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Intake port shutoff, function gf1420p3009ia

GF14.20-P-3009IA Intake port shutoff, function ENGINE 611.961 as of 1.6.99 in MODEL 210.006 /007 /206 /606 ENGINE 611.962 in MODEL 203.004 /006 /204 /206 /706 up to Model Year 08 /AEJ 07 ENGINE 612.961 in MODEL 210.016 /216 /616 ENGINE 612.967 in MODEL 209.316 ENGINE 612.963 in MODEL 163.113 ENGINE 613.960 in MODEL 220.026 /126 ENGINE 613.961 in MODEL 210.026 /226 ENGINE 612.962 in MODEL 203.016 /216 up to Model Year 08 /AEJ 07
Shown on engine 612 110/19 110/20 M55 Charge inlet port Flap Intake port shutoff motor



A swirl and a charge inlet port (110/19) are provided in the charge air manifold for each cylinder. The charge inlet ports can be closed by means of flaps (110/20). The flaps are connected to each other by means of a linkage, which is operated by the intake port shutoff motor (M55). They are held open by spring force when there is no current. In the lower rpm and load range all the filling inlet ports are sealed by valves. The complete air mass flows in solely via the swirl inlet ports. The high eddy generated as a result leads to a more effective mixing of the fuel with air and thereby improved combustion and reduction of soot particles in the exhaust.

When engine speed and load are increasing, the charge intake ports are opened continuously, so that the best possible vortex is created and the required air mass is made available at all times during engine operation. In this way, the exhaust characteristics and the engine performance are optimized. The position of the flaps in the charge inlet ports is determined by a performance map stored in the CDI control unit. For this, the intake port shutoff motor (M55) is actuated by means of PWM signal. If there is a fault or discontinuity in the supply voltage, the flaps are opened by spring force (when there is no current).

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