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Drug Drug: Generic name: Amoxicillin trihydrate Brand name: amoxil Classification: Penicillin Antibiotics Dosage: 1 cap 500-mg

Frequency: Every 8 hours Route: PO

Action Mechanism of Action: bacteriacidal: inhibits synthesis of cell wall of sensitive organisms, causing cell death. Adverse Reactions: *lethargy *hallucinations *seizures *glositis *stomatitis *gastritis *sore mouth *furry tongue *black hairy tongue *nausea and vomiting *diarrhea * abdominal pain *bloody diarrhea *enterocolitis * pdesudomemebranous colitis specific hepatis.

Indication and Contraindication Indication: *Infections due to susceptible strains of haemophilus influenza, e.coli, proteus mirabilis, neisserria gonorrhea, streptococcus pneumonia, enterococcus faecalis, streptococci, non penicillinaseproducing staphylococci. *Helicobacter pylori infection in combination with other agents *Postexposure prophylaxis against. Bacillus anthracis Contraindication: *Contraindicated with allergies to penicilllins, cephalosporins, or other allergens. *Use cautiously with renal disorders, lactation.

Nursing responsibilities Nursing Responsibilities: *10 rights in administering medications *Culture infected area prior to treatment; re-culture area if response is not as expected. *Give in oral preparations only; amoxicillin is no taffected by food *Continue therapy for at least 2 days after signs of infection have disappeared; continuation for 10 full days is recommended. *Use corticosteroids or antihistamines for skin reaction. *Report any side effects *If GI upset occurs, take with meals

Que, Honey Sharlotte L. BSN IV-D