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(Hons) Visual Communication

Module: Investigation and Practice 1

Module Code: VC 202-860-05 (20 credits)

Lecturer: Katherine Szeto + Marta Kusztra Date: 28/02/2007 or 1/03/2007

Assignment 3: Great Leap Forward

Introduction: Once you’ve completed your design concept for the

Assignment 2, you may take your work to the next level. You
are ready to develop your design concept into a design
solution that meets a high standard for finish and presentation.
In order to do that, you should first reconsider your concept
from the last assignment, reassess its strengths and

Brief: Prepare the final design solution for the concept you
submitted for the “Design Revolution” assignment. Attend
to all of the details and prepare your final presentation. A
well-developed design solution will add credibility to your
concept and convince the audience that your design idea
is clear, strong and realistic.

Your design may take any form you choose. Your project will
be evaluated on how well you document the stages of
development and how clear, consistent and well-presented is
your final design outcome.

Learning Outcomes: [A7.] Implement typographic and image generating strategise

appropriate to solving a visual communication problem.

[C5.] Demonstrate a high level of competence in preparing

digital artwork and pre-press specification

[C6.] Expand upon creative and production skills applicable to

a variety of graphic and communication media.

[D3.] Manage a graphic design project using a systematic


Work Required: Students must submit:

1. Sketchbook documenting concept development;
2. Project presentation book
3. Final Design Outcome

Deadline: March 9th (Week 10)

Assessment Strategy: Documentation of brainstorming and ideas generation. (5%)
Design processes involved in solving visual communication
problems. (15%)
Research files. (10%)
Stages of visual development through
sketchbook/screenshots. (30%)
Final design outcome, which reflects a high standard of finish
and functionality.(40%)

Project Weighting This project is worth 20% (twenty percent) of the total
within the Module: Investigation and Practice 1 module mark.