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Acknowledgement With sincere appreciation and deep gratitude, the researchers would like to acknowledge the contributions made

by several persons which resulted to the completion of this special research project: First and foremost, to Almighty God for enlightening our lives and minds while doing this study; for helping us and giving us knowledge, wisdom, and strength in our everyday lives; for the failures and triumphs we encountered while doing this research that serves as a challenge to push through our study. We praise and glorify Your name our Lord. To our parents, for their hard work to provide us with stable and comfortable living; for their undying love, support, and guidance that leads us towards the right path to our own success and happiness. To the deans of various departments, for giving us permission in conducting our research. To our beloved research adviser, Ms. Luz V. del Pilar, RN, MAN, for the support provided to pursue our task; for the encouragement, advice, consideration, and intelligent guidance for the completion of our study. To our clinical instructors, for helping us in our questionnaire by sharing their thoughts and knowledge. To the Library Personnel of St. Jude College Manila, for providing us with reading materials about our study. And lastly, to the students of St. Jude College from different levels and courses, for giving us their time, effort, and knowledge in answering our questionnaires.

The Researchers