere to provide an improved electrical tmersion hoater which te very rapi@ in reieing Megaid toxperstares when in use anf whieh will not ‘when An ute undergo any 421 offoote tf the Liquid in whieh 1 is ploced should evaporate entitely or the Lqutd supply ts ext off} but will operate ératn tmsedtstely further Ltqutd 43 provided for the heaters Aooording to this invention the Iaproved neater codetscs a central olectroge, cfreular electrofes arranged conganteteelly shout the centro electrode, means for holding ‘the etreular electrodes so that they vibrate and an electrical connestton fron one side of « souree of altemnsting aurrent to the central electrode apd to electrodes alternate from the control electrofe, snd an electricel connection fron the other aide of « xoureo of alternating current to the oironlar electe rode adjacent the central olectrote ant to etreular electrodes aitornate trom the efroular electrode adjscent tho contrat clectrode. Yurther thé tnvention comprises a casing having holed fends ant a side or sides separating the ends, © contral eiectrode holding the ents end sides together, gooves in the Anner surfaces of the ends loosely retaining etectrodes therein an elestrioal eonneetion from one aide of x cource of alternating current to the contral electrode sné to circular electrotes alternate from the central olectrode, and an 7 92428 electrical conection from the other side of a source of aiterniting current to the cireular electrode adjacent the contrat electrode und to efteulur electrodes aiternnte from the ctroular electrode adjacent the centrél electrode, ‘The Anvention will now be further deserSbed with referonce to thes ceompanying dravings, in which t= Figure 1 as acheuatieei representation of the ctroult arrangesont aged in al] forms of the Anventton, Pienre 2 14 « 4140 elevations vey of one forp of ‘tho invention adapted tr ure arg portable Aomereion heater) Figure 3. ds a plan view of Figure 2y Figure 4 fo. cross dection on Line Ant of Fieure 3, wane Plgwe § 9 9 atagramatioal view tn loned tudinal section of the duereton hoater affixed in fa mater hecting system, In seaortance with the present davention the dmproved heater a8 sohomatteally represented in Figure 1 hae a central electrede 2 surroundet by a second electrode 2 spaced therefrom anf which, in turn, 1s surrounded by a third electrode 3 spagea therefron, the space 4 between the second electrode 2 and central stectroto 2 and the space § between the second etectrode 2 ant third electrode 3 aro equst, and the firet and thind electrodes 1,3 are in olecbriesl connection with one another, When hoster having such ofreutt arrangement 42 Incorsed Ans Mould and the second electrode 2 48 connected with a terminal 6 of @ source of slternsting current and the first and third electrodes 1, 3 ere connected with a termina? 7. to said source, the current passing through the electrodes 2, 1 and 3 and the Liquid heats the Liquid very raptaly. As A1iustroted any desired number of electrodes, concentric with the electrode 1 on be used and spaced wert,