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Bhagvan singh v state of mp 2002 4 scc 85 Cognisable n nn cog offence Sec 155 informa In cases absolute bar on police

officer unless a mag allows it An absolute duty not to investigate unless mag clears it In case of 154 If u look at 157 Bar on May investigate 157 compels him to do so as it is a cognisable offence The investigation needs to be committed a duty not to investigate in case of 153 Wat is an fir all about? The significance of an fir Solely on basis of this inv is done if its infirm then the case will fall apart It is the starting point of an inv It needs to contain prior info 1 The circumstances in which the crime was committed The time period btn committin n registration is important n if long then info not veracious 2 Name s of the culprits 3 The parts played by these culprits (who did what) 4 the names of other witnesses

Shankar rana v lohor rana 1995 crlj 3570 orissa hc That an fir can come from any quarter it can come from the victims himself also witness when the victim is incapable of doing it himself it applies to the cases of incapacitation Fir can be filed Cognisable offence if not then ncr