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Elana Carson Larry Neuburger Eng.

Comp 102-102 12 September 2011 Single Paragraph Essay A Case Of Assisted Suicide Janet is Jack Kevorkians first client in assisted suicide; she is a young woman who is currently suffering from a terminal illness. Kevorkian believes that it is his duty to assist those who are suffering by assisting them in an attempt of suicide. In his story he writes I decided to accept her as the first candidate if not ideal- and well aware of the vulnerability to criticism of picayune and overly emotional critics. (318) Jack is well aware of the fact that what he is doing is illegal and controversial. However, he justifies the act because of the gratification he receives from his clients and the good feeling it gives him. Kevorkian writes I acted openly, ethically, legally and with complete and uncompromising honesty (320). Consequently, Kevorkian takes it upon himself to rescue those who are headed down a painful path. Unfortunately, though his heart behind it is genuine; it leads him into a life of imprisonment.

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