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City of Mandaluyong Science High School

E. Pantaleon st., Hulo, Mandaluyong City

Members of the group to be evaluated: ____________________

Name/number of group to be evaluated: ___________________

Date: ______________________________
Year and Section: ____________________
Name of evaluator: ___________________

Topic Proposal Form: Improvisation Project

Original Product/Device/Tool for Improvisation

Description of the product/tool/device

subject for improvisation

Purpose of the original

tool/device/product for improvisation

Principle of __________ applied in

the working of the original product

Improvisations to be made on the original product/device/tool

Description of the improvisations to be


Purpose of the improvisation

Materials needed for imrovisation

o Problems, variables and hypothesis

Variables pertinent to the research

Statement of the Problem


o Research procedures
Procedures for testing the variables

Data gathering procedures

Statistical treatment/procedure to be
used (to be filled by the adviser)

Comments/Remarks: ____________________________________________________________
Rating: __________________________
Action Taken: ____________________

Signature of Adviser