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Invoice Payments

Steps to follow when Paying an Invoice:

1. Make sure that the following items match on both forms:

• quantities
• stock numbers
• descriptions
• unit prices

1. Verify that all of the items listed on the invoice were in fact received by the
department in good order.
2. Make sure that no tax is charged on the invoice.
3. Check the extensions to make sure that the unit costs were totaled correctly.
4. Check the total amount of the invoice.
5. Check the date of the invoice to make sure that the department received the
invoice from the vendor in a timely manner.
6. Check the due date on the invoice in order to ensure that payment will be
processed on time.
7. Check the billing address and notify the vendor of any mistakes or updates.
8. Check the shipping address and notify the vendor of any mistakes or update

Check Request

Use a Check Request form to pay directly for any of the following:

• Membership dues (when ABODE is not billed directly)

• Petty cash
• Postage
• Registration fees
• Rent (short-term)
• ABODE subject payments
• Subscriptions
• Travel expense reimbursement to an individual who is not ABODE member
• Refunds of deposits (for meal plans, campus housing, etc.) to members
• Prizes and Awards
• Honoraria
• Wire Transfers (email contact info. must be provided)