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DATA : BEGIN OF i_data OCCURS 0, ind, auart(4), prod_c(2), kunnr(10), bstnk(10), bstdk(8), waerk(3), kat(1), inco1(3), inco2(10), rema(30), posex(6), matnr(18), kwmeng(10), kunr(10), ship_i(1), key(30), fil_kil(1), sys_r(12), del_r(10), ship_m(2), bin_l(6), cust_r(30), * spart(2),"kavitha'C * werks(4), END OF i_data. DATA : w_file LIKE rlgrap-filename OCCURS 0 WITH HEADER LINE. DATA : w_log(100) OCCURS 0 WITH HEADER LINE, ret_code LIKE sy-subrc. DATA : ful_name LIKE rlgrap-filename, DATA : singl LIKE i_data OCCURS 0 WITH HEADER LINE. CONCATENATE w_inprocess '/' wfile INTO ful_name. REFRESH : singl, file str. w_log. log CLEAR : ret_code. PERFORM read_dataset TABLES singl w_log USING ful_name path name CHANGING ret_code. IF ret_code NE 0. READ TABLE w_log INDEX 1. MESSAGE e099 WITH w_log. ENDIF.

Form read_dataset

mentioned in below file.

C:\Docum ents and Settings\Adm inistrator\Desktop\formdataset.doc