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15 Minutes A Day Cleaning Schedule

Mondays: Vacuum house thoroughly—vacuum each room,

occasionally do vents and curtains and window crevices. {Total time: 25-30 minutes depending on house size}.

Tuesdays: Dust house {Total time: 15 minutes depending on

knick knack amount.} Occasionally wipe down nice furniture with polish.

Wednesdays: Clean back bathroom including toilet, coun-

ters, mirror, tub, shower, and clean floors. {Total time: 15-20 minutes}

Thursdays: Clean front bathroom including toilet, counters,

mirror, shower, and floors. {Total time: 15-20 minutes}

Fridays: Clean kitchen—mop floor and clean counter tops

with anti-bacterial product. {Total time: 15-20 minutes}.

Weekends: Other small projects or NOTHING at all!!

Maintain house daily by picking up things and IMMEDIATELY putting items away or in a basket to take upstairs or to other rooms. Throw junk mail away immediately and sort out incoming mail for hubby! Have kids pick up toys before leaving the house, taking a nap, or changing to a new set of play toys.