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1) | eee ETC COB y=1 PSR) ee) ToT UR-ILON EMU Mike Rother John Shook foreword by James Womack, Dan Jones KEY QUESTIONS FOR FUTURE-STATE DESIGN . What is the takt time? PWT Ct RMT Reet ot ae Come ete cen ers CRN RCTS tee eed PW RR Re ear ca tt eRe ie et eet fleet rg ay CeO ae Rae eeu) Ca ecg ete AC erecta as ey Deere attested OAM Rae cer ae Pec ceteseeg Na ee ec Ruy OCC RL CMe ee ire id . What process improvements will be necessary em RC eae oni eae cee oe DOCS etre BHELEELEEEEEEEEEEREEREEEEEEaeaeeaeaeee LEARNING TO SEE VALUE STREAM MAPPING TO CREATE VALUE AND ELIMINATE MUDA BY MIKE ROTHER AND JOHN SHOOK FOREWORD BY JIM WOMACK AND DAN JONES A LEAN TOOL KIT METHOD AND WORKBOOK THE LEAN ENTERPRISE INSTITUTE BROOKLINE, MASSACHUSETTS, USA WWW.LEAN.ORG VERSION 1.2 JUNE 1999 LIBRARY B.C. INSTITUT