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• Considered as one general method of

wide application in the educative


• Developmental method is the teachers

application of some theory of
educational experience and learning
• When used to develop thinking which
involves the manipulation of idea, data,
or facts, developmental method is the
best procedure.
• This method is also valuable as a means
of diagnosing class and pupils needs.
• It also provides for the psychological
application of the principles and laws of

• A teaching method is good when it

stimulate thinking and reasoning of the
part of the pupils/students.
The developmental method will be
effective insofar as the teacher
provides the following steps:

• Motivation – preparing the pupil for learning

is the first step in a good teaching procedure.
• Development - the purpose of this step is to
realize the aims of the teacher and learners.
• Application – this step refers to the
application of the facts learned or principle,
or rule through the cooperation of teacher
and the learners.
The following points must be taken
into consideration by the teacher in
the use of the developmental method:

1. This method should be used only if the

teacher has a thorough mastery of the
subject- matter and when the pupils have
the ability and experience necessary to
understanding. This method is a
reasoning procedure; hence, the teacher
must be a master of the learning
• 2. The teacher must bear in mind that
effectiveness of the method depends
upon the direction and guidance given
by the teacher and the participation of
the pupils in the learning process.
This method must be employed
under the careful guidance of the
• 3. The materials or activities to be
experienced must be planned and
organized psychologically. In other
words, activities or subject-matter must
be organized according to the
interests and needs of the pupils. The
teacher should select those activities
essential and desirable for the
particular learning situations. Likewise,
the objective of the learning
situation and the generalization to be
developed must be taken into
• 4. The principles of apperception plays
an important role in the operation of this
method. First-hand experiences of the
pupils must be utilized in the
formulation or generalization.
Conclusion and generalization must be
the product of their own thinking.
• 5. The principle of belongingness must be
utilized in developing the lesson. Only
the experiences of the pupils
belonging to the new lesson must be
brought out in the discussion. They
must belong to the content or learning
that the pupils had already experienced.
Knowledge and skills learned in the
classroom could be of real use to the
pupils if these are in some way related to
past learning.
• 6. There should be judicial use of
illustrative materials in developing
the lesson. Illustration facilitate
understanding and are a source of
interest. Illustrative materials or
devices must be made regular parts of
the developmental method.
• 7. The principle of exercise plays an
important part in the last step of this
method. Exercise or use is a powerful
aide to learning. Application must be
planned to make maximum use of recall
or exercise. Subject-matter is
mastered by use, drill, and review.
Practice in applying insight is the
best test of the real mastery of
• 8. The use of this method varies from
one learning situation to another.
There is no one best procedure in
developing lesson or organizing
the activities. Both inductive and
deductive procedures may be used in
developing a lesson or subject-matter.
Skillful questioning is essential in
bringing out relationships sought.