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Commack High School Regents Physics 2011-2012 http://kingphysics.wikispaces.com Required Supplies: Bring to class every day!

Labs Your grade on labs will be determined by your performance during the experiment and the quality of your written lab report. We will do approximately 3 labs per marking period. If you are absent when a lab is performed you must make up the work as soon as possible. o You must meet the NYS lab requirement (1200 minutes) in order to sit for the Regents exam. Lab due dates will have a one (1) day grace period. Labs handed in the day after the grace day will receive a 20 percent deduction. Labs handed in after this but before the end of the marking period will receive a 65% if they are successfully completed. Quizzes & Tests Quizzes and tests will be announced with as much notice as possible. If you are legally absent when a quiz or test is given you must make it up in a timely manner. We will have 3-4 quizzes per marking period. We will have 1-2 tests per marking period. Each test grade will count twice toward your marking period average. Notebook two sections: 1) Notes; 2) Practice Pencils and/or pens Calculator scientific or graphing Protractor METRIC Ruler Physics Reference Table

Grading Policy Tests & Quizzes Labs Classwork, Homework, etc. Extra Help There is a signup sheet in the classroom where I will list the days I am available for extra help. Ill usually be available at least three days every week. Reminder from Commack School District Code of Conduct Students may be subject to disciplinary action, up to and including suspension from school, when they: F. Engage in any form of academic misconduct. Examples of academic misconduct include: 1. Plagiarism. 2. Cheating. 3. Copying. Classroom Rules 1) Be in class when the bell rings, getting ready to learn. 2) One person talks at a time when we are working as a class. 3) Cell phones and other electronics will not be used in class without permission. 70% 20% 10%