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LTPC 3003 UNIT I CONCEPTS AND ARCHITECTURE 9 Introduction-Parallel and Distributed Computing-Cluster Computing-Grid ComputingAnatomy and Physiology of Grid-Review of Web Services-OGSA-WSRF. UNIT II GRID MONITORING 9 Grid Monitoring Architecture (GMA) - An Overview of Grid Monitoring Systems- GridI CE JAMM -MDS-Network Weather Service-R-GMA-Other Monitoring SystemsGanglia and GridMon UNIT III GRID SECURITY AND RESOURCE MANAGEMENT 9 Grid Security-A Brief Security Primer-PKI-X509 Certificates-Grid Security-Grid Scheduling and Resource Management-Scheduling Paradigms- Working principles of Scheduling -A Review of Condor, SGE, PBS and LSF-Grid Scheduling with QoS. UNIT IV DATA MANAGEMENT AND GRID PORTALS 9 Data Management-Categories and Origins of Structured Data-Data Management Challenges-Architectural Approaches-Collective Data Management Services-Federation Services-Grid Portals-First-Generation Grid Portals-Second-Generation Grid Portals. UNIT V GRID MIDDLEWARE 9 List of globally available Middlewares - Case Studies-Recent version of Globus Toolkit and GLite - Architecture, Components and Features. TOTAL = 45 PERIODS TEXT BOOK: 1. Maozhen Li, Mark Baker, The Grid Core Technologies, John Wiley & Sons ,2005. REFERENCES: 1. Ian Foster & Carl Kesselman,The Grid 2 Blueprint for a New Computing Infrascture Morgan Kaufman 2004. 2. Joshy Joseph & Craig Fellenstein, Grid Computing, Pearson Education 2004. 3. Fran Berman,Geoffrey Fox, Anthony J.G.Hey, Grid Computing: Making the Global Infrastructure a reality, John Wiley and sons, 2003.



LTPC 3003 UNIT I 9 Review of OOP Concepts - Overview of .NET Framework - Basic Elements of C# Program Structure and simple Input and Output Operations Operators and Expressions Statements Arrays and Structures. UNIT II 9 Inheritance - Namespace Polymorphism Interface and Overloading Multiple Inheritance Property Indexes Delegates Publish/Subscribe Design PatternsOperator Overloading-Method Overloading


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UNIT II I 9 C# Concepts for creating Data Structures - File Operation File Management systems Stream Oriented Operations- Multitasking Multithreading Thread Operation Synchronization. UNIT IV 9 Working with XML Techniques for Reading and Writing XML Data - Using XPath and Search XML - ADO.NET Architecture ADO.NET Connected and Disconnected Models XML and ADO.NET Simple and Complex Data Binding Data Grid View Class. UNIT V 9 Application Domains Remoting Leasing and Sponsorship - .NET Coding Design Guidelines Assemblies Security Application Development Web Services Building an XML Web Service - Web Service Client WSDL and SOAP Web Service with Complex Data Types Web Service Performance. TOTAL = 45 PERIODS TEXT BOOKS: 1. S. Thamarai Selvi and R. Murugesan A Textbook on C# , Pearson Education,2003. 2. Stephen C. Perry Core C# and .NET, Pearson Education,2006. REFERENCES: 1. Jesse Liberty, Programming C#, Second Edition, OReilly Press, 2002. 2. Robinson et al, Professional C#, Fifth Edition, Wrox Press, 2002. 3. Herbert Schildt, The Complete Reference: C#, Tata McGraw Hill, 2004. 4. Andrew Troelsen, C# and the .NET Platform, A! Press, 2003. 5. Thuan Thai and Hoang Q. Lam, . NET Framework Essentials, Second Edition, OReilly, 2002.


LTPC 3003 UNIT I BASICS OF COMPILATION 9 Compilers Analysis of source program Phases of a compiler Grouping of phases Compiler Construction tools Lexical Analyzer: Token specification -Token RecognitionA language for Specifying lexical analyzer Top down parser : Table implementation of Predictive Parser - Bottom-up Parser : SLR(1) Parser - Parser generators. UNIT II TYPE CHECKING AND RUNTIME ENVIRONMENTS 9 Syntax directed definitions Construction of syntax trees Type systems Specification of a simple type checker - Equivalence of type expressions Type conversions Attribute grammar for a simple type checking system Runtime Environments: Source language issues Storage organization Storage allocation strategies Parameter passing. UNIT III INTERMEDIATE CODE GENERATION 9 Intermediate languages Declarations Assignment statements Boolean expressions Case statements Backpatching Procedure calls.


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