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Week 6: September 19th -23rd 15.

Monday: Choosing a topic and finding a thesis statement for your position// Thesis statement activity in class (NARROW DOWN TOPIC & WRITE AN ASSERTION) 16. Wednesday: Integrating sources: Paraphrasing, Quoting, Summarizing (PRE-WRITING) Friday: SEPT 23rd: HOLIDAY- NO CLASS ESSAY EXAM WEEK Week 7: September 26th -30th 17. Monday: With pre-writing: Start draft (FIND SUPPORTING SOURCES- PROPERLY CITE) 18. Tuesday: Work on draft further and incorporate secondary sources 19: Wednesday: Begin final draft 20. Friday: Polish & submit final draft (WATCH THE JONESES& read pp 102-104 Evaluation) UNIT IV: WHAT IS RHETORICAL ANALYSIS? Week 8: October 3rd -7th 21. Monday: What is an Evaluation?// Taste something & evaluate out loud in class// Discuss The Joneses& look at Rotten Tomatoes 22. Wednesday: Critique // In class writing of Critique for The JonesesRotten Tomatoes style 23. Friday: Finish writing Critique and share with class Week 9: October 10th -14th 24. Monday: What is Rhetorical Analysis? (DISCUSS INFOMERCIAL ACTIVITY & ASSIGN GROUPS) 25. Tuesday: Discuss Rhetoric associated with The Joneses Wednesday: OCT 12th: HOLIDAY- NO CLASS (Tues night classes after 1pm) 26. Friday: Colbert Report Exercise// (WORK ON GROUP ADVERTISEMENTS) Week 10: October 17th -21st 27. Monday: ADVERTISEMENTS!!!// What is the Rhetorical difference between print, radio, tv, speech on tv vs speech transcript, etc (146) (GO SHOPPING ACTIVITY145) 28. Wednesday: Discuss photos or products purchased & rhetoric- everyone shares 29. Friday: Watch ads & discuss// Create own original ad in class activity (FINISH GROUP ADS) Week 11: October 24th -28th 30. Monday: Discuss essay- Rhetorical Analysis of one groups ad// (UPLOAD ADVERTISEMENTS TO YOUTUBE AND TO CLASS BLOG) 31. Wednesday: SHARE INFOMERCIALS IN CLASS

32. Friday: SHARE INFORMERCIALS IN CLASS ESSAY EXAM WEEK Week 12: October 31st November 4th 33. Monday: Prewriting & beginning rough draft 34. Wednesday: Finishing rough drafts and starting final copy 35. Friday: Finish up final copy of essay