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The Enemy: Glossary

Find the words in the glossary and highlight them in your text

English Hebrew English Hebrew

Pages 26 – 27 menace
pine courteously
surgeon partitions
render senses
fog pages 32-33
mist sustained
pure lest
race (n) anaesthetic
voluble retch (v)
pages 34-35
Pages 28-29 pay heed
wound (n) saturate
solemn contradict
beachcombers liberation
of their own will precise
stanch incision
stupor quiver (v)
repulsion vial
inert hypodermic
resolution flutter
intend perceive
fowl (n) feel compelled

Pages 30-31 pages 36-37

matted (floor) courtesy
fetch mar (v)
utter condemn
pallor traitor
vitality assuage
English Hebrew English Hebrew
(Pages 36-37 con’t,) pages 42-43
stitches bough
fortnight eave
pages 38-39 fortify
incline (v) submerged
grieve fathoms
crimson pulse
indispensable inconvenient
anxiety hesitate
condemned raw

pages 40-41 pages 44-45

ruthlessness gall bladder
irritably dereliction
assassin anxiously
inward in the palm of his
presence consequence
timid zeal
essential slatternly
absolute bitter
opposed consented
gaunt influenza
knuckles repulsive
rustling haggard