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Answer plan

Statement before a contract was s|gned (page 76 8CA)

rep puff or promlssory?
reasonably bellevable? noL puff
LesL and ob[ecLlve LesL beLween rep promlssory sLaLemenL
lf promlssory
ls Lhe promlssory sLaLemenL a Lerm or a collaLeral conLracL?
lf a collaLeral conLracL
deflnlLlon of collaLeral conLracL (8CA p90)
elemenLs of a collaLeral conLracL
LesL of greaLer uLlllLy ls 'was Lhe conslderaLlon for Lhe sLaLemenL enLerlng lnLo Lhe maln
conLracL? (would Lhey have enLered lnLo conLracL wlLhouL Lhls assurance?)
bl parLlLe or LrlparLlLe?
remedy for breach
lf a Lerm
arol evldence rule
CondlLlon or warranLy or lnLermedlaLe Lerm
LffecL of breach
lf represenLaLlon
lnnocenL negllgenL or fraudulenL?
lf sLaLemenL make acLed on behalf of corporaLlon sLaLuLe