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Course contents

Introduction to Ajax What is Ajax? What can you do with Ajax? Ajax and Web 2.0 Ajax Basics Fundamentals HTML and CSS Ajax Frameworks Advanced Javascript Data types and variables Operators and Statements Objects and Functions Introduction to Object Oriented Programming (OOP) eXtensible Markup Language (XML) Syntax Rules XML and Ajax The Document Object Model (DOM) HTML Objects and Properties Understanding the DOM Element and Access in Context Modifying the Tree The XMLHttpRequest Object Overview Methods Properties Interaction GET vs. POST Handling the response Cross-browser Usage Ajax with PHP The role of the server PHP and Ajax Getting XML data from PHP Handling Errors Server-side Frameworks Simple Applications Ajax and Databases Introduction to MySQL Connecting to the Database Ajax, PHP and MySQL Ajax with jQuery Overview jQuery Fundamentals Selectors Manipulating Elements Events Ajax with jQuery Javascript Object Notation (JSON) Introduction to JSON JSON Concepts JSON vs. XML Ajax Best Practices Browser Issues

5 Days

Security The Back Button Degrading Javascript Gracefully Testing and Debugging